It is incredibly vital to pick the best nano protein skimmer if you are a less effort and more relaxed type person. Kidding!

Nano tanks are getting popular nowadays because of their great efficiency, easy portability, and friendly budget. If you have a small tank then a decent and high-quality protein skimmer is always recommended when it comes to water filtration.

Let us explore together to find out some of the best nano protein skimmers.

What is a Nano Protein Skimmer?

A Nano protein skimmer has been particularly made to work with Nano reef tanks. There are variations of skimmers available. Some of them are bigger and more powerful, whereas nano protein skimmers are specially designed for smaller tanks.

To keep your water clear through filtrations, there is no other option not to have a Nano protein skimmer. It simply does a great job of removing organic ingredients and unwanted waste to maintain the purity of your water.

In terms of reliability or cleaning effectiveness, certainly, the protein skimmer will not let you down.

Best Nano Protein Skimmers

Top 8 Best Nano Protein Skimmer reviews 2021

Now, we will discuss some of the best nano protein skimmers, which can accomplish your curiosity as well as your expectations. Let’s see..

1. ESHOPPS Protein Skimmer for Nano Tanks

ESHOPPS Nano Skimmer Protein Skimmer for Nano Tanks


The Eshopps Nano Skimmer has a super-adjustable height setting with a strong magnetic mount. In addition, the magnet that holds it in place is incredibly powerful and works wonderfully.

Moreover, the best part is you need zero effort to adjust by sliding the magnet up and down on the aquarium glass. This skimmer has a comparatively small footprint for tiny Nano tanks in consideration.

Therefore, it can fit perfectly in most Nano tanks. Not only that, this product has a minimum weight of 1 pound. It can fit in the filter chamber of many all-in-one-style aquariums. The product’s dimensions are 5 x 2 x 4 inches, making it super convenient to attach it anywhere you want.

Undoubtedly, its installation process is relatively easy. This product has a SICCE Needle wheel pump, which comes with a three-year warranty. In short, its performance is quite impressive.

Finally, you may find it interesting that a high lift bubble plate is also available. It releases waste-removing bubbles to keep aquariums’ water fresher and clear water. So, Relax! There is no overflowing problem.

  • Small footprint provides a fast installation in Nano tanks.
  • It comes with a powerful pump.
  • Collection cups are removable.
  • While setting it up, you need to be extra careful.

2. AQUATICLIFE 115 Mini Internal Protein Skimmer

AQUATICLIFE 115 Mini Internal Protein Skimmer

If you have small aquariums and your present skimmer does not go with you, then the Aquatic Life 115 mini protein skimmer will be a wise option for you.

Therefore, the item dimension is 3.25 x 3.5 x 10.63 inches and weighs 1.55 Pounds. However, it has an excellent capacity when it comes to filtration. It will perfectly accomplish its work for most of the reef tanks up to 30 gallons.

When it comes to cleaning efficiency, this skimmer can eliminate biodegradable materials as well as other impurities from aquariums. Not only that, it can decompose into compounds before they cause any damage to the aquarium’s residents.

For efficient air-to-water contact and energy generation, this product consumes only an 8-watt needle-wheel impeller pump. Meanwhile, it can take the load of delivering as much protein collection as possible.

However, there has never been a problem with macro-algae overgrowth, as the skimmer always removed gunk. Altogether, the best part is it barely makes any noise.

  • For easy installation, a mounting bracket and suction cups are available.
  • Budget-friendly
  • It works in noise-free condition
  • Not ideal for a huge-reefs aquarium.

3. Hydor USA SlimSkim Internal Skimmer

Hydor USA SlimSkim Internal Skimmer for Mini Aquariums and Mini Reefs

If you are searching for something specific for your Mini Aquariums and Mini Reefs, then you have come to the right place. This Hydor USA SlimSkim is specially designed for Internal Skimming ranging up to 35 gallons.

Moreover, this mid-sized protein skimmer is suitable for smaller tanks,offering it a fantastic, adaptable alternative. Not only that the air control and foaming level are super easy to adjust.

