Bettas! The most coveted knight of all aquarium species. If you are into aquatics and don’t own a betta yet, then you are missing out on a lot! These guys are hands down one of the most beautiful and elegant fishes in the world with their bright vivid skins and large fluttering tails. A feast for the eyes.

Caring for them isn’t all that difficult either, if you have a comfortable home for your betta. One betta aquarium that has been making a lot of noise among aquatic hobbyists is the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit.

This kit, apparently, has become a favorite among its users. And we are curious just as much as you are. Is it really worth the hype? Will your betas approve? Well, our detailed review of the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit is going find out everything you want to and need know about it. Sounds good? Let’s start!

Aqueon Betta Falls Review: Features, Pros & Cons

Before we even begin to review the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit, we want to set things straight by saying that this aquarium is way too small and tiny for any type of fish. We know you see Bettas in small cups all the time at your local mart, but we are strictly against this. They need a lot of space and room like the rest of the other fishes. If you are planning to keep your Bettas in the Aqueon Betta Falls aquarium as their permanent home, then you would be committing animal abuse.

Having said that, keeping them in these small fish tanks are perfectly okay for a small period of time. You could keep them here while you clean the main (and larger) fish tank, keep them here to protect them from other species of fishes for a while, keep the babies here, and so on. There are so many ways you can use the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit for your Bettas. Just not as as their permanent home, that is. Movin’ on, folks.

Construction and Design

The entire set up measures 16.99 inches in length, 4.92 inches in width and 11.15 inches in height. It is very compact and absolutely beautiful to look at.

Each of the fisn tanks are nice and crystal clear. There is a water filter discreetly hidden next to the first tank.  You also have hoods, or lid, for each of the tank to cover them up, if needed. The Aqueon Betta Falls aquarium come in a subtle and elegant white body which fits into almost any décor. And thanks to its compact body, you can place it on bed stands, small tables, and so on. It really does not require much!

The Fish Tanks

One of the best features about the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit, right of the bat, is that it has 3 separate fish tanks! This means you could home 3 bettas in each tank. Not only does it favor quantity, but it also look fabulous with 3 vibrant and beautiful fishes fluttering next to one another. But again we should remind you that this entire tank is not adequate for even a single Betta, left alone three. If you are looking for a perfect home for your betta, check out our list of top ten best betta fish tanks.


By the way, these tanks aren’t just for Bettas just because it’s got their names on it. You can keep fish fry, snails and most preferably shrimps. Some may say you can put tetras or guppies, but that’s not true. Tetras and guppies require much more water volume and being schooling fishes tetras should be kept in a group of at least 6.


Our favorite feature on the Aqueon Betta Falls aquarium, hands down, is the cascading waterfall than fall. Because the 3 tanks are positioned in a staircase manner where one tank is slightly higher than the other, the water from the topmost tanks seeps into the second tank, and then the third. Beautiful concept, really. And the current it creates if great for the fishes. But, here’s the thing. Bettas tend to slip from the opening to the next tank from the current and high water level.

Having said that, some fishes appreciate the lack of chaos. In those cases, you can turn off the waterfall or even control the rate of flow.


The filtration system is neatly, and very discreetly, tucked beside the first and topmost tank. It includes filter cartridge which will make sure the water stays clean and clear.


  • 3 fish tanks; Versatile
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterfall with flow rate control
  • Includes lids
  • Compact
  • Beautiful


  • No heater
  • Bettas slip into the next tank.
  • A bit noisy
  • Current tends to be to strong

Alternates You May Consider For your Betta

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does it come with a heater and all the plants and gravel shown on the images?

The kit includes the tank and filter, only. You will need to buy a heater separately, and no accessories are included.

How much water can each fish tank hold?

Great question. Each of the 3 fish tank holds just a little under half a gallon. The entire tank, in total, can hold about 2 gallons.

Do we have a light on this aquarium?

Nope. No light. You will have you buy a light strip separately.

What’s the news on the noise?

There is a light and slight hum coming from the pump of the kit. Not too damaging, though.

How often should I change the filter?

Once a month, or even more, should be okay. It is a small aquarium with not much water, and therefore, not much gunk to clean.

How To Set Up Aqueon Betta Falls

Well it’s pretty simple to set this thing up. Let’s watch a video made by Aqueon about how to set up. But please remember there are some incorrect information in this video like the aquarium cycling and water change schedule. For the proper aquarium cycling follow our guide instead.

Final words

And there you have it folks, a complete rundown and review of the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit! Although the product is far from perfect and has quite a lot of design flaws in it, we give it our stamp of approval if it is being used as a makeshift, temporary home to your fishes. It is fun, pretty versatile and affordable. Great for your kid’s room. A cool aquarium kit, no doubt about that, but it still has a lot of correction to do. Either way, we like it. It’s okay. But, nothing over the top.

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