If you are mesmerized by the ocean and its inhabitants, then you would probably want to keep an aquarium.

It’s not a walk in the park. Things like substrates, heaters, and a proper filter system are necessary to maintain the environment of the tank. The next essential accessory that you need is a lighting fixture for your aquarium.

However, you have to be a little selective when it comes to lighting. This is because the fishes and plants that you keep in the tank require different types and density of illumination.

The marine life in your tank requires something equivalent to sunlight to thrive and grow. Therefore, you need to install the lighting close or over the aquarium for them to receive the optimal amount of light.

Nowadays, LED lights have gained a lot of popularity because they have many benefits. They are economical, environment-friendly, and give an aesthetic look to your fish tank with its different spectrum of lights.

In this Beamswork FSPEC review, we will focus on its different features and benefits as well as the pros and cons. By the end of the review, you can decide whether or not to buy this product.

Beamswork FSPEC Review


Things to Consider Before Buying

Before buying an aquarium, you need to consider what sort of aquatic plants and fish you will be keeping. If you have an aquarium that is home to different plants and corals, then you need to be aware of the amount of light that they require.


There are some plants and corals that need a higher intensity and diverse spectrum of light. A lack of proper lighting will cause the aquatic plants to wither and die. But under appropriate lights, the marine life is guaranteed to thrive and grow.

LED lights come with an array of different lights, which help induce the process of photosynthesis in aquatic plants. Photosynthesis Active Radiation, also known as PAR, calculates the capacity of light emitting from the spectrum of lighting.

This ranges from 400 to 700 nanometers in the lighting spectrum, and it is optimal for the plants to utilize the process of photosynthesis — lights such as green, white, blue, and red fall under the electromagnetic spectrum of PAR.

Incapable of Producing Bright Light

The Beamswork FSPEC is incapable of producing sufficient light for aquatic plants that require a high intensity of lighting. This fixture will work fine as long as you keep a few corals and plants.

But if you want to keep various kinds of aquatic plants and corals in the tank, then you need to look for another LED light. It also has a pretty low reading of PAR, which, as we know, is crucial for the plants to induce photosynthesis.

For a saltwater reef tank or a large tank, we suggest the VIPARSPECTRA LED Light. It has been specially built to provide a high intensity of light for plants and corals.

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Introducing Beamswork FSPEC LED Light

The Beamswork FSPEC LED Light is available in many different sizes ranging from 20 inches to 72 inches. Hence, the lumens in this fixture ranges from 2,800 to a whopping 8,000, and you can choose the one you want for your tank.

This device comes with an array of radiant lights, such as red, green, yellow, and blue. These colors will be able to blend to create a pleasant and aesthetic environment for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

You can also get a timer, which will enable you to turn the light on and off whenever you want to. For instance, you can turn it off in the morning and turn it back on during the night.

The lighting fixture is suitable for any freshwater aquarium which contains cichlid and plants. Its installation process is pretty simple and can be done within minutes.

However, the product dominating the market right now is the Current USA Satellite LED Light. It contains 6500K super bright white LEDs with a unique lighting spectrum. The product is durable and portable.

  • An affordable product with high-quality materials
  • Contains a full-spectrum light of four different colors
  • Suitable for timer and includes two modes day/night
  • Pre-wired fixture makes it easy to install
  • Doesn’t provide the brightest light
  • Flimsy plastic hinges
  • Lights might flicker sometimes


Beamswork FSPEC Review: Features and Benefits

Beamswork FSPEC Review

Design and Size

The light has a stylish and sleek design. This will complement nicely with any tank that you have. Since the device is available in many different sizes, you can choose the one that best suits your fish and aquatic plants.

If you have a bigger tank, you might consider getting two of these lighting fixtures. This will ensure that the whole tank receives the proper amount of light. The LED lights are 90% more efficient than the fluorescent light bulbs, so this will last you longer.

Full Spectrum of Lighting

One thing to consider before buying LED lights is that it should imitate or mimic the natural sunlight as much as it can. The fish and corals in your aquarium are familiar with the sunlight, and this will help them to adapt to the new environment.

Other than the fish, the aquatic plants need the proper set of lights for their photosynthesis process. This product is sufficient for plants that require an average intensity of the light to grow and thrive in the tank.

It is pre-installed with green, red, blue, and yellow lights. If you turn on the full spectrum, it will help both the aquatic plants and fish to remain healthy and grow inside the aquarium.

Final Words

If you want a functional, simple, and straightforward lighting fixture, then the Beamswork FSPEC LED Light is for you. It might not have a variety of features and functions, but it does have the capacity to maintain a small to mid-sized aquarium.

The device comes pre-installed, and you don’t need any extra setup. It is built of durable materials which will last for a long time.

We hope this Beamswork FSPEC review has answered all your queries regarding this lighting fixture.

Finally, we wish you a happy shopping!

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