Imagine living in a dark cave expecting yourself to remain healthy. Difficult, isn’t it? Light has a significant effect on the growth and development of every living thing in existence. Therefore, when it comes to your aquarium, proper lighting can enhance your plant growth, fish breeding, and at the same time, a poor one can also ruin it.

It means the lack of sufficient light might disrupt many things in your aquarium, especially the growth rate of your fish and plants. So, do you think other aspects can fulfill the demand for lights? NO.

We know that you can assure the water clarity by using different filtration media. Still, you cannot nurture them without enough light because apart from sunlight, there is no alternative option available for you.

Thus, in this article, we present the MICMOL- Smart LED Aquarium Light, Aqua Air. The product comes with complete packing that includes several planted LEDs to ensure the best lighting from dawn to dusk.

All the features are explained in detail below, so we hope it will help you to choose the best aquarium light among the massive flood of available products.


Things to consider before buying

We have to say hats off to the manufacturer first! Because they tried to make this product as convenient as possible for the users, but the quality of anything is dependent on a person’s needs.

Hence, we would like to talk about some essential things that you need to consider before you bring these incredible lights to your favorite aquarium.

·      Smart controller but not wireless


The LED light comes with a controller where you will find various functions. So, the remote offers you an on-screen clock, three-channel adjustability, timer, and so much more.

However, if your preference is a controller with IR-sensor, then this product might be a little bit tedious for you. It is because you have to go near the aquarium to manage the light.

Also, it is not wireless, which may bother you sometimes. However, we would like to add that we do not doubt this controller’s ability because it offers excellent service and manages the light efficiently.

Moreover, this product fits in both rim and rimless fish tanks, so if you have one of them, do not worry about its adjustability.

But, make sure the size is between 585- 1085mm because the brackets will not fit in if the size is bigger or smaller than that. It also offers a hanging option, so you can consider that as well.

Presenting The MICMOL- Smart LED Aquarium Light, Aqua Air

MICMOL-Smart LED Aquarium Light, Air Aqua, is a unique launch of this brand that every hobbyist fish keeper would love to keep- at least one.

The frame is ultra-thin, around 11mm, which means you can easily adjust the light in different sized rims. However, the ideal frame size is 23″ to 42″; thus, it is quite a good range to fit with your fish tank.

It also has a hanging kit so you can use it as well if your size differs from the standard norms.

The smart controller is one of the best perks of this product; therefore, you will get three-channel to adjust intensity that includes six timer points. Also, you are getting sunrise, sunset, and lightning features that keep your fish active.

Moreover, the outer body uses aluminum, so no way you can doubt its sturdiness.

It’s an energy-efficient product that consumes only 48W. Besides, it comes with multi-colored planted LED lights, especially red, white, royal blue, green, etc.

Overall, the light is powerful and bright enough to make your fish feel good inside an aquarium.


  • Bright and multi-colored LEDs
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Six timer points divided into morning till night
  • Adjustable brackets and hanging kit


  • The controller is challenging to understand
  • Require time to set up

MICMOL Aqua Air Review: Features & Benefits

·      Robust Construction

Build-quality is one of the crucial components of any product because, without it, you never know if it will provide an excellent service.

Therefore, the entire body construction is of molded aluminum. This feature makes it quite lightweight and easy to carry.

The body is only 11mm in width, which means it’s a super-thin unit. Apart from these thin brackets, it includes a hanging kit so you can use any of them according to your preference.

Regardless, there is no chance that the frame will get rusted because metals such as aluminum are less likely to oxidize.

·      Smart Controller

This LED light of MICMOL is the latest version from other ones, which is IMO’s 3.0. So, with the newest model, you will get multiple settings to make your aquarium more appealing.

You will find a clock above the screen that helps to manage the time of lighting. Also, it has both auto and manual mode, and thus, if you wish to keep it in auto mode, then you don’t have to bother changing it from time to time.

Three LED channels include the unique effects of sunrise, sunset, and thunderstorm. If you want to get the hang of all the settings, there is a demo mode available that gives you a thorough understanding within one minute.

Apart from channels, six timer points run automatically, and these are dawn, sunrise, mid, sunset, dusk, and night. The lighting feature is very smooth that gives a natural effect inside your aquarium.

·      Spectrums

You will not be able to fulfill all the illumination requirements with bright white and blue light. Therefore, this product includes other LEDs to fill up the gap.

It has a set of warm white, red, green, and UL LEDs that efficiently work on increasing the growth rate of planted or fish aquariums.

Final Thoughts

Indoor fish keeping means needing to juggle a boatload of things to make sure that fish are living a happy and healthy life inside the aquarium. And for that, illumination is mandatory, which always has to be perfect and sufficient.

So, to help you choose an optimal light, we elaborately discussed about the MICMOL- Smart LED Aquarium Light, Aqua Air. It is a marvelous product that provides you several features, including a vast range of the light spectrum.

We hope our article will help you to purchase the right light for your aquarium.


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