If you have never set up an aquarium before and are looking to install a planted aquarium, then you need to be aware of a few things. The first thing you should know is, all living things require nutrients to survive.

The aquatic plants need specific types of nutrients to live and remain healthy; for this, you need an aquarium fertilizer to help with the plants’ growth. You need to be quite careful when choosing a particular fertilizer.

This is because choosing the wrong kind of fertilizer can hinder the growth of vegetation and damage the other inhabitants of the aquarium. So, you need a fertilizer that is compatible with not only plants but also the fishes in the freshwater aquarium.

In this Seachem Flourish review, we’ll be focusing on an excellent fertilizer suitable for the development of aquatic life. So, we will list the factors that you need to consider before purchasing this product.

The review will highlight the benefits and features as well as the pros and cons of this supplement. And based on the review, you can decide if this product is good enough for your planted aquarium.

Seachem Flourish Review

Things to Consider Before Buying

The sole purpose of using fertilizer is to enhance the growth of the aquatic plants in the aquarium. This product contains an advanced formula which substantially develops both the roots and shoots of the plants.

·      Not Suitable for Beginners

The Seachem Flourish is available in many different sizes, and while this is beneficial for the old consumers, it can be a bit difficult for a new user. Each of the bottles has varied directions and measurements.

Moreover, the treatment frequencies differ with each size. Sometimes it says ‘2.5 ml per 50 gallons twice in a week or more if needed’, and at other times it says ‘6 ml per 40 gallons every week’.


This can be pretty confusing for a beginner, and the concentrations of the nutrients are quite low to prevent overdosing, so you might need more fertilizer than the required recommendation.

So, it would help if you had to fine-tune the dosing amount and schedule to grow your aquatic plants properly. On the other hand, you need to be careful not to overdose the fertilizer because that can cause massive algae formation in your tank.

Therefore, this product is best suited for someone familiar with its features since it is a little difficult for the new consumer to grasp the details in the beginning. Read this article to know more about balancing the three key elements in a successful planted tank.

Presenting The Seachem Flourish

The Seachem Flourish belongs to a brand that is known for its top-notch performance. Consumers are usually comfortable with purchasing products that are known for their reliability.

This product has the best nutrients, which can give your aquatic plants an incredible boost in growth. It can deliver a substantial volume of organic carbon so you can see quick changes in your plants within a few days.

However, the top fertilizer dominating the market right now is the Thrive Aquarium Plant Fertilizer. It is an ideal product for beginners because the fertilizer has minimal requirements and takes zero effort to use it.

In contrast with Seachem, you don’t have to purchase different types of bottles with varying contents because it is an all in one plant fertilizer for a freshwater aquarium. But the product is only suitable for tanks that have a lower than seven pH level because high levels of it can harm the marine life in the tank.

The Seachem Flourish, however, is perfectly compatible with the fishes and aquatic plants.

  • It does an excellent job of improving the plants’ health and strength
  • It is entirely safe to use for different kinds of fish species
  • The product contains a substantial amount of organic carbon
  • It can kill off excess growth of algae in the tank
  • The detailed requirements of this product make it unsuitable for beginners
  • The caps on the bottle are a bit loose
  • Overdoses can lead to the massive formation of algae
  • It doesn’t contain any nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus

Seachem Flourish Review: Features and Benefits

·      Promotes Growth

The fertilizer includes phytohormone molecules, which are essential for your aquatic plants. Other than regulating the growth of the plants, it also helps with cell division, mobilizes the nutrients, regulates seed germination, promotes root growth.

It also has a rich array of nutrients that can flourish, nourish, and protect your aquatic plants while it is going through its growth stages.

Moreover, this fertilizer doesn’t contain any nitrate elements. Although it benefits the plants, it is not compatible with the fish.

·      Exceptional Formula

If you use this product regularly, the advanced formula will elevate the mineral absorption and make the plants strong enough to resist diseases. After using the fertilizer, the first 10 to 15 days, you will notice some definite changes to your plants.

This formula stimulates the root growth underneath the surface. The initial application period will bring forth sufficient growth in the stems and leaves of the aquatic plants.

The product is designed to decrease the amount of iron in the water. At the same time, it also increases and maintains the volume of ferrous iron in the planted tank. The ferrous iron is an element that is crucial for the plants’ survival.

Moreover, it is easier for the plants to absorb than the standard iron. The fertilizer is entirely safe for all kinds of plants, aquatic organisms, and fish.

Seachem Flourish Dosing Table

·      Organic Carbon

Even though the fertilizer does not contain any nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus, it does have an essential ingredient, which is organic carbon. This element is something which all plants, and especially aquatic plants need.

Organic carbon can usually be found in carbon dioxide. Still, if your planted tank does not have enough carbon dioxide, then this element can be beneficial for your plants.

This product also prevents the growth of excessive algae (but be careful about overdosing as it may result the opposite). The lack of algae will make your tank look cleaner and give it a luscious, vibrant look.

Furthermore, the lack of algae leaves more substances and adequate nutrients in the water which your plants can benefit from.

Final Verdict

Despite its many benefits, it is not suitable for beginners because of its sophisticated use. Well, if you have the knowledge of proper fertilizer dosing, then this product is well worth the money!

In our Seachem Flourish review, we discussed all its benefits and demerits in detail for your convenience. We hope you found this article informative and wish you a happy shopping!

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