No one can ignore the importance of lighting, whether it is for humans, plants, or any other living being. Fish is no exception, as well. When they are in your tank, they need complete care and concern to lead a healthy and happy life.

So, with proper illumination in the aquarium, your fish can breed well, and if you have plants there, they can continue a smooth photosynthesis cycle. All of these might disrupt when they lack sufficient light in the tank.

If you are a professional fish keeper, then lighting must be a priority.

For your convenience, we have come up with a Finnex Planted Plus review. You will be excited to hear that this product can provide you with both aesthetic pleasure and excellent service.

Thus, it’s time to say goodbye to your old and boring aquarium lights and make it colorful with these bright LEDs.

Finnex Planted Plus CC Customizable LED


Things to consider before buying

Even though the manufacturers try to make every product as convenient as possible, you might find some imperfections regardless. So, without exception, this light also has its blemishes.

Therefore, it is better to know how it works and what are the benefits you can get from this product before you spend a single penny on that.


Well, let’s begin with some essential aspects you need to check out before you purchase this LED light for your favorite fish and plants.

·      Plastic frame lacks water-resistibility

If you think your fish is a bit naughty and might splash water at any time, then you should not consider this product. Even though it comes with a water-proof plastic cover, sometimes water might get inside it.

It is because the splash-free cover is not full-proof, which allows water to get in very quickly.

Therefore, it would be better to select a complete water-resistant product if you think this you have splash problems.

·      Does not come with additional controller

There are lots of products you might find in the market that offer multifunctional remote so that you can control it from a distance. It means you are getting a hands-free mode to inspect your lights anytime.

However, this product has an onboard switch that you have to use for setting up different modes. If your preference is different from its features, then you can look into other products of Finnex.

Nevertheless, we believe the onboard switch is also convenient because a remote device uses an infrared sensor that can get damaged anytime.

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Introducing Finnex Planted Plus

Finnex Planted Plus can make your aquarium completely bright and colorful with its different lighting modes and variations. It offers many other features to improve aquatic life immensely.

When it comes to several modes, it allows specific options so that you can adjust it from sunrise to sunset.

Besides, there is moonlight mode, thunderstorm mode, red, blue, and green LEDs available, which make it suitable for various day and night times. Also, it has a separate switch for moonlight mode.

Moreover, the ultra-slim design of this product is manufactured with an aluminum cover. And, we already know without a doubt that aluminum is indeed a robust metal.

Overall, this aquarium light provides unique lighting modes, impressive build quality, and, most importantly, it is an energy-efficient product that lasts around 40,000 hours approximately.

  • Variation of lights help the growth of water plants
  • Robust build quality
  • The unique ultra-slim design providing different lighting modes makes it suitable for any aquarium
  • Top-notch LED bulbs that last at least 40,000 hours
  • Condense moisture when the frame is very close to the water body
  • No programmable mode


Finnex Planted Plus Review: Features & Benefits

Finnex Planted Plus Review

·      Energy Efficient

If you have started very recently with aquariums, then we guess you guys are doing something similar to what any beginner would do. Many newbies are into a fluorescent light fixture, and those are quite bright for a fish tank.

Thus, over a year, you will find your electric bill scale up to nearly double, even though you keep it on only 12 hours per day. Therefore, your target should be purchasing some LEDs to see whether it saves money or not.


The day you exchange your fluorescent lights with Finnex LEDs, you will fall in love with it. You can use it for more than years, and guess what? Your electric bills will dim down to half even after you keep it turned on for more than 16 hours.

So, this illumination device is highly energy efficient-20.8 watts in total, which means you can understand how much you can save from now on.

·      Long Lifespan

Manufacturers already did several types of research and experiments before announcing how long it can last. And, indeed, this turned out to be at least 40,000 hours. Can you do some calculations to see how many days?

Okay, let’s do it together.

Above calculation, if you keep the light on for 10 hours per day, then it would be almost 10.95 years.

Moreover, the best part is that you will not notice any changes over the intensity of those LEDs from the first day to its last day.

·      Cooling

You may find so many unique features in several aquarium lights, but ultimately, we feel those are useless when they heat up very quickly.

This product comes with a metal enclosure, which is not only for protecting the inner parts but also it helps to sink and dissipate the excessive heat quickly.

Thus, you can keep the lights on as long as you want because it is always active on stabilizing optimal temperature.

·      Adjustable

After all these, one primary concern is remaining; that is, will you be able to fit the light with your aquarium or not? So, let’s see what solution is available.

It has two adjustable legs, which makes it suitable for any aquarium. Besides, if your tank is rimless, then you can fit it effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

We often struggle to adjust our budget with a well-featured product and somehow end up buying something less likely to suit our aquariums.

Therefore, we have tried to give you thorough information about an excellent aquarium light, and we hope our Finnex Planted Plus review will help you to choose the best LED for enhancing your hobby or profession.

Happy shopping!!

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