Surprisingly, the Hydor Bubble Maker provides efficient electricity to the skimmer and consumes only 4 watts. As a result, there is no risk of overheating your tank. It has the potential to deliver thousands of small bubbles, causing the production of an attractive skim mate.

You will be amazed to know that using an anti-vibration system can reduce excessive noise.

Furthermore, this skimmer has a Patented Magnet and Suction Cup mounting system. The skimmer is fantastic and works great. Especially started skimming without microbubbles within hours of installation. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • With efficient energy, it is simple to install and wash.
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Has a futuristic design
  • Produces a large number of micro-bubbles.

4. Tunze 9004.000 Comline DOC Skimmer

Tunze 9004.000 Comline DOC Skimmer

The Tunze 9004.000 Comline DOC is an excellent skimmer that can handle a wide range of tiny tanks from 150 to 250 liters. It is simple to install and purifies water rapidly, so you may do it by yourself following the supplied instruction manual. In addition, it paves the way for compact aquarium components that are ultra-functional and high level of quality.

Interestingly, the mounting system is simply dynamic. You can set it up with a smart magnet structure during the installation process, and you feel like an expert. It will fit perfectly almost any type of small tank.

Moreover, flash skimming is very effective for manufacturing foams. It can also absorb pollutants from the surface very quickly. The intermediate compartment of the unique anti-over foaming method prevents the skimmer from over-foaming.

At the same time, it delivers countless microbubbles, which come out on both sides and underneath. Finally, it also comes with compact housing. Therefore, you do not have to worry about keeping the interior and reactor safe from light and algae growth.

  • High flow of air whereas energy consumption is limited.
  • Simple cleaning and easy to disassemble.
  • Comparatively, it produces more skin than other skimmers
  • The magnetic connector can probably detach a little.  


5. Coralife Biocube Protein Skimmer

Coralife Biocube Protein Skimmer

Many aquarists are looking for the best nano protein skimmer to maintain their saltwater aquarium. If you are one of them, it is worth checking out the Biocube Protein Skimmer. Coralife has a wide variety of products like aquarium starter kits to make life easy for beginners.

This nano skimmer is designed with a powerful yet durable air pump, airflow valve, and two suction cups to create bubbles that skim off organic compounds from your water column, leaving you with cleaner water.  This efficient protein skimmer integrates perfectly with the Biocube aquarium system. It works fluently with BioCube aquarium sizes 32, 29, 16, and 14.

Moreover, its easy cleaning mechanism and quiet operation make it extremely user-friendly. Also, you can install and set up everything with less hassle. It includes a removable collection cup and a limewood air stone for simple protein skimming. A hanging clip comes equipped with the Caralife device to let you place it easily inside your fish tank.

  • You won’t need any special tool or skill to set this skimmer
  • It’s very convenient to clean when gets dirty
  • Keeps your aquarium hygienic.
  • Beginners may find a hard time adjusting the protein skimmer.

6. Bubble Magus QQ1 Hang-On Nano Protein Skimmer

Bubble Magus QQ1 Hang-On Nano Protein Skimmer

Another top-notch skimmer that does an excellent job of removing particulates and providing crystal clear water, is this marvelous machine.

The Bubble Magus QQ1 is a powerful, easy-to-use nano protein skimmer. Its compact size and updated design make it perfect for hanging on the back of any aquarium or fish tank. In addition, the included Rock-SP600 air pump ensures consistent cleaning without causing any irritating sound.

Moreover, this 10.5 inches tall device is ideal for up to 25 gallons of water and 12mm aquarium thickness. Also, the nano skimmer weighs only 3.5lbs, needs 3.5 inches of space behind the tank, and runs on 110v. You can attach this guy in the middle part of the Water Box 10 cube.

The best thing about this product is that it is very straightforward to install. It’s like a plug-and-play system. You will be impressed  by the safety measures that the overflow tube’s mechanism provides. However, this overflow tube is shorter in length compared to other brand’s nano protein skimmer.

