Maintaining an existing aquarium or purchasing a new one is both rewarding and challenging. While the oceanic beauty in your living room is an incredible reward, cleaning and maintenance are tough, to say the least.

So, the first move is to be very vigilant about water purification and the further growth of microorganisms that cause disease.

To accomplish this, you need a filtration system that can consistently provide clean water and keep the harmful elements in check.

In the upcoming section, you will find the  . It will assist you in deciding whether this particular filter is apt for your aquarium.

All features and benefits, along with the demerits, are listed below to help you find all the relevant details.

Fluval G3 Review
Fluval G3 Advanced Filtration System

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are several things you need to be careful about before buying a filter, especially whether it is suitable for both fresh and saltwater. Well, let us see some of those you are supposed to consider.

Not Suitable for Large Size Aquarium

This unit is not ideal for large size aquariums because its capacity is not more than 80 US gallons. So, if you are looking for a vast aquarium purifier, then this one will not meet your necessities in size. For larger tanks up to 160 gallons you may consider Fluval G6 canister filter.

However, it might take a bit more time to purify the water if you stock the tank with so many plants or any other decorative materials. Depending on that, this purifier is capable of moving water about 2.5 times an hour to another container.

Therefore, this filter will not perfectly suit your aquarium if it is heavily stocked.

Familiar with Touch Screen Control


Over this filter, you will find a beautiful touch screen that is not something we usually notice. So, it would be best if you got acquainted with the touch screen controller because this component manages the entire filtration process.

If this type of technology does not make you comfortable, then it is better to go for another. Besides, the device is also susceptible and does not have a water resistance feature, so sometimes it may interrupt.

Therefore, the smart decision is not to rush before purchasing and go through each of the features carefully to check if it is useful for you or not.

Presenting Fluval G3 Advanced Filtration System

Fluval G3 is an aquarium filter that provides complete water purification under advanced monitoring features. This product is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tanks because it does not take up any space inside the aquarium.

One of the best things about this product is that you do not have to pump water out of the tank, whereas it has a push-button priming mechanism that sucks water out and empties it.

Moreover, you can control the entire filtration process with the touch-screen. There are three types of media available for water purification such, as biological, chemical, and mechanical. You can easily change it from the above screen.

Along with all these features, this unit is durable, easy to access, compact. And it is also suitable for both fresh and saltwater.


  • It has a self-priming system so that you do not have to bother pumping water on your own
  • Shows a wide range of water parameters – reduces water testing equipment requirement
  • Easy touch screen access
  • Compact and space-friendly
  • It comes with biological, chemical and mechanical filtration


  • It makes noise during filtration
  • Compact but heavy

Fluval G3 Review: Features & Benefits

Attractive Compact Design

The best thing about this product is that it is an external filter, which means you do not have to create any additional space inside the aquarium. Besides, it is compact so that you can fit it anywhere near the fish tank.

So, if you have already settled down a 3-liter aquarium in your house, then you are good to go with this filter.

Durable Casing

The particular outer frame of this filter consists of a dual canister wall. So, if an earthquake does not hit, then it can last more than years. Also, some gaskets inside the filter prevent water leakage.

Touch Screen Controls

Fluval G3 is well-known for its touch screen controller because this feature is not common in many aquarium filters. With just a few simple steps, it enables proper monitoring.

You can quickly get details like water conductivity, temperature, and flow rate that particular panel. In addition to that, this screen enables manual control of the water flow, which is indeed very useful in such water pollution situations.

This device is known as an advanced unit because you can conveniently measure the water quality and temperature with it. And, to track these items, you do not have to buy any additional tools.


This filtration unit provides all significant water purification options and has sufficient space within the containers to store multiple media. Besides, it is helpful as it allows you to change media at any time and you can choose which one of them will be able to provide the best possible result.

It offers chemical, mechanical, and biological media, and each of them is indeed high-quality. However, if you do not think it is enough for you, then there is always the option of buying and replacing your favorite one.

A noteworthy point is that this filter works fine in both fresh and saltwater.

Easy Access

If you are one of those who avoid comprehensive instrumental work, then you may find this filter very handy. It comes with simple mechanisms in terms of connecting tubes, unlocking lid, and evacuating media basket.

Even though the weight is a little too much but indeed, its size makes everything easier.

Wrapping Up

We must admit that this is a blabber-worthy product. The benefits it can deliver are perfect for newbies treading into the world of tank-keeping.

While the advantages are many, this is not suitable for experts in this field looking to up their game and need a large water filtration system.

In this article, we have gathered all the relevant information about this product. We hope this Fluval G3 review can alleviate your pain in choosing the appropriate filtration media.

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