The easiest way to clean away algae growth from your tank is to use a magnetic cleaner. Now, the best aquarium magnet cleaner is the tool that will remove dirt and algae effectively and easily from your acrylic or glass tank.

In this article, we discussed how you can use an aquarium magnet cleaner and looked at 5 best magnetic tools available on the market. Lets first take a look at them.

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Aquarium Magnetic Cleaner and Algae Scrapper

The most alluring thing about raising fish in an aquarium may be being able to calmly look through the glass and peacefully enjoy the sight of your fish, plants, driftwood, ornament, and underwater habitat coexisting. Then, there comes the antagonist in that kingdom – algae.

Algae can undo all your efforts to painstakingly cleaning your tank and keeping your fish healthy. Spreading everywhere in your tank from aquarium gravel to aquarium walls, to driftwood – algae can be such a nuisance! So, to ensure the conditions of your aquarium optimal, you must preclude algae. And algae eaters won’t be much of a help to remove algae from the aquarium wall.

While there are many tools available to remove algae from an aquarium, the magnetic cleaner is the easiest and most effective to work with. Many just stick to conventional plastic scrapers. But, if you prefer ease in cleaning and want to stay dry during removal, a magnetic algae cleaner is the solution.

What Is The Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner?

Buying the best aquarium magnetic cleaner ensures the optimal conditions of your tank. The key to keeping your fish in healthy condition and ensuring proper removal of algae in an aquarium is a magnetic cleaner.

Lucky for you, in this article, we’ve got the blow-by-blow reviews on the best aquarium magnetic cleaners – complete with top-tested picks from veteran aquarists and marine biologists. Of course, the right magnet cleaner can be an excellent tool for deep cleaning and as well as routine maintenance. If you’re a caring aquarist, you’d certainly look for the best.

If you’re interested in getting the best algae cleaner for your aquarium, we rounded up some of the top products available to help you pick the best one for you.

Best Magnetic Cleaner for Aquarium Reviewed

1. Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner

Gulfstream Tropical AGU030SM Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner


Available in three sizes, the Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner is a tool you can trust for removing tough algae that wouldn’t just let go of your aquarium. Deriving its efficiency from a Velcro-like pad, the aquarium cleaner profusely scrapes off as algae.


  • Extensively Versatile: The Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner comes in three different sizes for aquariums from small to large. The largest Float-350 is suitable for extra-large fish tanks, able to cover up to 350 gallons. The medium Float-125 is used with 3/8” glass thickness, covering up to 125-gallon capacity aquariums. The Float-30 is ideal for small fish tanks up to 30 gallons. The magnet size is proportional to the glass thickness. So, choose your Mag-Float accordingly.
  • User-Friendly: The Mag-Float comes with a long, wide bar shape that allows you to comfortably get your fingers around the cleaner. This features a toxin-free plastic construction that defends magnets from rusting. Besides, when not in use, you could leave the magnet attached to the tank. The cleaning magnet floats on the surface of water, so that you can easily retrieve it.
  • Expert Cleaner: The mechanism of two magnets ensures seamless and smooth cleaning of your glass aquarium. Since the aquarium cleaner floats, navigating around the tank, even on corners will be a breeze.
  • Navigates and covers a lot of ground
  • Tough on algae, cleans expertly
  • Easy to retrieve and control
  • Rough scrubbing surface
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Only suitable for glass aquariums
  • Very strong magnetic contact may make it difficult to slide around

2. Flipper Magnetic Algae Cleaner

FL aquarium glass cleaner

Convenient for glass or acrylic tanks, the Flipper Magnetic Algae Cleaner can work as a scrubber and scrapper as well! It’s designed to offer complete control over algae cleaning by flipping sides of the magnet.


  • Flip to Clean: This magnetic algae cleaner is appropriately named as with a flip of the handle and you can switch from scrubber to scrapper. The Flipper Cleaner comes with a scrubber that efficiently scrubs away soft algae. To eliminate tougher stuff, use the scrapper.
  • Deeper Cleaning: The Flipper Magnetic Cleaner successfully gets rid of algae, dirt by its powerful cleaning pad. It conveniently cleans any acrylic or glass tanks up to 0.5 inches thick. For deeper cleaning, this aquarium cleaner is impressively powerful. What will bring a smile to your face is that it doesn’t harm any plant while deep cleaning.
  • Switchable to Scrapper: The cleaning pad will cover most part of the tank. But, as you will reach the substrate, switch to the scrapper. By utilizing different sides of the magnet, you also protect the cleaner from sand that could get stuck in the process.
  • Power magnets
  • Convenient dual magnetic sides
  • Tough campaigner against algae
  • Two blades for acrylic and glass tanks
  • Low profile design that wouldn’t scratch, but penetrates deep
  • Blades corrode quickly and require replacement

3. KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner

KEDSUM Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Cleaner

This magnet cleaner from KEDSUM can be used with glass tanks up to 0.79 inches thick. The primary advantage of buying this cleaner is that it efficiently scrapes algae of your tank without damaging underwater habitat.


