A successful installation of a pond in your backyard or front yard will fully transform the looks of your home or farmhouse. To bring an absolute change to your property, there are very few options available like building a pond. A pond building project will cost you a bit for sure and you need to have a proper idea about the cost.

As you know the size of the pond varies so does the cost will vary too. Many other factors are going to pop up as your range of choice gets bigger. So you must have basic knowledge about how much does it cost to make a pond.

Different Types of Pond and their Cost

In the following section, I will talk about the details of various pond features and their price range. I hope it will enhance your idea about cutting the extra foul cost and preparing a solid budget before starting the project.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pond

Garden Pond

A typical garden pond cost may vary from a range of $3000 up to $30000. The cost may get high with the size of the pond. A minimalist type of garden pond will cost less. While a high feature pond will cost pretty much high.

Any standard garden pond usually has a waterfall, high-end landscaping in it. So, you should keep a middle-range budget for the total cost of the pond.

Pond Size and GradeSmall (4×6 feet), Normal GradeMedium (6×8), Normal GradeLarge (8×11), High Grade
Excavation Charge$250$450$2,500
Pond LinerNot required$1,700$4,500
Pump CostNot requiredNot required$2,000
Filtering Cost$650$1,500$3,000
UV Sterilizer CostNot requiredNot required$2,800
Lighting System$300$750$2,000
Waterfall Cost$1,500$3,000$4,500
Heater CostNot required$1,500$2,000
Total Cost$3,200$11,400$26,300

Farm Pond

These types of ponds are the most minimalist. The best part about this pond is that you don’t need to spend extra money on the beautification. Mostly you will look for this if you have a farming background or you just want to own a farm as a part of luxury. Generally, the cost of a farm pond may vary from somewhere between $4000 – $12000.

Cost to build a farm pond

The primary objective of any farm pond is to serve as a natural water body for the farm animals like horses, camels, cattle, ducks, birds, and reptiles, etc. You can also skip the pond lining, filter system and others add on too. In a farm pond, it is best for the animal to keep the natural clay as the pond bottom. As a whole package in this pond, a lot of cost-saving is naturally embedded.

Pond Size & GradeMedium (100×30 feet), Normal GradeLarge (200×30 feet), High Grade
Excavation Charge$3,000$8,000
Pond LinerNot requiredNot required
Pump CostNot requiredNot required
Filtering CostNot requiredNot required
UV Sterilizer CostNot requiredNot required
Lighting SystemNot required$1,000
Waterfall CostNot requiredNot required
Heater CostNot requiredNot required
Total Cost$4,000$9,500

Koi Pond


Koi pond is one of the most high-end ponds which requires a lot of costs. A very small koi pond would take at least a minimum of $5000 to build properly. On the other hand, a large one might cost around $35000-$50000.

You may wonder why this one sounds so costly and let me clear you on that part shortly.

Proper Koi pond requires labor charge, detailed landscaping, aeration system, water filters, water pump, heating system, strong pond liner, proper plumbing system, debris filter, koi friendly rocks, and aquatic plants, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Koi Pond

And yes of course the precious koi fish. Lighting and beautiful eye-soothing waterfalls are a must for the amenity of your koi pond. All these features portray a form of luxury so the cost is according to that level.

When it comes to a koi pond, you need to make sure that you are installing the best of the kit at a high price that is available in the online or offline market area.

Pond Size and GradeSmall (4×6 feet), Normal GradeMedium (6×8), Medium GradeLarge (8×11), High Grade
Excavation Charge$400$900$1,500
Pond Liner$1,200$2,500$4,000
Pump Cost$250$350$2,000
UV Sterilizer Cost$180$350$3,500
Lighting System$350$750$1,500
Waterfall Cost$1,000$2,700$4,500
Total Cost$5,280$14,050$28,500

For further information about the crafting cost of a koi pond, you can read this article.


Fishing ponds are usually built for two purposes. One is to make yearly harvesting and another is for the hatchery. Depending on the primary requirement, the cost can become high or low. An average fishing pond tends to be larger than other types of the pond. But the extra features like landscaping and other modifications are not required.

The cost of building a fishing pond may start from $8000-$10000 up to $80000-$100000.

If you are just looking for a just time pass and natural characteristics in your property, then the cost will mostly arise due to the beautification of the project.