  • Easily remove skimmate with a syringe without taking the cup out every time
  • Super easy to install
  • Works very efficiently and quickly.
  • It only fits Rimless tanks.

7. Tunze Comline DOC Protein Skimmer 9001

Comline DOC Protein Skimmer 9001

You’ll never have to worry about your aquarium being chemical-free and clean with the Comline DOC Protein Skimmer from Tunze. The nano skimmer can be used in tanks ranging from 5 gallons all the way up to 37 gallons.

It comes with a flash skimming technique that creates a huge amount of bubbles to clean the aquarium. Don’t worry; the machine won’t produce any nasty or loud sound while following the technique.

With its compact design and solid construction, you can rest assured that it will provide a very long-lasting performance. Moreover, you can easily set it at the back of your tank. It will start working or pumping foam within 16 hours after placing it at its position.

Another stunning feature of this protein skimmer is that this Tunze machine is super energy efficient. So, it won’t consume too much electricity. For hassle-free mount, it comes with a magnet mount system.

  • Works super efficiently to keep your aquarium clean
  • No special adjustment required
  • Easy to install and run maintenance
  • You may face an issue hanging the skimmer properly.

8. IceCap K1-Nano Protein Skimmer

IceCap K1 Nano is a comparatively small skimmer that adds a different standard to marine aquarium filtration. If you need something that ranges from 10 to 30 gallons, this skimmer will be a great option for you.

The skimmer is completely accessible for minimal setup. This protein Nano skimmer is generated by the DCair 200 skimmer pump that helps ensure optimum efficiency and flexibility.

All of the elements are suitable for use in the waters. It is made from strong PVC and high-standard acrylic. Icecap also modified in every way to get the most recent advancements in foam fractionation.

In addition, the magnet mount provides a fast installation on water surfaces approximately 1/2in thick. The interesting part is that the pipe-less output offers good control and hassle-free underwater outflow and noise-free performance. This unique pipe-less design consumes less area. Therefore, the water can be easily drained on the skimmer side.

Furthermore, in the lower part of the water surface, it also enables splash-free movement in the sump.

  • The quick-lock design makes it easy to set up.
  • Magnetic mount.
  • Comes with a bubble dispersant chamber.
  • Not suitable for large-reef aquariums

Things to consider before buying the best Nano Protein skimmer

If all of the eight models I discussed above are still not enough, what you want, then this part is exclusively for you. Here I will be talking about what you should check before buying the Nano protein skimmer. Just follow my footprints, you will find your desired skimmer.

Pump Types

Always remember, the more bubbles it creates, the more cleanliness you get. There are types of pumps in the market.

1. Venturi Pumps

You will see microbubbles while using the Venturi pump. Here, water runs under high pressure through an hourglass-type tube. Air gets mixed with the water and creates bubbles. The Bernoulli principle is applied in this technique.

2. Turbo Pump or Needle-Wheel

In turbo pumps, blades agitate the water to make bubbles.

3. Counter Current Pumps

It swirls the water with air and creates micro-bubbles.

Placement of The protein skimmer

1. In Sump

Super easy. These kinds should be installed in the aquarium sump. Then, there is nothing left to do.

2. External Model

There are external models in case you want to keep the nano skimmer separate. Water will be going using a pipe into the skimmer. The skimmer will draw back the water into the tank.

Different nano protein skimmers work in different methods, but you will find similarities in the cleaning process if you take a closer look.

Most importantly, it depends on your tank’s compatibility and your preferences.

Size Matters

Do not just buy a model for your aquarium. The size of your tank and the size of the skimmer should have compatibility. Otherwise, cleaning will go wrong, and you will get unwanted results.

If you are planning to have an external nano protein skimmer, then the story is different.

There are ranks in the size of skimmers. Check your tank size, find out the rank and buy the matching size for you.

Do not get Fooled by the Looks

A costly nano protein skimmer with a futuristic design does not give you the best service always. Do not fall for the looks. Judge it by its working process and capacity.

