The significance of pure, clean water for aquatic life should be common knowledge to all tank keepers. Because the glamour of your precious aquarium will not exist if there is no care.

So, now it comes to us, the users, how we are taking care of them.

Many people love to have a fish tank in their house and buy a filter with multiple filtration media for a better and safe water environment.

However, if you’re looking for the easiest way to reduce the metal and toxicity of your aquarium, then you need a suitable water purifier. Any harmful and unnecessary element can damage the ecosystem of your aquarium.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide the Chemi Pure Blue review. It is an excellent cleanser for reef and marine aquariums.

Chemi Pure Blue Review

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Things to Consider Before Buying:

Purchasing a wrong product is going to be a waste, and it could happen if you do not know whether it suits your aquarium or not. Therefore, we have put together some essential things that you should consider before buying this one.

·      Not for Fresh Water Tank:

One of the most important things is that this product is specially manufactured for reef and marine aquariums. So, if you are looking for a freshwater purifier, then it is not going to be the best option.


This filtration media works perfectly in the saltwater. Using it will give you crystal clear water as well as reduce all the toxin-causing disease.

If you already have activated carbon in your filter, this may overdo it, since it also includes carbon filtration. So, before using this one, make sure that you do not use excess media in one aquatic system.

Do not use sharp tools to unpack the container as you may cut off the nylon bag during the process.

Presenting The Chemi Pure Blue

Product Features
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Product Features
  • Chemi-Pure Blue rinses clean quickly, virtually dust free
  • Highest quality extruded carbon and resins
  • Efficient and high speed adsorption rate
  • From the makers of The Original Chemi-pure for over 50 years
  • All in one filter media in a bag

Tired of conventional water purifiers? So, here comes Chemi Pure Blue, the ultimate filtration media that thoroughly clean saltwater. One of these bags can handle around 133L (35 gallons), so no worries if you got a large fish tank.

All the ingredients come in a high-quality nylon bag that ensures no splitting. With this box, you can obtain low residue carbon in the pelletized structure that works mainly in particle trade gums to deliver a synergistic equation.

Moreover, it helps to stabilize the pH in your aquarium so that you do not have to use any other media if you have this one. It also helps to reduce osmotic shock, which is one of the common problems in the new fish tank.

In this way, it effectively diminishes toxins, awful odors, phenols, antibiotics, silicate, and phosphate. Therefore, you can go for more than four months with this all-in-one filtration media with clean water.


  • Maintains the pH level that reduces unwanted fish loss
  • Keep the water crystal clear with the help of activated carbon
  • Prevents osmotic shock
  • Efficiently purifies toxic odors, phenol, and dissolved metals
  • Raise the fish appetite and lifespan


  • Takes more than 3 to 4 days for filtration
  • Suitable for reef tanks

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

Chemi Pure Blue Review: Features & Benefits

·      Stabilize pH level

One of the essential requirements of the long lifespan of fish is to maintain the pH level of water. In that case, it is necessary to change the water from time to time because contaminated water quickly creates microbes that affect pH consistency.

For most of the fish ideal pH level is 6.8 to 7.6, but in some cases, it might be exceptional. So, if you want to keep the pH level, but do not want to change the water very frequently, then Chemi Pure Blue is the right choice for you.

This filtration media comes with synthetic organic polymers that efficiently reduce bacterial organisms and phosphate. Thus, it creates a healthy aquatic environment for fish.

·      Reduce Osmotic Shock:

Osmotic shock is more likely to occur when the salt concentration in the tank shifts abruptly. It is one of the common scenarios because when we purchase a fish for our aquarium, they go through sudden acclimatization.

So, you might lose fish within 2 to 4 days if an osmotic shock happens. In addition to that, this filtration media contributes significantly to minimizing this type of occurrence. So, it increases the lifespan of fish.

I highly recommend this purifier because, as a beginner, I benefited a lot. Once I began using this media in my aquarium, I did not face any further problems of sudden fish death.

·      Filtrates Out Toxins:

Chemi Pure Blue

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

Frequent organic contamination is the main reason behind fish loss in both fresh and reef water aquariums. It is going to be very difficult for fish to survive in the tank if they do not get a pure living environment.

It will begin to minimize any form of harmful organic compounds immediately after 3 to 4 days of using this filtration media in the tank. Besides, it also eliminates odors, silicate, and phenol.

Furthermore, it is quite beneficial for reducing phosphate. Even though it does not initially harm fish, but it contributes to increasing green algae in the water. Thus, the development of excessive algae damages the marine ecosystem.

So, maintaining a low phosphate level in water is very important. This product comes with all the purifying additives that reduce the level of phosphate in the water and keep your tank fresh and clean.

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·      High-Speed Efficiency:

Many people prefer the filter kit rather than the filtration media because it seems more convenient to them. I was a big fan of tube purifiers, but at some points, I was disappointed in terms of speed.

So, I switched to Chemi Pure Blue and indeed benefited. I found my fish tank crystal clear within three days that was very quick. From now on, I do not have to change the water every week, and most importantly, there is no more cloudy water.

Therefore, you should try this one if you are looking for quick filtration media.

Chemi Pure Blue Vs Chemi Pure Elite

Checkout our detailed review on Chemi Pure Elite. Watch the video to know more on different filtration media produced by Chemi Pure.

Final Thought

Keeping the water fresh and clean in your aquarium is very important for enhancing the beauty and (more importantly) survival of the fish. To do this, you need perfect filtration media from time to time in your fish tank.

This unit can effectively remove all toxic and dissolved metal from your tank, and create a safe environment for fish that you are petting.

In this article, we gave detailed information about an excellent purifying media. Hopefully, our Chemi Pure Blue review can help you choose the appropriate product for your aquarium.

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