An aquarium, with corals and aquatic animals, might look aesthetic and appealing from a distance, but in actuality, there is a lot of maintenance and effort given to keep it that way.

To keep the inhabitants of the tank healthy and thriving, you need to be aware of multiple things. For instance, plants and corals require a specific type of nutrients to grow and remain healthy.

If your aquarium is home to a lot of corals, there are some things you need to keep in mind. For them to grow, you have to provide the corals with the best food.

This is because corals are quite delicate, and they need proper nutrition, which can be obtained from the food. As we know, there are two types of corals; Small Polyp Stony (SPS) corals and Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals.

However, feeding the corals will not be sufficient enough to maintain them. You have to know the proper methods of feeding them. Also, before you decide to keep corals in your reef tank, you need to learn some of the basic lessons.

For invertebrates like corals, you need phytoplankton to increase their growth and improve their health. Using phytoplankton will keep the water clean and keep the fish and corals healthy.

In this Seachem Reef Phytoplankton review, we are going to highlight a phytoplankton, its benefits as well as its pros and cons. Based on this review, you can decide whether or not to purchase the product.

Seachem Reef Phytoplankton

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Things to Consider Before Buying


By dosing your aquarium with phytoplankton, you are providing a natural environment filled with rich nutrients that will help the corals, plants, and fishes in the tank.

Typically, phytoplankton is a microscopic organism that is capable of producing its food by photosynthesis with the sun as its source. Therefore, they can sustain themselves by the sunlight.

Without the phytoplankton in the ocean, other large organisms and species would lack a food source.

So now that we know how valuable it is for the ocean, it is safe to say that adding phytoplankton into the fish tank will give you the ability to reestablish a natural oceanic environment.

The phytoplankton is a common food source for plenty of invertebrates. Moreover, dosing it in the tank will provide a healthy boost for the filter feeder corals, clams, and other invertebrates such as copepods in the reef aquarium.

·      Not A Live Phytoplankton

There are two kinds of phytoplankton, alive and dead and preserved. The phytoplankton by Seachem is not a live one. So if you are looking for live phytoplankton, then this product is not for you.

However, studies show that corals are not able to recognize the difference between dead or living plankton.

When you dose your reef tank with the preserved phytoplankton, the corals will break it down and derive nutrients from the substance.

Seachem has efficiently pierced the cell walls of the phytoplankton, so the corals don’t have to spend a lot of their energy while consuming nutrients from it. Instead, they can focus their energy on growth.

However, there are certain disadvantages to using dead phytoplankton. A substance made of living, intact cells is more clean and healthy as a feed than the dead, preserved plankton.

The chances of polluting your reef aquarium are less when you use live phytoplankton. The live ones can effectively remove toxic products from the tank water.

So, if you want a live phytoplankton for your reef aquarium, we suggest you purchase the REEFreshments Live Phytoplankton.

It helps to increase coral growth as well as boost the development and vibrancy of marine life. The live phytoplankton also keeps the aquarium clean and healthy for other inhabitants.

Presenting The Seachem Reef Phytoplankton

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The Seachem Reef is a preserved blend of green and brown phytoplankton. It is designed to deliver the essential vitamins, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids with biological carotenoids for filter-feeding corals, and other invertebrates.

One bottle of this product is sufficient enough to nourish large numbers of marine creatures in your reef aquarium. Moreover, phytoplankton also has natural sources of carotenoids.

This helps to provide valuable proteins and bio-available pigmentation sources. Furthermore, it can balance and increase the ratio of vitamin b, carbohydrates, protein, and fatty acids.

You can use any feeding method with this product. It is a reliable food source for corals and other invertebrates and is guaranteed to boost their growth.

However, the product dominating the market now is the Polyp Lab Reef-Roid. It contains natural reef planktons as well as zooplankton. This is perfect for target feeding and enables the corals to grow and thrive.


  • Suitable for all kinds of feeding method
  • Provides all essential proteins for corals
  • A blend of green and brown phytoplankton
  • Consists of natural ingredients


  • Has a bad odor
  • The product contains dead and preserved plankton
  • Might increase algae growth
  • Doesn’t include measuring cup

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Seachem Reef Phytoplankton Review: Features and Benefits

·      All-Natural Ingredients

The product is made of all the essential proteins that you need for your corals and other invertebrates. It can effectively balance and increase the ratio of carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins.

This perfect ratio will help the corals spend less energy on deriving the nutrients required for their health and growth. You do not need to refrigerate the phytoplankton. Moreover, it does not contain any synthetic pigment or dyes.

·      Provides Carotenoids

This substance delivers natural sources of carotenoids, which help with coloration. It is also enhanced to boost the bio-availability of essential nutrients like lipids, organic pigments, and protein.

You can use it twice a week or more to maintain the growth of corals.

Reef Phytoplankton Dosing Table
Reef Phytoplankton Dosing Table

Final Verdict

All in all, the Seachem Phytoplankton is a reliable and suitable food source for corals and other invertebrates. It can efficiently increase the growth of corals as well as maintain their health in the reef aquarium.

The product has all the essential ingredients that you need for the corals to thrive and grow in the reef tank.

So, the Seachem Phytoplankton review outlines all the benefits you can reap from this product. If you are looking for excellent growth, this can be your go-to.

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