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Who is behind this site?

Hi, this is Anne Thynne. Not the famous marine biologist but I love the fact that we both share a common interest. I have been keeping fish in aquarium since my childhood. Back in 2007, I was introduced with the amazing world of aquascaping and reef keeping. Since then I studied a lot (still doing so) to learn the complex ecosystem inside an aquarium. But resources are very limited and most of the time it is not even the correct one. Hands on experience and discussing with fellow aquarists made me learn one or two things which I would like to share in this site.

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Putting Bricks in a Pond

Putting Bricks in a Pond: The Essential Knowledge Base

Bricks are a great way to enhance the scenario and can change the outlook entirely. However, the big question remains, will putting bricks in a pond work? Well, if you’re questioning the certainty of your idea, this article just might help you solve the dilemma. Traditionally, bricks are safe to install around the edges of…

Finnex Planted Plus Review
Freshwater Aquarium Accessories

Finnex Planted Plus Review

No one can ignore the importance of lighting, whether it is for humans, plants, or any other living being. Fish is no exception, as well. When they are in your tank, they need complete care and concern to lead a healthy and happy life. So, with proper illumination in the aquarium, your fish can breed…

Do You Need A Pond De-Icer

Do You Need A Pond De-Icer? (Everything You Need To Know)

The sight of winter might swoon your heart, and it will change the atmosphere of your pond. The fish in your pond don’t appreciate winter as a frozen pond prohibits oxygen from entering and toxic gases from leaving, making it an inhospitable place for not only them but also for plants and wildlife. You can…

Best Phosphate Remover
Saltwater Aquarium Accessories

Best Phosphate Remover For Saltwater, Reef, & Freshwater Aquarium

Phosphates are produced naturally by the breakdown of waste, such as decomposing plants, food, and fish excrement. Allowing phosphates to build up in your tank can lead to algae blooms, resulting in depleted oxygen levels and cloudy water. You can try to prevent phosphate buildup by regular water change but thanks to technological advancement, products…

Can a Pond Pump Electrocute Fish

Can a Pond Pump Electrocute Fish?

You have a beautiful backyard with a pond full of fish that you have worked very hard to keep healthy by installing pond pumps, putting up fences, feeding them regularly, and whatnot.  What if one day you wake up, go to the pond to feed them and suddenly you see the worst, all your fish…