Talk to experts or people who are using these right now. Their experiences will make your decision more precise and perfect. After all, reviews of the users are genuine factors to judge any products.

Durability and Build Quality

People do not buy nano protein skimmers to change it after every few months or years. Keep this in your mind; it is your long-term investment. So, be careful about what you are spending your money on.

Damaged or malfunctioned products are strictly avoidable. Take a skilled person with you while buying a nano protein skimmer.

Easy Maintenance

Just imagine, it would be so easy if we could just forget about the nano protein skimmer after installing it. In reality, it is not going to happen. You have to take good care of it.

Some skimmers come with a waste collection cup. Some of them also come with collection cup drains. This drain takes the waste in a big container. These features minimize your maintenance efforts.

A nano protein skimmer without these features means you have to clean it on your own. Otherwise, it gets jammed and becomes smelly.

How to Set Up a Nano Protein Skimmer

You can find countless styles, sizes, and types of protein skimmers. Here we will discuss consecutively how to set up a nano skimmer without any unwanted incidents.

At first, while picking a protein skimmer, make sure that the capacity of the skimmer is bigger than your tank’s capacity. For example, if you have a tank which capacity is 20 gallons, try to find something not less than 25 gallons.

Secondly, while placing the protein skimmer, examine it thoroughly. Skimmers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, they have a variety of parts. You need to be extra careful while unpacking, all the necessary components have been given, and none of them are missing. Also, make sure the engine works properly.

Then, you may have to assemble the skimmer. Nevertheless, most of the skimmers come in a pre-assembled format. However, in case you have to do it yourself, then check the manual instructions carefully.

Next, you need to find out whether you have a sump box or not for your aquariums’ water filtration system. If the answer is no, then put a sump box underneath the tank. You will find an output and intake hose, then have to connect it to the pump.

To get the best output, you have to monitor your skimmer for the first few hours. At the same time, you may need to reduce or raise the skimmer’s water level. Then, if necessary, reduce or increase the air measurement into the protein skimmer.

Ensure that the sump box properly distributes water from the tank to the sump box and back again. You may have to put your protein skimmer inside the sump box. However, some of the designs allow you to fit it outside of your aquarium. Finally, connect the skimmer with a power supply.

How do Nano protein skimmers work?

Protein skimmers are also known as foam fractionators. The core purpose of a Nano protein skimmer is to simply detach unwanted elements and pollutants by transporting them to the water surface and extracting them all through filtration. This is conducted by producing microbubbles.

The skimmer generates foam, which is small, sometimes microscopic air bubbles that float to the water surface in your aquarium. This foam gathers wastage and byproducts in your tank.

You may find it a little bit strange but let me help you out. All harmful particles have automatically adhered to the outside of the microbubbles.

In short, the protein skimmer involves removing pollutants and wastages from the water using a chemical process. Unwanted waste and degraded organic elements will stick to the surface of the protein skimmer’s air bubbles. The skimmer makes countless bubbles to pull them out of the water in your tank.

The rubbish from all these bubbles will be collected in a collection cup and taken away by the aquarium holder. This waste is known as skim-mate. Basically, the water gets cleansed continuously even if you operate a nano skimmer the whole day.

Why Use a Nano Protein Skimmer?

Skimmers filter out such unwanted organic material from your tank. As a result, they are formed once they disintegrate and create undue harm in your aquarium.

If you keep a variety of fish, a protein skimmer can help keep the water clean. Therefore, a protein skimmer can operate as a filtration system by producing bubbles that soak up wastages from the water’s surface.

Some saltwater aquarium collectors never use protein skimmers, and their tanks perform quite ok. However, having a protein skimmer greatly simplifies tank monitoring.

So, when the volume of water is limited, as in a Nano tank, it is conveniently contaminated, which could be a major issue for its inhabitants.

A protein skimmer creates bubbles in the water, whereby the decomposed substances attach to and float it away to the collection cup of the protein skimmer.

