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Anne Thynne

Anne Thynne


Who is behind this site?

Hi, this is Anne Thynne. Not the famous marine biologist but I love the fact that we both share a common interest. I have been keeping fish in aquarium since my childhood. Back in 2007, I was introduced with the amazing world of aquascaping and reef keeping. Since then I studied a lot (still doing so) to learn the complex ecosystem inside an aquarium. But resources are very limited and most of the time it is not even the correct one. Hands on experience and discussing with fellow aquarists made me learn one or two things which I would like to share in this site.

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The Smallest Algae Eating Fish That Can Help Keep Your Tank Clean
Aqua Guide

The Smallest Algae Eating Fish That Can Help Keep Your Tank Clean

Keeping an aquarium is a popular hobby around the world. It’s easy to keep an aquarium as what hobbyists do most times is feed their fish or other inhabitants. But maintaining a clean and healthy aquarium is challenging as algae can quickly become problematic. Unlike other seaweeds, algae are one of the toughest to eliminate…

picture of a garden pond
Aqua Guide

Seasonal Pond Maintenance: Best Practices for a Healthy Pond Year-Round

Everyone with a garden pond or a backyard pond wants it to look healthy all year round, and why not? It is a wonderful feature of any property. A garden or backyard pond provides hours of fun for kids and a relaxing ambiance for adults. If nothing else, it ties the property’s beauty with vegetation…

aquarium in low light
Reef Tank

The Ultimate Guide to Saltwater Plants for Your Reef Tank

Saltwater plants or macroalgae make your saltwater aquarium look more realistic and natural. But unlike freshwater plants, macroalgae are more challenging to grow as it is difficult to keep saltwater aquariums balanced. But when established properly, saltwater plants are colorful and make your reef look more sophisticated and well-put together. Unlike the abundance of plants…

turtle in aquarium

Creating a Healthy Turtle Habitat: The Best Plants for Turtle Tank


Turtles are great pets, provided you provide them with the ideal habitat. Aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles have certain requirements that must be met for them to thrive. Different turtle requires slightly different habitat condition. So, it’s best to get as much info about the specific turtle from the pet store while getting it. Generally, a…

woman pointing at pond algae
Aqua Guide

Pond Algae Control – Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Pond Ecosystem

Ponds can offer a sense of joy and beauty. Incorporating certain pond features, be they decorative or functional, can provide breathtaking scenery or calming ambiance. When it starts turning green, it can become a murky and unsightly mess. Just because it starts to turn green doesn’t mean it’s bad. In small amounts, algae in pond…