We all know how crazy we are about our pets, even the ones in the aquarium. It is a topmost priority to give them proper food and nutrition so that they grow up healthily.

Aquarium keepers know the amount of effort necessary to maintain it. There are a lot of considerations that go into tank-keeping. For instance, you need suitable food for all kinds of fishes, corals, and other aquatic plants in your tank.

Other than the food, you need fertilizer known as a substrate at the bottom of your tank. Furthermore, it would be best if you had a proper water filtration system and lighting. You can either choose traditional lighting or LED lighting.

The latter is more popular than the former because it has many benefits. This form of lighting (LED) has been specially designed for corals and plants. They are economical, environment-friendly, and provide the optimum temperature.

Moreover, the lights give an aesthetic and oceanic look to the aquarium filled with corals, aquatic organisms, saltwater, or freshwater fish. In this Finnex Stingray review, we talk about its features and benefits as well as the pros and cons.

Based on the review, you can decide whether to buy this product or not.

Finnex Stingray Aquarium LED Light
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Things to Consider Before Buying

If you have an aquarium that consists of a wide variety of aquatic plants, then you know how much light they require. For a thriving and healthy aquarium, you need LED lights that have a higher intensity and proper lighting spectrum.

To achieve maximum efficiency, you should know about the right type of spectrum that induces sufficient photosynthesis. Photosynthetic Active Radiation, known as PAR, measures the capacity of light emitting from the lighting spectrum.

It ranges from 400 to 700 nanometers on the spectrum, and this light is preferable for plants to maximize the photosynthesis process. The lights red, green, white, and blue fall under the electromagnetic spectrum of PAR.

·      Not Suitable for Tanks Requiring Bright Light


The Finnex Stingray, although containing efficient features, falls short in this area. It cannot provide sufficient lighting for aquariums that need a high intensity of light.

However, it is more than enough for tanks that have few plants and corals. The fixture also does not provide sufficient light for photosynthesis. This is very crucial for plants because through this process; they can grow and thrive.

Instead, you can purchase VIPARSPECTRA LED Light. This model has been specially designed for all corals requiring photosynthesis. So, your aquatic plants and corals will be exposed to the correct amount of light.

In this way, they can quickly produce their food and grow significantly in a short time.

Introducing Finnex Stingray LED Light

Product Features
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Product Features
  • 36" Pencil Thin Multi Color LED Fixture
  • (40) 7000k + (8) Actinic Blue LEDs + (8) 660nm Red LEDs
  • True 660nm RED High CRI Scoring LED Bulbs
  • 20 Output Watts
  • Tri-color Blend to Promote and Showcase Inhabitants

The Finnex Stingray LED Light is a lightweight device with plenty of good features. It measures up to 24 inches and has a pencil-thin structure, so it looks pretty stylish and sleek.

The lighting equipment features 7000K LEDs with daylight blue and red lights, which illuminates every inch of the planted tank. It has a capacity of 13 watts. The spectrum for the red-colored LEDs is around 600nm.

This is essential for growing plants as well as germinating seeds and promoting flowering. Unlike previous models, this fixture is ideal for low tech installations. It can also enhance the lighting of the reef tank with its color strengthening feature.

You also get other components, such as two mounting clips and robust plastic legs. These will help you to hold the fixture securely in place, and you can get them in seven different measurements.

However, the product dominating the market now is the Finnex KLC LED Light. From the same brand itself, the LEDs come with four colors; white, blue, green, and red. You can also customize the sunset and sunrise colors on your own.

Lastly, it has wireless built-in LED sensor and an enhanced remote control so you can change the settings whenever you like.


  • It has an ultra-thin structure
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Impressive light intensity and color spectrum
  • Includes mounting brackets and plastic legs


  • Not sufficient enough for large tanks
  • Does not help with the photosynthesis process

Finnex Stingray Review LED Light For Planted Tank

Finnex Stingray Review: Features and Benefits

·      Seven Different Sizes

The lighting fixture is available in seven different measurements, such as 50cm, 30cm. 40cm, 91cm, 121cm and 76cm.The power provided by the light depends on the size that you choose.

For instance, the shorter the fixture, the fewer LEDs it will contain, and this applies to the average-sized or a long fixture as well. The most extended equipment will have the brightest and powerful beam of light emitting from it.

Unfortunately, this also means that it will have a considerable amount of energy (not suitable for small tanks). So if you want a long fixture, but with less light, you can easily extract a few bulbs from it.

·      Versatile Combination of Lights

The equipment comes with three different kinds of lights to help enhance the growth of corals and aquatic plants. It has a tri-color fusion to showcase and promote the inhabitants inside the aquarium.

The LEDs blue, red is perfect for nighttime and are suitable for fishes that do not require a higher intensity of light. Moreover, the combination of these lights will give your aquarium an aesthetic look.

·      Easy to Set-up

It will take little to no time at all to install this fixture. The device comes with two mounting clips, and durable plastic stands to hold it down at the sides of the aquarium.

If you don’t want the lights to be seen, you can cover the aquarium so it won’t be noticed.

Final Verdict

All in all, the product is highly affordable and comes with a lot of features. It is also durable, so you will not have to replace it every few months.

Remember, the lighting fixture that you choose should meet the needs of your fish and plants in the tank.

Although the Finnex Stingray doesn’t provide a higher intensity of light, it does give enough to let you keep small aquatic plants and corals.

We hope our Finnex Stingray Review was informative and helped you with your decision. This light is suitable for small tanks that consist of a handful of fishes and corals. So, we would say it is beginner-friendly!

We wish you happy shopping!

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