Will you able to nurture a cold-blooded animal under dim lights or any random illumination? The answer is pretty clear as we all know reptiles are ectothermic animals, which means they have to rely on their surroundings to absorb heat.

Therefore, raising a reptile requires proper lighting so that they can get enough heat for survival. It is essential that you create an environment with proper temperature to support the tank-inhabitants at your home.

In this article, we will introduce you with a marvelous mercury vapor light that will provide the necessary sunlight effect even in the aquarium.

We will look into the Exo Terra Solar Glo review, a product that can aid a range of tank-keepers. We expect that this article will make it easier for you to purchase the appropriate light for your reptiles.

Exo Terra Solar Glo Review

Things to Consider Before Buying

These lights are specially manufactured for reptiles so that they can get the heat directly from the lamp if sunlight is not available.

So, there are a few things you need to think of before purchasing this unit because it might not satisfy your needs (more importantly, your aquarium’s needs). Let us see some important factors that you should not ignore.

·      Examining the temperature

The very first thing you need to make sure is whether the temperature produced suits your pet or not. Even though the reptile is a cold-blooded animal, the heat needs to be appropriate.


This light comes with two different wattages, one is 125 watts, and another is 165 watts. It produces heat between 35° Celsius to 39° Celsius.

Therefore, you need to be careful about wattage, temperature, and the tolerance of your existing tank inhabitants before purchasing this product. Why? Because if the heat is too high for your animal, then it might not survive or get unhealthy under the illumination.

·      Not suitable for fish tank

We all know that mercury vapor lights are for producing additional heat for cold-blooded animals. In that case, you cannot mix up the temperature requirements of fish and reptiles.

Although both of them have similarities, there is an enormous difference in their nature. So, it is better not to use these lights in your fish tank because excessive heat might do more harm than good.

Apart from these things, you cannot use this bulb with thermostats. Also, it is suitable for a more open or large area because congestion might result in overheating.

Presenting The Exo Terra Solar Glo

Lights are an essential element for growing a reptile in an aquarium. So, with the Exo Terra Glo in hand, you can breed and pet cold-blooded animals.

This mercury vapor reptile bulbs offer similar benefits that are only available in sunlight. It produces ultraviolet lights, including both UVA and UVB. Both UV rays are paramount to the growth and nourishment of reptiles.

Moreover, the full spectrum feature increases the appetite of your animals and keeps them active the entire day. Besides, you can adjust the bulb in a standard ceramic socket as it is a self-ballasted lamp.

Thus, if you are professionally breeding reptiles, then these lights can help you to keep them healthy. It is beneficial for eliminating metabolic bone disease with an incredible range of light.

Overall, using this bulb can effectively improve the overall condition of your reptiles, preventing any problems or diseases caused by a lack of adequate sunlight.


  • Can fit easily into a standard ceramic socket
  • Provides both UVA and UVB
  • Warms up the reptile
  • Eliminate metabolic bone disease


  • Not suitable for a fish tank
  • No parameters to see the temperature level

Exo Terra Solar Glo Review: Features & Benefits

·      Stimulates sunlight characteristics

Fluent thermos-regulation is one of the vital requirements for cold-blooded animals. If you have a reptile in your aquarium, then you have to ensure enough sunlight for their better growth.

Exo Terra Solar Glo is a high-power light that provides both UVA and UVB rays for ectothermic animals. It helps the reptiles to remain healthy even in the absence of natural light.

More importantly, this bulb produces vitamin D3, which helps them absorb enough calcium. It develops their bones, ensuring a longer lifespan.

·      Self-ballasted

Manufactures tried to make this product user-friendly in terms of plugging it. Moreover, this unit comes with self-ballast, which means it does not require a particular ballast socket (no additional headache).

Nowadays, most of the sockets are standard ceramic ones, so you can comfortably fit this vapor light into them.

·      Efficiency

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist breeder, one of the significant concerns about any product that consumes electricity is the bill that escalates rapidly. Thus, we always look for energy-efficient products, especially for aquarium or growing fields.

From our experience, we were struggling to get rid of high electric bills, even when we tried to turn it off in due time. So, we planned on purchasing something that can efficiently illuminate the place but, at the same time, save money.

Therefore, we switched to Exo Terra Solar Glo. Now all the reptiles are doing great in the tank, and similarly, one does not have to worry about excessive bills.

Moreover, the best part is the wattage option it provides. It offers 125 watts and 165 watts, so if you are not happy with one, you can quickly go for the second option.

It helps to create a pleasantly warm temperature in the tank so that your reptiles can lead to a happier and healthier life. Right after using this one, we realized that the reptiles are more active when the lights are on.

·      Reduce metabolic bone disease

Metabolic bone diseases usually mean the abnormalities of bone strength. These are more likely to occur when there is a lack of vitamin D and calcium.

So, in the absence of sunlight, your reptile might miss some essential elements of vitamin, and indeed it will cause numerous diseases.

This light (specially UVB) efficiently provides vitamin D3, which means your pet can absorb sufficient calcium and strengthen its skeletons. Know more about the importance of UVB lights for turtles from this article.

Therefore, there is a high chance of preventing any structural abnormalities if you are using this bulb.

Final Verdict

If you are into indoor reptile breeding, then it is quite challenging to provide sunlight or a full band spectrum to them. To make it possible, you have to go for the alternative option, which is heat vapor light.

This product comes with so many beneficial features that include the emission of UV rays, high efficiency, and metabolic bone disease reduction.

We hope our Exo Terra Solar Glo review will assist you in purchasing an excellent vapor light among these vast stacks of brands and products.

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