Cost to build a fishing pond

On the contrary, for a production-based fishing pond, you want to add more options that will assure your fish safety, water quality maintenance, a proper water filtering system, and a high-end aeration system.

In this type of pond, you will be adding features that will ensure the health of the aquatic life of your pond.

Pond Size and GradeMedium (10×8 feet), Medium GradeLarge (10×20), High Grade
Excavation Charge$500$2,000
Pond Liner$5,500$9,500
Pump Cost$950$6,000
UV Sterilizer Cost$700$6,500
Lighting System$50$200
Waterfall CostNot requiredNot required
LandscapingNot requiredNot required
Total Cost$11,600$34,700


Natural Swimming Pool

A natural swimming pool is a sign of luxury. It simply adds aesthetic values to your home or private farmhouse. The average cost of this type of pond is beyond the $40000 range.

Adding to the high price, it also requires a vast amount of space. It has pretty much similar attributes to a traditional pool. There are a few differences in the main structure and the design concept of this pond compared to the traditional one.

You must need to build a concrete liner for this pond. Per square foot of this liner may cost you around $70-$100. A 100×40 square foot of this type of pond will cost approximately $40000.

It is consists of two sections. One is known as the swimming area, another is known as the regeneration zone. In the swimming area, you can swim and in the regeneration area, there will be different types of aquatic plants, rocks, etc.

Cost to build a Natural Swimming Pool

Both areas will be connected with a pipe that is going to circulate the water in the pool. You need to install a water pump with high GPH. The price of a water pump may vary from $200-$800. Try to buy according to the size of the gallon of the water in your natural swimming pond.

The regeneration zone will help to maintain the proper filtering of the pool. As a result, you don’t need to install any extra filtering system to keep the water clean.

Water lilies, water lettuce, lotus, etc plants are good for such ponds. You can keep a budget of $1500 up to $5000 for varieties of exotic aquatic plants.

The best part about this type of pond is the low-cost maintenance. Due to the natural ecosystem,  you don’t need to spend a few thousand dollars yearly.

Man-Made Lake

A very large size pond is commonly known as a lake. To even thinking of building a lake, you need to have a huge place in your farmhouse. Typically the size of lakes is not less than 1 acre of land and sometimes it gets as high up to 20-30 acres.

A man-made lake cost can starts from $15000 up to $70000. It will fully depend on the size.  An average costing of 1 acre, 10 acres, and 20 acres maybe something like $3500-$8000, $9500-$40000, and $22000-$90000 consecutively.

There are some factors you need to consider before even starting the project. Don’t try to build a lake where the rainfall is very low. It will simply increase the chance of the water filing cost to be skyrocket. Even sometimes a failure may occur if properly not examined the soil and surroundings.

The presence of trees in your selected sight will also increase your total cost of excavation. A total excavation cost of 1 acre may vary from $12000-$16000. An increase might happen on later due to the hardness of soil and tree roots.

Cost to build a man-made lake

You also need to hire professionals for at least 15-30 days to complete a 1-acre lake pond. This charge falls into the excavation category. The service provider will charge you on an hourly basis.

Your total cost of the lake will vary with the purpose of your use of the lake. Kayaking, swimming, fishing purpose for a lake have different depths and size so does the price alter too.

General Cost: A detailed Break Down Of Pond Costs

A pond is just like any other technical setup. Some things are fixed, some are not. Other than the farm pond most of the pond needs many extra features to support the aquatic ecosystem. Also, they need to add on for the beauty of the pond.

Pond Liner

You will need to buy a pond liner for your pond base. It’s the final protection layer of your pond. The more high-class pond the more high price liner you should be looking for.

Different types of liner like plastic liner, rubber liner, concrete liner are available in the market. Their price may vary from $4-$5 up to $50-$60 per square foot.

Rubber liner and plastic liner are best for small and medium-size ponds. A concrete liner is best for a koi pond or exclusive fish pond.

Pond Water Pump

This is highly required for the pond where expensive fishes are going to spend their life. A powerful pump with a high GPH is a must to maintain a proper environment of the pond.

The price of the water pump may vary from $220 up to $800.

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Pond Filter

By installing a good quality pond filter, you will be amazed to see how it keeps your pond free from any kind of debris. The price may vary from around $100-$300.

