Being an aquarium enthusiast can be challenging due to the learning curve. Most people remain in confusion on what to get first, or how to maintain a tank.

For proper maintenance, the first thing on your agenda should be to get yourself a filter. It is common knowledge that the tank inhabitants will begin to die without a sound filtration system.

Therefore, whether you’re a veteran or a fledgling hobbyist, keeping the tank-water purified is the first course of action.

For people with massive aquariums (50 gallons or above), we present the Fluval 306 review. This filtration system features expert design and efficient performance.

Let’s dive in and look into the detailed analysis.

Fluval 306 External Canister Filter

Before You Buy a Filtration System

Taking proper care of your aquarium tank can sometimes seem challenging, especially if your filtration system lacks some essential qualities. Although Fluval 306 can help you in keeping the water in your tank neat, however, like every product, it has some cons too.

·      Price

Forget about being cheap; the external filter is not even affordable for some people. It can way out your league if you do not have a reasonable budget. Well, there is no denying that the item has exceptional features; however, one must have the money to afford it before they can use it.


So, you must consider your budget before purchasing the device. It is not worth it if it ends up breaking your bank.

·      Installation Process

Setting up the product is one most complicated tasks you will ever face if you are not a professional or an expert in this field. Although you will receive a user manual yet installing the item requires more than the help of the guide.

Assembling the items of the package is not a difficult task; however, positioning the hose output in a suitable spot is a totally different thing. Therefore, you should either watch some guide videos from YouTube or use the help of a professional.

·      Cleaning

As a canister filter, the 306 takes up a moderate amount of time for the cleaning process. You cannot wash the entire thing in one go. So, you will have to unplug the filter, disconnect the tubing, and remove all the parts accordingly.

Then you will need to clean the media and all the other parts individually. Besides, the impeller requires more attention than other components because it is the life source of your filter.

Introducing The Fluval 306

For many years, Fluval has been famous for its water tanks, filtration media, and other aquarium accessories. Fluval is, by far, one of the best aquarium item manufacturers in the current market.

This product offers many essential features that are crucial for an aquarium. It is an excellent filtration that is sure to keep your tank clean and free from harmful germs and dirt.

Additionally, the item has a unique design to dampen the production of sound. It also comes with an intake strainer, which is clog-proof, a clear screen with dual-layer foam, original Aqua-Stop valves, filtration baskets, and much more.

The series of Fluval 06 was built after the success of 05 models. However, before 306, there were 106 and 206. In comparison to 106 and 206, the 306 comes with more pumping power.

On the other hand, 05 models cannot handle constant water flow, whereas 06 ones are easy to maintain, clean, and set up than the previous filters.

Nonetheless, the product is suitable for aquarium enthusiasts with a proper budget and have a decent knowledge of filtration media.


  • Optimal for tanks that come with a capacity of 70 gallons
  • A unique design to dampen the production of sound
  • It has a screen with dual-layer foam and clog-resistant intake strainer
  • Offers multiple baskets for filtration and Aqua-Stop Valves


  • The price is a little bit high for most people
  • Difficult to install and clean compared to other filters (common issue for canisters)

Fluval 306 Review: Features & Benefits

Fluval 306 Review

·      Capacity

One of the most significant aspects of Fluval 306 is its capability to handle small, medium, and large aquariums. You can use the product for tanks of 12 gallons or 70 gallons.

Usually, large aquariums require more than one filtration media. However, it is not the same case for Fluval 306 as it can work with large tanks efficiently. It means you will only need to buy one product even if your tank is a huge one.

·      Lift Lock Clamps and Aqua-Stop Valves

These features help users to clean and maintain the product without much nuisance. The lift lock clamps enable you to lock the motor in a particular position.

On the other hand, the Aqua-Stop valves allow you to stop the flow of the water without manually disconnecting the hoses. Moreover, the valves reduce clutters and leak that may occur inside the tank.

·      Size and Design

Fluval 306 comes with a unique design to dampen the production of sound. It reduces 8-15% of the sound produced while the item is operational. Moreover, the product has a screen with dual-layer foam.

Unlike the other models of Fluval filtration media, the 306 comes in a medium-sized pack. It almost has a similar height to the palm of a hand. Therefore, it is easy to place in a tank, whether it is small or big.

Fluval 306 External Canister Filter

·      Canister Filter

Usually, canister filters are enormous due to their powerful flow rate and exceptional filtering capacity. However, Fluval 306 offers the same results with a medium-size design, which is in one word ‘extraordinary.’

·      Three-Stage Filtration System

The best feature of Fluval 306 is its three-stage filtration media. It includes a chemical, mechanical, and biological stage.

The mechanical stage removes or consumes the debris and makes the filtration process clog-proof. On the other hand, the biological and chemical stages keep the water clean and healthy.

In brief, all the stages combined can keep your aquarium free of germs and dirt, which is necessary for your tank-inhabitants to thrive.

Fluval 307: The Upgraded Version of Fluval 306

After almost decades we have the new 07 series from Fluval in 2019 and it is awesome. If you have the budget then definitely go for the new version –

Fluval 306 Proper Setup

Final Verdict

When we purchase a pet, it becomes our responsibility to look after them and take proper care of them. It is heartbreaking to see your pets slowly die in front of you.

As an aquarium enthusiast, your first goal is to keep the inhabitants in your tank safe. Then comes the task of nurturing them or adequately feeding them with proper nutritious items.

Fluval 306 is an excellent filtration media, which can help you to achieve success in your first task. It has proven to be useful for many fish owners and aquarium lovers. So, don’t just take it from us, this recommendation is from all the people who have used this product.

In our Fluval 306 review, we have covered most of the features and aspects. If you think this is the device you are looking for then, feel free to purchase it. It is an incredible choice despite the expense.

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