To purify the tank water, it is obvious that you need a protein skimmer. They do a great job of keeping your water clean, fresh by erasing excess organic ingredients and wastage. These components, if overlooked, can create a bad impact on water quality and cause unacceptable damage to the aquatic life in your tank.

Installing the best nano protein skimmer can assist you in resolving the whole difficulties and leave you headache-free.

How to Maintain a Nano Protein Skimmer?

You might be amazed at how fast and easily a protein skimmer becomes Messy. The collection cup should be emptied regularly, but the skimmer itself should be cleaned thoroughly even so often. This enhances the skimmers efficiency and durability

Usually, customers become conscious to maintain their aquarium’s environment clean and fresh without any disturbance. You may also find it irritating if your tank is being contaminated frequently. Therefore, there is no alternative without having any protein skimmer. Most companies are aware of the requirements for a Nano protein skimmer to fulfill their customer desire.

Maintenance is essential, as it is with all equipment. Calcium and other deposits should be removed from your pump frequently. You should also wash the skimmer body regularly to erase unwanted dirt, which has adhered to the sidewalls.

Finally, you will need to empty the collection cup on a routine basis. The regularity with which you must empty the collection cup is determined by how it is regulated.

Every six months, you need to cleanse your protein skimmer properly. The collection cup, on the other side, should be sanitized several times per week. If your tank does have a significant bio-load, cleaning it every day may be required.

The cleaning is however very simple. It generally entails washing the collection cup/waste container and ensuring that the equipment is in proper operating order.

What are the benefits of using a Nano protein skimmer?

Protein skimmers are a must-have item of aquarium filtration that almost every reefer has in their sump. It isn’t easy to accomplish without it, but monitoring the percentage of organic nutrients allows aquarium upkeep relatively simple and easy.

Protein skimming is the process of extracting dissolved chemical materials from water by producing many bubbles

as the protein skimmer is specifically functioning to eliminate organic waste, the probability of algae blooming decreases.

Protein skimming offers a few advantages compared with other filtration systems.

Skimmers, which are propelled by air bubbles, effectively add oxygen to your aquarium. Because cyanobacteria flourish in low-oxygen conditions, this provides an unsuitable environment for them. Your aquarium will be more tolerant and increase its longevity. Protein skimming assists the bio-loads by cleaning the water continuously.

Another interesting fact is it can lower your aquarium’s phosphate and nitrate level to maintain the balance for your aqua species.

Overall having a protein skimmer means you will get better light penetration in the aquarium as a whole. The water of the skimmer will remain clear and free of yellow stains. Not only that, but it also enhances photosynthesis resulting in vibrant coral coloration.

Wait, there is more!

You will notice that Coral and algae growth has increased. Meanwhile, your aquarium glass recovers quickly and remains clean. Interestingly, the Red slime or cyanobacteria, which may cause harm, will be reduced systematically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is a protein skimmer?

A protein skimmer is mandatory if you want to maintain the nitrate level for aquatic lives. They also collect organic waste before it decomposes and releases nitrogen compounds in your aquarium.

Do you run a protein skimmer all the time?

To get the best output, your skimmer should be on service 24/7. Unless you are dosing medications, you have to turn them off.

Does a protein skimmer oxygenate the water?

If you are not the type of person who frequently changes their tank water, then the protein skimmer will help you clean and oxygenate your water on a regular schedule.

How often should you empty a protein skimmer?

If your protein skimmer does a great job without disturbance, you can empty it every six months to clean properly.

How do you clean a skimmer?

First, you need to clean the inside with hot water. For cleaning, you can also use a gentle, damp towel or a toothbrush. To eliminate any unwanted wastage, use hot water mixed with vinegar and soak it for at least 24 hours. Finally, you can clean and rinse with warm water.

Final Words

We hope that you now have a clear idea based on the above information. All these brands will work very well in terms of reliability, efficiency, and durability for cleaning your tank. Once you install a quality and reliable skimmer, you will always feel secure.

So relax! It is time to enjoy your tank’s water purification process with the best nano protein skimmer in the business!

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