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Anne Thynne

Anne Thynne


Who is behind this site?

Hi, this is Anne Thynne. Not the famous marine biologist but I love the fact that we both share a common interest. I have been keeping fish in aquarium since my childhood. Back in 2007, I was introduced with the amazing world of aquascaping and reef keeping. Since then I studied a lot (still doing so) to learn the complex ecosystem inside an aquarium. But resources are very limited and most of the time it is not even the correct one. Hands on experience and discussing with fellow aquarists made me learn one or two things which I would like to share in this site.

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If you are new to aquarium fish keeping, many species are beginner-friendly. They include hardy fish that are less likely to be affected by small changes in water conditions and are less prone to disease. Or peaceful species that co-exist with other fish. When choosing beginner-friendly fish for your aquarium, also consider if they are…