Are you a player in the aquatic world? Well, if you have not heard of the all-new Fluval 407, then you are surely behind. In four decades now, aquarium filters have been in the market, but this is something else. The latest generation is here to wow you; it has reliability and power to be held. If you have ever longed for a flexible, robust, and energy-efficient aquarium filter, then this Fluval 407 Review is what you need.

The Fluval 407 Filter is potent, quiet, and it has very fancy features. It has a lot of new upgrade features such as the suction aid, a new pre-filter, and finally an excellent base or feet that makes it very comfortable to use. This Fluval 407 Review will open your eyes to the latest technology to take your aquatic experience to a new level.

Fluval 407 Review

Why Do You Need A Fluval 407 Filter?

The primary mandate of any filter in your aquarium is to remove the decaying organic substances, excess food, useless particles that are free-floating, harmful chemicals, and the aquatic animal’s waste products. If you are rearing fish at home, you will realize that they excrete waste products most of the time as they cruise through the water. Therefore, you need an efficient filter that will ensure that the water remains fresh for the fish to have a healthy environment. Fluval 407 is a massive upgrade on all the other aquarium canister filters out there.

Even though aquarium filters can perform chemical filtration, mechanical filtration, and biological filtration, the filter’s essential aspect is for biological function. When fish are excreted, they produce ammonia that may harm them in the long run, which is why you must have an excellent filter to convert the waste into harmless nitrate. No better filter can perform this biological function that the new Fluval 407.

Significant improvements from the previous filters

The Fluval 407 filter is very calm and quiet than all the previous models. It makes very negligible vibration that you may not notice. Also, this Fluval aquarium filter has been made more robust by reinforcing its bottom corners.

The new generation of Fluval 407 has significantly reduced the time you can take to maintain the device.

The Aqua stop valve has been redesigned with more robust materials; the lift and lock motor component clamps have a one action strategy and new materials reinforced. The original lift media box is far quicker with less damage, and finally, the accessible primer has a unique design to be more comfortable and with more robust materials.


Checkout the review of it’s predecessor Fluval 406.


Fluval 407 filters are big on power, but very small on energy consumption. These filters consume as little as 10watts of Electrical energy; this is barely what your household light-emitting bulbs consume in one full hour. This aquarium is undoubtedly the real deal; you are going to find out more. As you can see, you can already quickly tell the noticeable difference between this new Fluval 407 and the previous aquarium filters.

What Are Some Of The Challenges With The New Fluval 407?

You are most likely to experience water leakages when you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some people have had their kitchen flood with water for not following the manufacture’s procedure. If you acquire one of these filters, kindly read and understand what is written in the manual, if you don’t understand the manual then you can get someone with good knowledge on the Fluval 407.

You can also watch YouTube videos on how you can install the filter. In some cases, you may find that the aquarium can be damaged during the shipping process.

Key Features of the Fluval Series

Fluval efficient technology construction – This is for pump performance, less energy consumption, and quiet operation.

A Powerful motor, Re-engineered precision-crafted pump, Energy-efficient, an enlarged rubber feet stabilizers, New ergonomic Aqua Stop valves, one action strategy dual lift and lock motorhead component clamps, Redesigned primer with larger easy-grip, EZ and lift media boxes with new center handle and finally a Unique vertical pre-filter cartridge with independent access.

What You Get When You Buy the Fluval 407 Filter

A Bio-Foam Max, 70 grams carbon, a Quick-Clear, a Bio-Foam, and Aqua Stop valve, a Ribbed hosing, Rim connectors, an Intake tube, an Intake strainer, an Intake Stem with an intake filter, a Pre-Filter basket, a Media basket and a cover, a Media basket handle, a Suction cup of 30 mm, an Output nozzle, two rubber hose connectors, and an Instruction manual. This Fluval 407 Review should make your life easier if you are thinking of venturing into the aquatic field.

How To Setup, Install & Prime Fluval 407

What If Your Fluval 407 Breaks Down?

The Fluval 407 series are warranted against defects such as damage caused by regular aquarium artistry and a three-year service from the time of purchase. You will also enjoy services such as the replacement of non-serviceable parts and repairs. However, the warranty has its limitations as well; you may not be covered for home damages or loss of life of your domesticated animals. You will also not be covered for the distinct wear and tear once you start using the aquarium. In other words, you stand to gain when you encounter challenges with the device under normal conditions.

The dealer will not cover improper installation, negligence, or inappropriate use of the device. When you decide to use the machine for commercial purposes, you remain liable for any occurrence.

It is advisable to check if all the conditions necessary for essential maintenance are duly met before you consider calling the dealer or manufacturer for replacement. On the other hand, you can consult with your local aquatic expert when you encounter minor challenges.

Alternative You May Consider

It would be great to consider the following alternative aquariums filter if you are actively involved in the aquatic world of fishkeeping –

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The only filter that can outperform Fluval 407 is probably the FX6 by none other than Fluval!

Final Verdict

If you are planning to rear fish and setting up an aquarium, the best filter that can give you the performance is the Fluval 407. It is very reliable; you will incur no maintenance cost after installation. The power consumption is very cost-effective, and you will get no noise from your aquarium with this filter.

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