One of the essential requirements for keeping your fish safe and sound in the aquarium is preserving the water quality. Whether it is fresh or saltwater, if you do not clean it from time to time, then gradually algae-nutrients will be produced in the tank.

However, choosing the best waste management is often a difficult task because overdosing of a particular substance might cause harm to the tank-inhabitants.

While products infused with chemicals can prove useful, it is better if you use something organic. Organic products are free of harmful chemicals that can harm corals and fishes.

So, you should opt for an organic bacteria starter that will manage the waste of your aquarium as well as ensure its safety.

In this article, we present the Seachem Pristine review that will help you to decide whether this product is a worthwhile purchase. We will look into all the details for your convenience.

Seachem Pristine Review
Seachem Pristine Aquarium Treatment

Things to Consider Before Buying

A conscientious aquarium owner’s primary concern is to keep the tank clean and make the water body suitable for fish. So, there are few things you need to be careful about because failing to maintain the quality-water will harm your fishes and plants.

Knowing How to Remove Antibiotics

We often use antibiotics to kill harmful bacteria or eradicate any bacterial diseases from water to keep fishes safe. So, if you are using one, then it is essential to remove any medication from the water tank before applying this bacteria starter.

For that, the first thing you should know is how to remove these antibiotics efficiently.

The best way to begin this process is to use ‘Activated Carbon’ as filter media in your aquarium filter. It will absorb all the medications from the tank except toxins (ammonia, nitrate) or heavy metals (lead, copper).


Keep in mind that you have a carbon filter in your tank so that it does not spread. Besides, you should make sure that your container is dust-free because it might deactivate the carbon’s efficiency.

Follow Adequate Dosing Measure

Applying this starter in a proper amount is another crucial thing you need to know because it could lead to overdose. Therefore, the best way is to try and find a balance between water and the agent.

The standard dosage level is one cap (5ml) per 80 liters of water. It helps you to get crystal clear water.

However, overdosing will interrupt the water bio-filtration cycle. This process is crucial for water because it eliminates the bacterial regrowth, and prevents the development of extensive dissolved organic carbon.

There are few other aspects you can take into consideration, such as keeping the aquarium out of UV and Ozone and ensure adequate filtration for the best possible outcome.

Presenting Seachem Pristine Aquarium Treatment

Seachem Pristine is a bacterium starter that uses bio-augmentation (non-chemical and organic) to boost water quality. It will slowly dissolve waste and unnecessary food by adding it to the aquarium or marine environment.

Furthermore, it also minimizes the water’s toxic substances and extra pollutants (e.g., ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites). Therefore, it helps improve the aquatic ecosystem as a whole by increasing the clarity of the water.

It runs the loop of bio-polymers in the marine system, and with bacterial colonies, it snares all existing harmful microorganisms. Thus, the ample range of versatility makes it appropriate for both salt and freshwater.


  • Provides a non-chemical and natural method for developing the quality of water
  • It is beneficial in limiting the inordinate toxins, for example, alkali, nitrites, and nitrates
  • This substance enhances the general sea-going framework and builds water lucidity
  • It runs a biopolymer cycle that can viably trap water toxins
  • It has the competency to adjust in various kinds of aquatic conditions


  • Overdosing it can cloud the aquarium that requires additional cleaning work
  • Applying it while the presence of antibiotics in the tank can reduce its effectiveness
  • Unsuitable for metal contaminants removal (lead, copper)

Seachem Pristine Review: Features & Benefits

Organic Waste Management

Seachem Pristine is a natural substance that runs bio-augmentation for clarifying aquarium water. Bio-augmentation is a biological process, which helps to reduce water contaminates.

The process is both natural and non-chemical, ensuring the maximum safety of fish and corals.

Furthermore, overdosing does not make any difference for the living things in the tank. In some cases, an abundant application may transform into mist or clouds, but you can clean it by changing water or through any other form of filtration.

Quick Performance

Pristine is a fast functioning bacterium that takes 48 to 72 hours to activate. So, have patience around 2 to 3 days before using ozone or UV sterilizer.

It begins the bio-polymer procedure immediately after its activation, which triggers numerous colonies to trap pollutants from water, particularly supplements such as ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites.

Gradually, it improves the quality of water and creates a better habitat for both fishes and corals. Using this starter helps to elucidate water within a few days and keeps it clean for more than a week.

Suitable for Marine and Freshwater

This bacteria starter is ideal for both marine and freshwater aquariums. You do not have to consider the water type (salty or fresh) before using it. To get crystal clear water, all it takes is to maintain a balance between the water and the supplement.

Since it is entirely organic, it does not affect any marine animals or plant species.

The Seachem bacteria used in Pristine have a great ability to adapt to all kinds of water conditions (high or low oxygen). With that capability, it can diminish the overgrowth of the infectious organism.

Help Cleanliness

This bacteria starter is an incredible product in terms of clearing the water in aquariums. Once I was changing the water of my aquarium-tank. I noticed that some red and green algae developed all over my marine plants.

I was concerned because I couldn’t detach these algae from my corals anyway. Then, I purchased Seachem Pristine to see whether it helps me or not. Indeed, I found my tank crystal clear after three days of using it.

Furthermore, I found that the algae were separated from the coral and turned into pulp that was very easy to clean.

Final Verdict

When you have the perfect agents with you, cleaning an aquarium is not as difficult as it sounds. At the same time, it is essential to ensure whether or not this bacteria starter is compatible with the aquatic environment.

Remember, this product also helps to get rid of hostile bacteria from aquatic plants, along with the removal of harmful nutrients.  The Seachem Pristine Aquarium Treatment Review aims to instruct the aquarists in keeping their tanks clean and toxin-free.

Make sure you consider the things mentioned above before making a purchase. If all fit the bill (compatibility, dosing, etc.), this product is a worthwhile purchase!

We wish you happy shopping!

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