Starting from the overall aesthetics of the pond to the overall water condition, everything depends mostly on what type of liner you are using for your pond. Pond liner is the base of your pond and it protects your pond from overall dirt and debris as well.

You might be thinking about being a little bold and choosing a different color as your pond liner. Pond liners come in different colors. While black is the most common one, blue, grey, white, or even multicolored liners are also quite in demand with pond owners. Each has its own benefits, so it’s up to the owner what they want.

Let’s get started with how you can choose the best liner color for your pond. So it makes your pond look better from all perspectives.

Available colors of pond liners

Lucky for you, pond liners are available in pretty much all different colors. But obviously, you can’t choose some eye-soring color which will decrease the overall looks of your pond. The thin line between whether some color is going to make your pond look better or worse is not very simple. That’s why people go for the safest option, which is black.

But without black, there are more colors available in the market. You can get almost any colored liner from the market. Though pond liners are available in various colors, some of the basic colors are described briefly here.

Colors of Pond Liners

Black colored Liners

It is the most popular color when it comes to pond liners. And there are plenty of reasons why the black color is so famous as a liner.

Most people choose black as their pond liner, not knowing why. First of all, it is the most neutral color you will ever find, it will go with almost any kind of pond and in any weather.

The black liner looks almost invisible so the algae and dirt formed on the liner are not that visible while you look at your pond. With other colors, it’s the greatest problem. You can even add the overall beauty of your pond with a black liner by adding some colorful stones and other water plants available for decoration.


One problem with black liner is that it absorbs heat and makes the water hot. So if you are living in a place where the temperature is always high, you should reconsider buying a black liner. Because at times the pond might get too hot. Which will cause harm or even death to the living things in the pond.

Using black color as your pond liner has its benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose any other color.

Blue colored Liner

After black, blue liners are the most commonly used pond liner. It has multiple shades and is a great option if your pond contains saltwater. Blue liners make your pond unique and help it stand out.

You can use blue liner for fish tanks, fish ponds, and the bottom for almost any pond. Use lighter sand or rocks in order to get an aesthetic view during the daytime. Because the sunlight will make the blue more stick out. Blue liner makes your pond water look clearer while darker colors make the pond appear darker.

The only unappealing side of blue liner is that it makes your pond look more like a pool than a pond. Then again some people enjoy that as well. As long as you are satisfied, blue is undoubtedly a great option.

Gray and tan-colored liner

After black, the best neutral colors are gray along with tan. They absorb very less heat and don’t make your pond look very dark as well. People who crave a natural look are most fond of these two colors.

And when you have any of these two colors as your pond liner, it will surely complement anything else which is colorful in the pond. Altogether your pond will be picturesque. And one other benefit that can’t be overlooked is with these colors, your pond will never look too dirty.

White colored liners

If you are from a place where the weather is almost always hot, and something dark colored liner is not the option for you. You can go for white colored liners as they will keep your pond temperature cool and make your pond stand out.

White color compliments other colorful pond accessories. Altogether your pond will surely look way better than you can imagine with white colored liners. But there’s a problem with white liners.

As you know white color gets stains all over faster than any other. So, within a short period of time, all the algae and debris will accumulate and make the liner and overall pond look dirty. So, when you are going for a white liner, remember it’s a commitment to clean the liner every now and then.

Versatile colored liners

If you want to make a statement with your pond and if you are tired of the same old boring neutral colors, a set of versatile colors are available for you in the market. You can get liners made out of mixed colors as well. You can get customized liners as your heart desires.

Any color you want, you can go for it. But remember all the fancy colors are not often eye-pleasing to everyone. Rather try to be creative and purchase liners with colors that will be more or less appropriate as well.

Things to consider while choosing your pond liner’s color

We know even though pond liners are available in pretty much every color, black color is mostly used. White, green, blue, and other basic colors along with customized colors are available as well. For seamless finishing, natural colored pond liners are very famous.

Not every kind of liner or color will suit every kind of pond. So before pursuing a liner, a few things you should keep in mind.


Out of all the things, liner color mostly depends on the weather. Say your pond is in a warm place, you should obviously go for any light colored pond liner.  Because dark color absorbs heat and makes the overall water temperature in your pond higher. Which can cause harm to fishes or aquatic lives.

Consider looks

We all have our very own favorite color, a color we want to include in everything. But we can’t really do that due to the one and only reason, “ it might not look as good as the color itself”. The same thing might happen with your pond liner as well.

For example, if your favorite color is yellow and you have a yellow shirt which you and your friends love as well. There you have the accomplishment that everyone loves your favorite color as well. But if you use yellow as your pond liner, there’s a huge doubt if people will like it. Cause, most likely yellow will decrease the aesthetics of your pond.

So, discuss with friends and family before buying the color only you like. This will allow you to decide on the best colored liner that you should get for your pond.

Pricing and budget

One of the many reasons why people get a black liner is because it’s the cheapest. Colorful liners are a bit more expensive than the black ones. You should look over the pricing of your desired colored liner to see if that’s under your budget.

Additional Read:

Where can you purchase colored liners

There are many stores selling pond liners but not every store has colored liners. Sometimes it‘s a bit hectic to find the color you are looking for. But a few big stores such as Lowes, true value, harbor freight tools, home depot, etc. might have the colors you are looking for.

And in this digital era, you can get everything online, even your desired liner. There are tons of websites waiting for you to order from them. They have a vast collection of colored liners, from which you can get the color you want.  A few sites like  Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay have tons of good liners.

I also have an article on the best pond liners that covers a multitude of different liners for various ponds, you can also check that out.


We have seen people who can carry any colored dress with their style and attitude. The same goes for your pond as well. You can pick any colored liner, and with proper decoration and style, you can make your pond look better than anyone else’s.

Apart from that, be mindful of the environment and your budget.

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