It is fool’s errand, and downright cruel to pet anything without supplying them their daily dose of nutrition. Corals and most of the invertebrates thrive in seawater where a large variety of nutrients are found and form a part of their diet.

Therefore, to sustain them in a controlled environment, they need a proper amount of these nutrients that are essential for their biological processes.

Among these are calcium, strontium, and magnesium that are considered to be the major elements required by the corals. Do not fret because you’ll find these nutrients in the supplement we are about to discuss.

In this Seachem Reef Complete review, we will be looking at the features and benefits of this supplement to help you decide if it suits your requirements aptly.

Seachem Reef Complete Review

Things to Consider Before Buying A Supplement

The main reason for using a supplement in a reef aquarium is to improve the growth of the corals, for which you can use the Seachem Reef Complete. It has a combination of three elements, namely, calcium, magnesium, and strontium.

·      Doesn’t affect the pH

Besides the depletion of minerals, the pH of the water also gets disturbed and needs to be kept in check constantly. Over a period of time, the pH of the tank can become highly acidic due to biological wastes such as nitrites, ammonia, and nitrates produced by the fishes.

These can increase the toxicity of the water level and stunt the growth of both corals and the fishes. For this, the pH needs to be raised to a level of 8.3.


However, the Reef Complete does not have any effect on the pH of the water. For this, you can use the Seachem Reef Buffer, which solely focuses on increasing the pH.

·      No carbonate supplements

The carbonates in water are a major source of carbon for aquatic life. Also, it serves as a pH buffer. However, this product does not contain carbonates in it.

For this, you can opt for the Seachem Reef Builder or the Reef Carbonate, which solely concentrates on increasing the alkalinity level of the aquarium.

Presenting The Seachem Reef Complete

The Seachem Reef Complete is a unique blend of three macronutrients, namely, calcium, magnesium, and strontium. The ratio in which each of these elements is combined is 100:5:0.1 – Ca: Mg: Sr.

The product is manufactured in liquid form, which is why it can easily dissolve in water. It contains concentrated ionic calcium that matches the calcium levels in seawater.

It is the only product available in the stores that contain the highest level of ionic calcium, 160,000 ppm. Whereas, the highest amount of calcium found in other products is that of 110,000 ppm.

Also, the product is neutral to the pH levels of the water. However, when you add it to high pH level water, it removes the ammonia in the water in the form of gas by the diffusion process.

This supplement is available in five different sizes- 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 2 L, and 4L. Thus, you can choose according to the size of the tank.


  • Blend of calcium, magnesium, and strontium
  • In liquid form, easily soluble
  • Contains concentrated ionic calcium
  • Available in five different sizes


  • Does not affect the pH
  • Does not contain carbonates

Seachem Reef Complete Review: Features and Benefits

·      Calcium

Like many organisms that are found under the sea, coral reefs can absorb the calcium ions from the water into their soft tissue and then convert them into calcium carbonate crystals in order to form skeletal structures.

The skeletal structure helps in building a robust immune system for the reef. A tank that has fewer reefs requires an occasional dose of supplements.

However, if your tank has plenty of corals, then it must be supplemented regularly to keep the corals healthy and vibrant.

This is why it is necessary to check and maintain the calcium levels in the water at a constant level. Moreover, the mineral present in the product is in ionic form. It enables the reef to absorb it into its system at a much quicker rate.

·      Magnesium

The magnesium present in a coral tank is responsible for maintaining the overall chemistry. The calcium and carbonate ions present in the water tend to form calcium carbonate compounds and get accumulated in the corners of the tank.

Because of this, the corals are unable to get the proper nutrition that they need to thrive. The role of magnesium in the water is to prevent both calcium and carbonate ions for bonding with each other. In this way, the corals can absorb them in their ionic state.

Seachem Reef Complete Review

·      Strontium

Although the proportion of strontium needed in the aquarium is much lesser than that of calcium and magnesium, it is still an essential element without which the hard corals cannot grow properly.

Similar to calcium, strontium also helps in the development of the coral skeletons. It also aids in the growth of coralline and red algae that are found in aquariums. These algae are responsible for the production of live rock décor.

·      Soluble formula

One of the most convenient features of this product is that it is available in liquid form. Unlike other products, available in particulate form and always leaving behind residues, this solution dissolves as soon as it is administered into the tank.


The Seachem Reef Complete is an excellent product for you when it comes to the maintenance of your beautiful coral reef tank.

The unique blend of different elements is carefully calibrated and mixed according to the needs of the aquatic life. Though the product doesn’t affect the pH levels or contain carbonates, it still contains the essential macro-nutrients that are essential for the corals.

Also, it is available in a soluble form, which ensures that the corals can fully absorb the nutrients into their system. We hope this Seachem Reef Complete review has been helpful to you in choosing the right product.

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