While we do love and adore the clouds in the sky, it is not a pretty sight when they start forming inside your beloved aquarium. It does happen often, and your tank starts to lose its appeal.

In order to solve this problem, apart from cleaning the tank and changing the water constantly, you need something extra that would give you crystal clear water.

For this, you would need a water clarifier that will help you achieve that goal. However, simply buying one off the rack isn’t enough. You need a product that is reliable and is also easy to use.

That’s why in this article, we have the Seachem Clarity review. We will discuss its features and benefits and things that you may need to consider so that you can easily decide if this is the product that you would want to go for.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Having a clarifier at your home can come in handy a number of times. However, it is important to bear in mind a few essential details that you may need to consider before you proceed to buy a product.

·      Need to use filter floss

The primary function of any clarifier is to remove the cloudiness from the water in the tank. But in order to accomplish the task, you also need to use filter floss.

The floss acts as a mechanical filter that can trap all the debris present in the water. It is usually made out of high-quality quilting polyester. It can also remove tiny bubbles and microalgae spores from the tank that turn water hazy.


Apart from this, the filter can also soak up the excess nitrates and ammonia (very less effective though. You need bio filter media to that job efficiently). However, the floss needs to be changed when there is excess buildup.

Depending on the number of impurities in the tank, this needs to be done every couple of days. Using polyester floss is the quickest and most efficient way to clear the water along with a clarifier.

Introducing Seachem Clarity

If you are looking for a clarifying media that can easily remove cloud formation in the aquarium, you should try the Seachem Clarity. It is applicable for both salt and freshwater.

The chemical contains a polymeric flocculating agent that does not have any adverse effects on the aquatic life in the tank. Therefore, it is safe to use it on plants and reefs. You don’t have to empty the tank while you are using it.

Unlike the type of products endorsed by other brands, it is manufactured to target a broad range of impurities that can cause fogginess. After its application, the consistency of the haziness in the water will increase. However, it is an indication that the product is working.

It ionically attracts the tiny microscopic dirt or algae floating around and begins binding with them to form bigger particles.

This process takes roughly 2 to 3 hours to completely remove the debris and give you the crystal-clear water. The smaller particles get caught in the filter floss, and the bigger chunks settle down to the bottom of the substrate.


  • Only takes a few hours
  • Contains polymeric flocculating agent
  • Safe to be used in a reef and planted tank
  • Ionically attracts the impurities to form bigger particles


  • Needs to be used along with a mechanical filter
  • In some situations, can get cloudier before clarifying

Seachem Clarity Review: Features and Benefits

·      Broad range use

Two reasons why the tank water turns foggy are bacteria bloom and unclean substrate. Bacteria bloom in the tank is a result of the presence of an excess amount of ammonia and nitrites, which leads to the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.

Also, improper cleaning of the new substrate or irregular maintenance of the aquarium can cause the tank to get cloudy. In either case, when the Seachem clarity is added, it acts as a binding agent.

It contains both flocculating and precipitating elements that can treat different types of impurities. It ionically binds itself to the surrounding impurities forming a massive debris that can be easily removed when you are cleaning the substrate or can be cleaned by the mechanical filter floss.

·      Dosage

In order to treat the water, you only need to use a little portion of the clarifier. About 5 ml of the product is sufficient to treat 80 liters of water, which is about 17.6 gallons. So, a small amount of it can go a long way.

It is available in three different sizes- 100 ml, 250 ml, and 500ml. Thus, you can choose according to the need and the size of your aquarium.

·      Safe for aquatic life

The clarifier does not only target several types of debris but can be used on both fresh and saltwater. The product does not have any effect on the firmness of the water.

While most of the other branded products tend to be sensitive to marine life, this, on the other hand, remains neutral towards them. Therefore, it can be used in the presence of fishes and reefs in the tank.

Thus, making Seachem Clarity the only diverse product that is available in stores.

·      Quick action

Once the product has been introduced into the tank, it takes only a matter of hours before you can see some genuine results, and the debris begins to precipitate down to the bottom of the tank. Although in a few cases, the fogginess may increase momentarily.

Final Thought

In short, there are many reasons why a tank can get cloudy. It could be the result of installing a new aquarium, bacteria bloom, unclean substrate, or the water in the tank hadn’t been cleaned or changed regularly.

For this, the Seachem Clarity has been specially designed to tackle the issue of reducing the fogginess in the water. It is easy to use and is quick in action. All you would require is a mechanical filter.

Thus, having a reliable product such as this by your side can ease your workload when it comes to maintenance.

We hope that this Seachem Clarity review delivers all that you hope for and more. We wish you happy fish keeping!

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