MarsAqua LED Review
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Maintaining an aquarium (especially saltwater) is challenging; it takes a lot of patience, dedication, and the right kind of equipment.

One of the vital components to choose is the lighting of your aquarium. The corals in the reef aquariums need proper photosynthesis process to grow and thrive.

In LED light, the fixture is built with diodes that produce the right type of lighting spectrum to activate photosynthesis and boost rapid coral color and growth.

Some corals, like LPS and SPS, need unique, intense lights to grow properly in the aquarium. So, it would help if you considered this factor when you are choosing a lighting system for your reef tank.

Furthermore, LED lights are economical and environment-friendly. So, if you are on a budget, you will easily be able to purchase a relatively low-priced LED light. This will also help you with your electricity bill.

The intensity of LED lights also affects marine life in the tank. Therefore, you need a light that not only enhances the growth of the corals but also benefits the different animals inhabiting the tank.

In this MarsAqua LED review, we will talk about its benefits and features as well as the pros and cons. By the end of it, you can decide whether or not to purchase this product.

Things to Consider Before Buying


There are a lot of factors to consider before purchasing LED lights for your reef aquarium. The lights are more than just objects to provide illumination to the tank; they are a necessity for the corals, fis

hes, and other forms of aquatic life in the aquarium.

It would help if you bought a lighting fixture that is easy to mount a

nd install on the tank. Sometimes getting a massive lighting system can be challenging to set up, and this also affects marine life.

  • Not Suitable for Small Tanks

Generally, small reef tanks require average or medium lighting for the corals

and fishes. This is because you can’t grow certain types of corals or keep large fish in these aquariums.

Small-sized marine or reef tanks are built for keeping a minimum amount of marine life and corals. Therefore, the t

anks require a lighting system with average illumination.

If you keep corals like SPS in your small reef tank, then LED lights with high intensity will make the corals grow alarmingly fast. It may also cause abnormal algae growth.

MarsAqua uses high quality LED lens that has a 25% higher transmittance than the standard ones. This enables the light to permeate deeply in the tank, around 1m. Thus, aquatic animals and corals can grow substantially with this LED light.

For this reason, this product is ideal for large tanks, but it might be a risky choice for the smaller ones.

Presenting The MarsAqua Led Light

MarsAqua LED Light for Coral Reef
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When it comes to growing robust, vibrant, and healthy corals in a reef tank, MarsAqua LED is the best o

ption f

or you. It is also very budget-friendly, especially with its powerful LED lights.

These lights are made to offer night and day combinations. You can choose any one of them. Both of the light modes are specifically designed to help enhance the growth of corals because they contain vital spectrum.

One of the excellent features of this fixture is its p

owerful lens. Unlike the previous models, the transmittance level is 25% higher. So the light rays will be able to reach very deep into the tank, around 1m.

The luminous energy will not waver in any part of the aquarium. With copper as a part of thermal conductivity, the equipment will remain cool at all times. There is also an enhanced venting mechanism that blows air rather than creating suction.

This makes the device last for a long time without overheating. Its size is best suited for a 55-gallon ta

nk. But if you want to use this for a larger tank, you can install more than one set.

However, the lighting fixture dominating the market right now is the VIPRASPECTRA LED Aquarium Light. It has an in-built timer to switch the lighting modes, and you can also program the device to work automatically.

Other than that, this product is suitable for SPS corals because it has a higher intensity of light.


  • LED lights have night and day modes
  • Lens provides 25% higher transmittance than other models
  • Includes enhanced cooling system
  • Budget-friendly product


  • The suction cup doesn’t work very well
  • Weak batteries
  • The fans are little noisy
  • Vague instruction manual

MarsAqua LED review: Features and Benefits

·      Efficient LED Lens

The LED lights of this fixture are enormously powerful. Even if you keep the device 12 inches away from the tank, it will be sufficient enough for the beams to hit every corner of the aquarium.

This will be perfect for achieving the best color blend, high intensity, and ideal coverage from that height. But if you want the light to spread and blend more, you can raise the fixture 4 or 5 inches.

You can also modify the lighting system. Since the fixture produces a very dense light, you can go ahead and extract the lenses that are on the outer layer of the unit. You can grow even the most demanding corals under these lights.

If you have a large aquarium, you can buy more than one set of LED lights without needing another socket.

·      Excellent Cooling System

The fixture has a powerful cooling system. This is because it uses copper, which better than any other metal, for its thermal conductivity. So, there will not be any danger of the device overheating.

Furthermore, it also has an enhanced venting system. It blows air rather than creating suction. So, all in all, it has the best cooling mechanism.

Alternatives You May Consider

Lets have a side by side comparison of the alternative LEDs for your reef tank –

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Wrapping Up

The MarsAqua is indeed a great lighting fixture. You can have a blooming and vibrant saltwater aquarium with this device. It has substantially powerful beams of LEDs that can cut across every corner of your reef tank.

The aquatic animals, corals, and fishes will be able to thrive under this LED light. You don’t need to worry about it burning out because its efficient cooling system will make it last for a very long time.

We hope our MarsAqua LED review was informative, and we wish you a happy reefing!

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