It will help to eliminate the biological waste of your pond. Which is crucial for the living environment of your fish.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer

This machine is one of the amazing things to add to your favorite pond. It will ensure clean water in your pond. In addition to that, it will enhance the happy mood of the aquatic life in your pond.

You will find them at different prices and different watts. Try to buy according to the needs of your pond. A small pond needs a lower price one which may cost like $100.  A large pond would need a higher price UV Sterilizer that costs around $1200-$1500.

Pond Heater

These are available in the market at different prices. A lower price heater cost around $70 while a higher price heater can cost $3000. Make sure you are buying the exact one which will serve you perfectly.

Pond Skimmer

Small and medium-sized ponds need skimmers. Larger ponds and lakes don’t require this. A skimmer simply helps to reduce the overall wastage of your pond. The cleaning process is not complicated and is pretty much handy. You just need to wash the net after a few day’s gap.

In an online pond shop, there are various types available. Try to buy according to the setup and requirements of your pond. You can easily buy them within a price range of $40-$250.

Bottom Drain

You need to install a bottom drain if you have a plan to build a small and medium-size garden pond. A hosepipe will connect the drain with an external filter. It’s better to install a bendable hose pipe for the easy movement of debris. A premium quality hose pipe may cost around $90. Low-quality pipe price is approximately at the range of $60-$70.

Black PVC Hose Pipe is best for this job. A specific  2’’x 25’  size PVC Hose Pipe costs $50-$60. And 1 ½’’ x 25’  size Black PVC Hose Pipe cost between $35-$40.

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Ornamental Costs


In the market, you will find different types of aquatic plants. These exotic plants not only add beauty but also create a more balanced ecosystem in your pond.

Each fish usually have friendly aquatic plants for them. Try to provide and install which suits best with them.

Differences in depth and sizes will determine what kind of plant you are going to buy. To make this thing a bit easier for you, I am giving you some examples here in the following part:

For shallow ponds you can buy Anacharis, Iris, etc. Price of both plants may vary from $4-$10.These plants will help to increase water quality. Also, you don’t need to take any extra care because they don’t require any fertilizers.

Lotus and water lettuce is good for larger size ponds. They can easily survive in any kind of weather. The price of lotus and water lettuce is around $35-$50 and $4-$7 consecutively.

You can also buy water lilies for your pond’s beautification as they are vibrant in color. But don’t even think of buying it if you are a resident of a non-tropical area. You will find it very easy to take care of these plants. Best suitable for deep, larger ponds. Price may vary from $30-$40 in the market.

Oxygenating plants are very good for the ecosystem of your pond. They are available in two types. One is submersible and another one remains above the surface water.

Trailing Mint Charlie and Lemon Bacopa are very good for the natural filtering of your water. Their price may be between $4-$6. Not only do these plants add value to your pond in the ecosystem they also add more serene looks to your pond.

Red Diamond Ludwigia is also another plant that has its own color tone. It simply adds more characters to your pond and definitely the freshness of water. Each of this plant cost around $5 in the online pond shop.


Fish is one of the most lively things in your pond. If you enjoy the movement and splashing sound of fishes coming out from your pond, there are a lot of varieties available for you in the market.

You can keep your fish budget according to the size of your pond. A small to medium size pond may not require you more than $1500. Also, let me remind you that there are some really expensive fishes are available in the market each of which cost more than $100. Mostly koi fishes are like that. Low price koi fishes are available too which cost around $20-$35.

If you are planning to build a large size pond then you can buy Carp fish for leisure time fishing purposes. You can keep carp whole in your pond which is tasty and big in size. The approximate price is $35-$40.

Sturgeon fish is very good for a bit larger size garden pond. You can also keep them in the man-made lake. But one thing you need to ensure is that they are in a pond that has a highly maintained aeration system. Their food pattern is sinking pellet food. The price of these fish is around $40 each.

Goldfish are also good for outdoor ponds and their price is quite reasonable. Their price differs from $0.40 up to $2.Catfish and Trout are also good choices for the garden pond. Both of the fish’s price ranges may fall between $0.50-$4.

You can also add snails and tadpoles to your pond to maintain a proper balance of the aquatic ecosystem. A package of 10 snails and 5 tadpoles may cost you around $60-$70.


When you see a turtle in your pond it is just a good thing to see. Their price range varies from $20-$100. It will depend on which breed you are buying for your pond.

