When the water inside the fish tank gets filthy, your aquarium’s condition becomes miserable. It affects the health of it’s livestock as well as hampers the overall beauty of the tank. To keep the water algae or murky free, we install different types of filters.

However, aquariums that hold plenty of fishes and plants become filthy rapidly as you add different types of nutrients for plants and feed for fishes. As a result, you will notice high algae growth and a lot of organic waste, making your aquarium ugly and unhealthy. Therefore, you need to do frequent water changes or use any chemical filtration media.

If you don’t wanna mess with the hassle of frequent water changes, you can adopt a water cleaning wizard widely known as the Clear FX pro. Let’s learn more about this guy. Today we represent our in depth Clear FX Pro review.

Introducing Blue Life USA’s Clear FX pro

Blue life USA is a famous brand with a team of aquarium specialists. They produce top-notch aquarium related products and extensively test these products on their own aquariums. In continuation of this, they have come up with this sensational chemical filtration product.

The Clear FX pro is an all-in-one chemical filtration media that is currently leading the marketplace. The best thing about this product is that you can use it in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums regardless of its size. It is an ideal solution for those who want quick solutions.

This media filter combines hybrid phosphate resin, a super carbon, and organic scavenger resin. It is super simple to use, and this media is suitable for canister filters & standard sump. Just place the mesh filter bag inside the high water flowing area of the filtration system, and you are done.

Clear FX Pro specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Blue Life USA
  • Media type: All-in-one
  • Ingredients: Granular activated carbon, organic scavenger resin, and phosphate resin
  • Freshwater lifespan: 6 months
  • Saltwater lifespan: 4 months
  • Size:
    • a) 225 ml deals with 60 Gallons of Freshwater and 30 Gallons of Saltwater
    • b) 450 ml deals with 120 Gallons of Freshwater and 60 Gallons of Saltwater
    • c) 1800 ml deals with 500 Gallons of Freshwater and 250 Gallons of Saltwater
  • Media bag: Included
  • It comes in a plastic box
  • Can control nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia

Things I liked about this product

  • Makes aquarium water crystal clear very quickly
  • Keeps essential trace elements
  • You won’t need to change aquarium frequently
  • Can give 3-4 months of service
  • Helps to maintain pH level inside your fish tank
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquarium
  • Made with three high-quality components
  • Has a gel type of resin
  • Algae growth will significantly minimize
  • Keeps any aquarium healthier and cleaner

  Things I Didn’t like

  • Price is a bit higher
  • No control over the quantity of each component
  • Not suitable for oily slime build-up

Who is the product for?

This first-class three in one chemical filtration media is undoubtedly a useful media. It will turn your ugly aquarium water fresh and clean. But, you may not need this product if you didn’t fall into the below-mentioned circumstances. Let’s see…

  • You don’t have enough time to do a regular water change
  • Your pond is facing pH stabilization related issues
  • If you are providing fertilization to your planted tank to get more growth in coral and plants
  • You want crystal clear aquarium water
  • You dislike running GFO and GAG in canisters
  • If your aquarium has a canister filter or standard sump
  • If you desire to get rid of phosphate problems
  • You can’t solve algae bloom in your tank
  • If you don’t like to use reactors in your aquarium

Problems You Might Have To Face

You won’t find such excellent media in the market that have so many benefits, but you must know the dilemmas you may witness while dealing with the product. So, let’s begin…


This fantastic chemical filtration media will bring a significant change to your aquarium, but it will increase your aquarium’s maintenance expenditure. You won’t have to spend that much money if you buy every element of the product separately and put them in a mesh bag to use with filters.


Moreover, some users claimed that the product shows superb performance by removing Algae, but it actively works only for one month in their Aquarium. Also, tanks loaded with plenty of livestock and aquascapes need media changing more often. So, if you own a giant aquarium or have 5-6 aquariums, then your aquarium maintenance cost will rise.

Won’t eliminate surface slime

If your fish tank holds too many fishes, you need to provide them with an adequate amount of food to ensure their flawless growth. As a result, you will notice oily slime on the surface water of your fish tank, and this filtration media will not be able to solve this congealed oil issue.

Additionally, fish excrement and organic decay also cause the same issue, and this guy fails to clean them. Actually, the Clear Fx pro takes care of the water column and keeps it safe but don’t bother about the surface slime. Therefore, you have to break up the floating slime with a skimmer and scooped them up using a paper towel.

Fixed Quantity

The Clear Fx pro comes sealed in a mesh bag, and you need to place them into a high water flowing area or inside a canister filter. This is an excellent package for beginner aquarists. But, for those who know the nature of their aquarium better than anyone else, this product’s components ratio can disappoint them as they can’t customize each element’s proportion.

Clear FX pro Review: Features and Benefits

Blue Life USA Clear Fx PRO Review
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Now, it’s time to look at the advantages of the filtration media so that you can easily make your mind.


Apart from making your aquarium water clear, this classic chemical filtration media can eradicate the foul odors, phenols, harmful gases. Therefore, your aquarium not only achieves a gorgeous appearance but also remains healthy and keeps its surroundings fresh too.

It will also stimulate plant and coral growth, stabilize pH, control ammonia, and significantly raise the Redox reaction.

Quick result

For those who don’t want to wait and like to see rapid change in your aquarium’s water column, then this outstanding media is made for you. This magical all in one filtration product will start showing its magic from the next day you apply them to your aquarium. Also, the resin consumes phosphates two times faster than a standard GFO.

No side effect

Another fascinating benefit of the Clear Fx pro is that it won’t damage your aquarium ecosystem. So, no matter what kind of fishes or plants you have harvested in your tank, it won’t affect their natural growth. Instead, it will increase their growth rate by removing other dangerous elements that can hinder the enlargement process.

The Clear FX pro’s best thing is that it won’t put back the organics into the aquarium again after reaching its maximum capacity. Cool, isn’t it?

Top-quality components

It is crafted with top-notch GAC with the toughest carbon (works underwater), a high capacity hybrid phosphate removing resin, and macro-porous organic scavenger resin. All of these components work together to ensure a first-class output for your aquarium.

High adjustability and durable performance

Clear FX pro works fluently in both saltwater and freshwater. Also, it comes in different sizes serving various kinds of aquariums. Moreover, it offers a long term service compared to its competitors. So, you can remain tension-free for a few months after installing this filtration media.

Final Verdict

We must acknowledge that this is the ultimate chemical filtration made for superior and long-lasting performance. It can make your aquarium water clean and fresh in no time. You can use the Clear FX pro with any tank, whether it holds saltwater or freshwater.

In my opinion, it is one of the best prospects for fighting against algae and other water pollutants with minimum effort.

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