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When it comes to aquariums and terrariums, there is only a significant difference; instead of adding water to the terrarium, you have to fill it with a substrate. The terrarium is specially built for keeping different types of reptiles in it.

However, you need to know about some of the essential components before you set up a reptile habitat. Since there are different sizes, you need to choose the one which is going to be suitable for the inhabitants.

The other components that you need are a proper lighting fixture and a heater for your terrarium. But the most important material that you need is the bedding or substrate for your reptiles.

Choosing a substrate can be hard because there are many different varieties of it in the market. Other than sand, you can select newspapers, wood, moss, cage liners, and reptile carpets for the terrarium.

However, if you want a substrate that can handle high humidity, then we suggest a substrate made of coconut fiber. Its stringy fiber structure is strong enough to absorb materials, and it has perfect odor control.

This type of substrate is also compatible with most reptiles. In the Exo Terra Plantation Soil review, we will focus on its various features and benefits as well as the pros and cons.

Based on this review, you can decide whether or not to buy the product.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before you decide to keep a reptile, you need to find out what type of substrate suits it the most. In this way, you can prevent any problems you might have by choosing the wrong product.

For instance, if you want to keep a tortoise in your terrarium, you need to pick a substrate that can maintain its health and growth. If the substrate is too damp, it can cause the shell of the reptile to rot.


A damp substrate will also create respiratory problems for the tortoise as well as infections. On the other hand, a dry substrate will cause dehydration to the tortoise. So, regardless of the reptile you choose, you need adequate research to know its requirements.

Therefore, different types of reptiles require a different environment. Coconut husk substrates are suitable for amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles that require a high level of humidity.

It works on most boas, pythons, tegus, tree frogs, poison dart frogs, tropical geckos, and many more.

·      Unable to Retain Moisture

Although the substrate made of coconut fiber is known to hold in a lot of moisture, the Exo Terra Plantation cannot retain water. If you want to keep reptiles in a highly humid environment, then this product is not for you.

The substrate’s fiber size is a bit small compared to other products. Therefore, you should not opt for this substrate if you have a large terrarium. It will not provide full coverage of the tank.

You can still make it work; however, you might have to mix it with other medium-sized fiber, which will not only fill the tank but increases its ability to retain moisture. Furthermore, you can also combine it with vermiculite, which is great for providing high humidity and moisture.

But if you want a substrate with high moisture-retaining ability, then we recommend you to buy the Zoo Med Eco Earth. Its fiber texture holds in a lot of water and, at the same time, provides excellent comfort to the reptiles.

Presenting The Exo Terra Plantation Soil

The Exo Terra Plantation Soil is a substrate made for reptiles. It allows them to burrow through the soil to sleep, hide, or relieve stress. This substrate is formed with the compressed husk of coconut fiber.

It is perfect for increasing the humidity in your terrarium and is suitable for salamanders and frogs or any other digging animals. Furthermore, it is a nutritional substance for plants.

The substrate can also be used as a medium for incubation because it contains hygroscopic properties. Unlike other substrates, this never gets moldy.

The substrate is 100% natural and nutritional, so you can keep live plants in your terrarium to create an aesthetic environment.

However, the substrate dominating the market now is the Zoo Med Eco Earth Coconut Substrate. This substrate can be composted and recycled for as many times as you want. It can effectively break down waste products and odor.


  • 100% natural substrate creates a perfect environment
  • Able to increase humidity in the terrarium
  • Reptiles can burrow to sleep, or hide in it
  • Nutritional substrate for live plants


  • Unable to retain much water
  • Dries up pretty quickly
  • Might contain soil mites

Exo Terra Plantation Soil Review: Features and Benefits

Exo Terra Plantation Soil Review

·      Provides Ideal Coverage

Mostly reptiles that live in the wild are known to burrow themselves deep in the soil to sleep, hide or relieve stress. The Exo Terra is an excellent substitute and can provide a very realistic environment to the reptiles that have been living in the wild.

Its fiber structure stimulates the reptile to dig and burrow in the soil. If you want a natural terrarium set up, then this substrate will be perfect for you. The reptiles who prefer high humidity will thrive under this plantation soil.

It is also used as a medium of incubation due to its hygroscopic properties. Furthermore, it can balance the microclimate in the terrarium.

·      Suitable for Live Plants

Other than reptiles, this substrate is excellent for live plants as well. It has the right amount of moisture level for the plants. With this substrate, you can grow different kinds of shrubberies in your tank.

So, it will not only maintain the health of your reptiles but also make sure that the plants can grow and thrive properly in the tank. This feature will add more appeal to the terrarium.


The Exo Terra Plantation Soil is an excellent substrate for reptiles. It has a high amount of humidity, which is ideal for different types of reptiles. It also serves as an incubation medium for them.

Moreover, it is beneficial for growing live plants. The product has plenty of uses and will not disappoint you.

Finally, we hope this Exo Terra Plantation Soil review satisfied your curiosity by outlining all the necessary details. Now, you can comfortably make an informed decision.

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