The beauty of an aquarium increases with proper care, effort, and commitment. It is not a difficult task to create the perfect environment for fish keeping (maintenance is challenging) if you start with the right aquarium-kit.

Mostly we remain concerned about purchasing decorative fish rather than quality aquariums. However, the beauty of any fish or coral would remain incomplete if we fail to provide an appropriate atmosphere for them.

So, if you have purchased aquatic plants and animals (or planning to), and have not yet chosen a glass kit, then have a look at our MarineLand Aquarium review.

We have enlisted all the essential features of this glass aquarium that will assist you in knowing the advantages you can expect from this product. This aquarium kit is certainly perfect for keeping betta fish.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

When purchasing an aquarium package, there are several criteria you need to be cautious about because it will directly affect the animals and plants you are about to keep.

·      Not Suitable as Reef Tank:

If you are looking for an aquarium that is convenient as a reef tank, in that case, this product is not well-suited. It has all other elements apart from the high light intensity that is necessary for corals.

Even though under this low light, many freshwater plants and creatures can survive, but the reef corals cannot endure in low-light moderation. So, it is indeed not efficient if you are planning for a marine tank.

·      Confined Back Chamber:


The back chamber of this unit is cramped and small compared to any other large tanks. Thus, there is not enough space on the back of the tank, so you cannot replace the original pump even if you want to.

·      Ideal for Beginners:

This aquarium kit is not appropriate for professionals, depending on the water capacity. The reason is that it comes with a small glass frame that holds only about 5 gallons of water.

Therefore, this product is for those who are starting with the aquarium for the first time. It is both budget-friendly and efficient for beginners. In fact it is one of the best 5 gallon fish tanks available in the market.

Introducing The MarineLand Aquarium

MarineLand Aquarium contains a glass outline of a moderate size that guarantees an optimal habitat for your fish. Moreover, it is a compact unit so you can comfortably adjust it anywhere in your house.

You will discover two distinct shades of LED light in the back chamber, giving the essence of both daylight and twilight.

Furthermore, it offers a three-stage filtration that takes out all the wastes (debris and dust) from the water. Besides, you can also enjoy ultra-filtration by activating carbon.

It consolidates both organic and compound procedures for diminishing infection-causing microbes and stops spreading these microorganisms.


  • Beautiful rail lights give a blend of red and blue illumination
  • Easy assembling
  • Additional carbon filtration
  • Provides three-step filtration cycle where it offers a bio-logical process for aquatic plants and chemical process for microbes
  • It has a generous water capacity of at least 5 gallons.


  • The space at the back is limited
  • The confined back chamber does not allow to substituting the pump with any other powerful one
  • Not ideal for professionals

MarineLand Aquarium Review: Features & Benefits

·      Water Capacity

This aquarium pack has a decent water limit of about 5 gallons per tank. Well, it does not allow you to put a lot of fish under one casing; it is appropriate for beginners.

Moreover, it comes with a moderate size that makes cleaning simple, which is a significant problem for everyone. Besides, most users find it very useful because, in a small room, it is convenient to move and set up.

·      Three-step Filtration

MarineLand Aquarium kit offers extra safety with its innovative filtration process. There is a built-in filtration pump in its back, which helps in reducing toxins (ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites) from the tank.

For ensuring the maximum safety of fish, it provides two types of water purification. One is chemical filtration that eliminates diseases causing microorganisms, and another is biological filtration for securing aquatic plants.

There is also an extension compartment where the activated carbon is installed for an extra filter. It works manually, so on the off chance that you need more water clarity, you can turn on this carbon filtration.

·      Attractive Illumination

Suppose you have a lovely fish tank in your living space, yet it will not draw anyone’s attention if it’s shrouded in darkness. Besides, lighting has a great ability to create a pleasant atmosphere in a room.

It is well-equipped with rail lights that reflect on the water and make everything colorful. Furthermore, you can switch the rail lights in two different rays. You can turn on the white lights for daylight impact and the blue one for moonlight impact.

These LED lights are energy-efficient so that you can save money and make your living room beautiful.

Marineland Aquarium Review

·      Easy Access

This unit is ideal for beginners; thus, it comes with user-friendly features. It does not require any tool work to set up. You can manually set it up without any expert supervision.

Most users are quite happy with its assembling function. The only task is to insert the filter cartridge into the pump and attach it to the electrical plug immediately after you position the starter, fish, and water.

·      Advanced Glass Canopy

This aquarium has a user-friendly sliding glass canopy that makes cleaning and feeding easier. Besides, there is ample space between this shade and the frame so you can have direct access to the water.

Moreover, your fish might jump sometimes, but this canopy will help them to be in the tank.

MarineLand Contour Vs MarineLand Portrait

First take a look at the almost similar tank by MarineLand – The Portrait:

There is not much difference other than the LED light style. Check out the video to take a look –

Alternates You May Consider

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Happy Fish Gazing

If you are looking for setting up a new freshwater fish tank, then this glass kit is for you. But, if you are planning to build a reef tank, then this is not the go-to aquarium.

So, this product is indeed an excellent choice for beginners looking to keep a freshwater tank, as it is compact and easy to use.

We hope our MarineLand Aquarium review was informative and helped you decide if this fish tank will be the best for your fish and living room.

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