Though they look like innocent and slow-moving animals, please take note that they are very good hunters too. They can sometimes attack your koi fish and catfish even if the fishes are large in size.

It is best to keep them in deep water and warm temperature. I would recommend you to keep them in an indoor aquarium until the spring arrives. A harsh winter will be deadly for them. So take precautions and help your little buddies to survive for a long time.


A beautiful looking pond at night is one of the most outstanding views you can enjoy after a tightly scheduled day. It will make you happy for sure.

A small size pond doesn’t need too much lighting setup. A little bit of touch from the side and the outer side pond will make it gorgeous enough for your evening time. A budget of $350-$550 will be enough for well-surrounded lighting.

Large size ponds require detailed lighting especially when you are keeping expensive fish like Koi fish. You want to see them roaming around in your pond. A lighten up pond will make them look more beautiful. It will simply add more life to your pond.  You can keep an approximate cost of $1000 up to $3000.

Here I am giving you a list of lights and prices which may help you to make a better decision for your pond.

Color Changing Ring Light 5 watt$150
Color Changing LED Hardscape Light$155
Warm White Bar Light 5 watt$115
Garden & Pond Spot Light$140
Luminosity Power Beam LED Light$110


One thing you must remember while installing the lighting of your pond is that it must look natural. Too much lighting would make it look fake and overcompensating. A lumen of 200-400 would be simply best for the natural-looking of your pond. By following these steps you would see a natural-looking pond in your backyard or front yard.


The waterfall is one of the most lucrative parts of your pond. A pump is required for a single waterfall and the price may vary from $50-$400 depending on the GPH capacity.

A well-designed medium to a large pond can have 2-5 waterfalls. The murmuring sound of flowing water is one of the most amazing things you can experience. You should keep a budget of around $1500-$5000 for a medium-sized pond.

Additional Cost: Consultant & Labor

Any pond-building project will require the help of the professionals of this sector. It will simply fasten your pond, making time and cutting any unnecessary cost.

A well-reputed service provider will cost you a handsome amount of money for all these excavation and kit installation processes.

The overall labor charge of the project and consultation project may vary from somewhere between $500-$80000.

Again I would like to remind you that it will increase with the high-end service.

Factors that can alter the cost

The moment you are ready to implement your pond project, you need to recheck the final cost. In pond installation, there are a lot of factors that may reduce or increase your overall cost.

Keep a note of that in your mind. This will enable you to estimate your budget more accurately. A later on an extra budget may hamper your exciting mood. So try to stay on the safe side and keep your excitement level as high as possible.

Pond Service Provider

Depending upon where your specific location is, the price may vary. Because in different areas’ service providers may charge different prices for overall setup. If you live in a place with low demand for ponds among the people then the price may get high.

If there is no such firm in your area, the cost would become much high because of the overall transportation cost of your kits and labor movements.


What kind of pond you want to build will determine the excavation process. In addition to that, the soil types of your specific area will alter your overall cost.

On a soft soil pond base, you need to spend a bit more on a strong pond liner. On the other hand, hard soil would reduce the cost of a strong liner because you can use rubber liner, plastic liner, etc.

Pond Grade

Anything that belongs to a high-end category would cost more than the average one. The same thing goes here for your backyard pond.

The difference between a low-grade pond and a high-grade pond may vary from $20000-$30000.

Pond Heater

Though the pond heater falls into the general cost, specifically for the cold region pond heater plays a very important role in the ecosystem of your pond and the overall health of your fish.

You need to maintain a specific temperature for your fish. Without this specific, it would be hard for you to feed them as they will respond a bit differently due to the alter of their required temperature.

There is a relation between the oxygen level and temperature. Oxygen levels must be checked on a regular basis. You can use a de-icer or pond heater. I am suggesting you some of them and their price here below:

K&H Thermo Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer – $44.99

CrystalClear PondAir & Thermo-Pond De- Icer Combos – $100-$170

Farm Innovator Floating Pond De-Icer – $50

It’s time to craft the pond!

After having a look at all these costs and information, you can draw a picture of your budget in your mind. The price is never fixed as it changes according to your preferences.

You can do it by yourself. But as a suggestion, I would recommend you hire people from professional service providers.

Now you can sit down with a cup of coffee, a calculator and start to estimate how much does it cost to build a pond.

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