  • Powerful Cleaning: The KEDSUM Magnetic Cleaner comes with an interchangeable and replaceable fabric blade. The fabric is made of small plastic hooks that are friendly to the tank glass and removes algae with excellent precision.
  • Attached Fabric: What could further bring joy in using this cleaner is that the attached fabric, which minimizes the chance of trapping sand or substrate. As you can clean easily below the sand, your tank will remain intact. The cleaner floats, so you can retrieve it if the magnet falls apart.
  • Unique Design: Both left hand and right hand users will be able to use this cleaner. Moreover, it’s very comfortable to grip and use the cleaner. The credit goes to KEDSUM for the unique hand grip design and chunky texture. You have to love the rounded edges as well as this makes covering the corners more effortlessly.
  • Covers a lot of area
  • Doesn’t trap sand
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Doesn’t scratch
  • Easy to grip
  • Only suitable for glass tanks

4. Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet

Aqueon Aquarium Cleaning Magnets Glass or Acrylic

Aqueon is a symbol of quality and reliance among aquarists. This is a high-quality algae cleaner from the brand that testifies to its excellence. Convenient for both glass and acrylic tanks, the Aqueon Algae Cleaner comes in three various sizes.


  • Bottom-Weighted: A unique aspect of this magnet is that it will sink to the bottom of the tank if the internal part breaks for any reason. The bottom is further bowed and wouldn’t pick up any substrate that would scratch the tank walls. This feature
  • Strong Magnetic Power: Strong magnetic power is prerequisite to smooth cleaning. The magnets of the Aqueon Algae Cleaner rarely lose their strength, so it ensures seamless cleaning.
  • Killer Cleaner: This powerful tool removes algae from your glass or acrylic tank and secures fish, plants, and habitat. It has two different pads, suitable for different surface types.
  • Bottom-weighed
  • Reliable magnetic power
  • Easy to replace cleaning pads
  • Doesn’t scratch the tank walls
  • Removes algae from both glass and acrylic tanks
  • Not as tough on coralline

5. Saim Aquarium Algae Cleaning Magnet

Saim Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

Highly reliable against tough, stuck-on algae, the Saim Aquarium Algae Cleaning Magnet is designed to keep you worry-free. It has proven ability to clean your aquarium by requiring much less effort.


  • Dual Side: For powerful cleaning, the Saim Aquarium puts its both sides of the magnet to use. The both sides are the scrubber and the scrapper. Simply flip the handle to use either of the cleaning tools. In addition, you will get two different scrapper blades – the plastic one is for removing tough algae and the stainless steel one is for tough coral.
  • User-Friendly: The handle conveniently fits in your hand, so you can invest your cleaning effort to the fullest. This is a magnetic algae cleaner, suitable for glass aquariums up to 0.79 inches thick.
  • Features scrubber and scrapper
  • Doesn’t damage the glass
  • Gets rid of algae and coral
  • Keeps fish safe
  • Easy to use
  • Available for glass tanks only

How To Choose The Right Magnetic Cleaner for Your Tank?

If you are an aquarist, you’re going to have to use a magnetic cleaner at some point. If you end up purchasing one from the recommendations below, the tool will prove to be one of the most essential over time. Now, in addition to high-quality magnets, some factors you need to take a closer look at before purchasing a magnetic cleaner.

In this section, we’ll discuss which magnetic cleaner will be best for your aquarium. Let’s discover more!

1. Tank Material:

Algae magnet cleaners come in a variety of types and options. Finding the right one requires experience, knowledge, and patience. Now, the tank material you’re aquarium is made of makes up the crux of this buyers’ guide.

Your aquarium could be made of acrylic or glass. Besides, thickness of the tank’s walls varies. Overall, the tank material needs to be within your purview. Algae magnet cleaners are very specifically designed. They could be made for either acrylic or glass aquariums. Some would help you scrap algae off both the types of aquariums.

What sets the each of these two types apart is the scrubber pad. Magnets for glass and acrylic aquariums are made differently. For acrylic tanks, the scrubber pad is composed of a much softer material. On the other hand, the scrubber pad for glass tanks features stiff material.

Using one of these scrubber pads for either of the tanks isn’t possible. For instance, if you use the scrubber pad made for glass aquariums on the acrylic ones, the pad would damage and leave scratches on it.

How do you know whether this scrubber pad is for acrylic or glass aquariums?

Simply touch it to discover. Scrubber pads made for glass aquariums will be hard or rough to touch – the feel will be similar to touching the “hook” side of Velcro. On the other hand, the feel upon touching the acrylic scrubber pads will be like touching the “loop” side of Velcro.

#Takeaway: Choose your algae magnet cleaner according to tank materials.

2. Scraper Blades:

Similar to scrubber pads, scraper blades will vary according to the tank materials. Choose metal blades for glass tanks, but plastic blades for acrylic tanks. Choose the wrong blade, you’ll regret until you changed the whole aquarium.

3. Magnetic Pressure:

The power of magnets needs to be strong enough for effective cleaning. Magnets clamping onto the tank wall isn’t a determiner of their strength. The magnets have to be strong enough to create necessary pressure for effortless cleaning.

4. Tank Wall Thickness:

Strength of algae magnets varies according to tank size. The thickness of tank walls determines how strong magnets should be. Obviously, the thicker the wall will be, the stronger the magnet has to be. So, if you own an aquarium with thick wall, you’re going to need a stronger magnet, and vice versa.

Final Thought

Pesky algae and unsightly dirt won’t stand a chance against the best aquarium magnet cleaner. If you want a tip-top aquarium and like to everything in and around it in optimal condition, then now’s the best time to keep a magnet cleaner.

As for my choice of tool, although I highly recommend all the magnet cleaners reviewed here, Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet is my top pick. The Aqueon Cleaning Magnet is perfect for removing nasty algae quickly and easily. Plus, its extensive versatility encouraged me to pick this fantastic algae cleaner.

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