Aquascaping is all about innovative and blissful decorations with plants and hardscape in a tank. There are limitless opportunities and ideas on how you should design an aquarium. While there are some fixed styles invented by some creative people, you can surely go on with your own ideas.

You can take professional help to create a jaw-dropping aquascape at your residence or workplace.

So, if you are looking forward to making your aquarium more attractive, you can try the different types of aquascaping style mentioned below:

Nature Aquarium

This style is the most famous one that has won several awards till now. It features an aesthetic natural landscape with a non-artificially altered hardscape and was first introduced by Takashi Amano. The rich aquatic environment it creates has allowed it to break through the walls of Japan and spread throughout the whole world.

The nature aquarium is mainly a style adopted from the oriental style Japanese gardens. The most interesting fact about this style is that you don’t just copy the natural details into it.

Rather, you artificially create a natural and peaceful sensation that feels real. In this style, you need to regularly trim the plants and have quality control on the changes of water. You can also use stones and woods to make them more attractive. The nature aquarium is one of the most flexible styles available.

Iwagumi Aquarium

Another popular aquascaping style was invented by the modern aquascaper, Takashi Amano. “Iwagumi” means “rock formation” in Japanese which refers to the style made with a series of stones arranged to the golden ratio.

This means that there will always be an odd number of stones or rocks so that the frame is never balanced. You can usually find three types of rocks used in the style: Oyaishi, Fukuishi, and Soeishi. Its main purpose is to create an urge for continuity in the visitor’s mind while making a sense of harmony and simplicity.


Usually, we use seven rocks that come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. Also, it contains only a few plants and small fish to create a calm and peaceful environment.  Scaling is rather an important fact in this style.

Biotope Aquarium

This one is a unique style and requires a lot of hard work. Basically, its design is based on a particular location or habitat like some rivers in London or some reservoir from Hong Kong. The style needs a lot of studies and all the settings in it must be fully natural.

The plants, water, fish everything has to be collected from the specific location. The detailed observation is what makes this style stand out of the crowd.

Now, while the tank seems to be very difficult to design, it isn’t that hard once you have collected all the elements.

Jungle Style Aquarium

You can guess by the name that this design is made with focusing on the jungle theme. It includes a lot of plants densely residing all over the tank while leaving the community space free. The plants can grow as they want until the end of the surface. The variety of species mingled together turns out to be a fascinating tropical forest.

The interesting fact about this style is, you might think that the plants and fish are of different sizes and will look abnormal together. But surprisingly they will grow in order and gives you a subaquatic sensation. Because of the layouts, Jungle style is mostly recommended for larger tanks. Otherwise, it might be too congested for the plants and fish to be together in small areas.

Jungle Style Aquarium

Dutch Style Aquarium

The idea of the Dutch style aquarium was taken from a famous ritual in Holland where people create beautiful and attractive floral and plant arrangements. You will have to arrange the plants in large rows, beds, or terraces that will create a strong contrast of colors and shapes.

You might guess that this type of arrangement will require a large tank with vast space. The bottom of the tank is generally covered by a carpet in the center and the plants are placed on top of it. You should trim the plants into a regular shape. Mostly, stones or woods are avoided in this style so that you can have a large area to plant a variety of plants.

Taiwanese Aquarium

This is a quite unpopular style that is designed with a combination of Nature, Dutch styles, and Zen gardens. Its main attraction is the deep and high terraces that create the impression on a living landscape. After covering the tank with high terraces, you can add small stones or other figurines for attraction.

Taiwanese Aquarium

The Walstad Method

This one is another appealing aquascaping style that isn’t very popular among the common people. However, this aquascaping style is very flexible and ideal for beginners who just want to start their first planted aquarium. The design was first invented by Diana Walstad which includes a random settlement of plants and other hardscapes.

Also, it comes with a substrate underlayer of soil that helps the plants to grow properly in the correct size. Its main purpose is to create the most natural-looking aquarium possible.

Additionally, this style is a good way of keeping the algae away from your beautiful plants. Also, due to the soil, you won’t have to change the tank water frequently as regular tanks need.

Wrapping Up

Aquascaping is not only a fun thing to do but also it helps your brain to find its own creativity. Most of the popular aquascaping styles came directly or indirectly from a specific culture or country. So, you don’t necessarily have to follow specifically any of them. You can try to create your own ideas based on your creativity or maybe something from your culture.

The best way to make a perfect aquarium design is to make a draft first. Once you have settled everything in your mind, it’s not very difficult to place the decorations one by one.

So, in this article, I have mentioned the most popular types of aquascaping styles in the world. Most of them are quite easy to create once you have all the ingredients. You can try any of them.

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