An aged fish has to leave the world as it gets infected internally and externally. The same goes for a young fish who is severely ill and suffering from prolonged time.

Vodka adding methods in euthanizing your fish can be done in both inhumane and humane ways. There might be differences of opinion among the experts.

While using the vodka for euthanization you can do it by giving the fish a little amount of pain and another with high pain. You as an owner would take the decision on how to execute this process. Here I will elaborate on two types of euthanizing through using hardcore alcohol concentration like vodka.

Two ways you can use Vodka to euthanize your fish

You can use the following two methods to kill your fish. Sounds terrible, I know. But sometimes you have to be cruel only to be kind. Hope this will help you in your aquarist life.

How To Use Vodka To Euthanize Your Fish

Adding vodka after clove oil mixture

First of all, to execute the humane way of euthanizing a fish using vodka requires the whole step of the clove oil method. Now, you may think why am I bringing clove oil mixture here, right?

Actually what happens is that clove oil mixture sometimes may not euthanize your fish. There remains a chance for the fish to get up again and swim around. So to make sure it is fully dead after completing the clove oil adding part you just need to add vodka into the water jar or container.

There is a specific amount of vodka you can add to do it. The ratio of vodka and water should be 1:4. In no way can you add more than this. Just adding this amount will immediately euthanize your fish while it is anesthetized from the clove oil effect.

After a few moments, you will see no movement of water and the body of the fish becomes one-sided and now you can say farewell to your fish in a respectful manner.

Adding Raw Vodka Into Water


This is another school of thought of using vodka to euthanize fish. Many people may find this one a bit disturbing. Including the ground picture, if you own a huge number of fishes and you are in shortage of both time and employee then it would be a practical solution for you. It would be highly time-consuming for you to follow any lengthy method of euthanizing your fish.

In the market and online shops, the concentration of alcohol in Vodka can vary from 40% up to 95%.  For this method, you need to buy the highest level concentration vodka. Just after adding the vodka into the container, the fish will be dead immediately. Fish will get a shock as a result of high-power vodka.

The only problem with this method is that in this process it would directly burn the skins and gills of your fish before it’s even dead. Though the process will be very fast it will generate immense pain in your fish’s body at the last seconds.

Why should you use vodka?

There are many methods available you can follow to euthanize a fish that has been living in your pond or aquarium for a long time. The chemical bonding of vodka is very powerful. Vodka has the ability to have an instant effect on your fish.

If you use vodka directly into the water you can euthanize multiple fish at the same time. One of the main reasons some fish keepers suggest this method is because they have a lack of time. Moreover, it’s a very cost-effective and easily accessible product.

Required Equipment

  1. Vodka
  2. Container
  3. Clove oil ( If you add it before vodka)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will vodka humanely kill a fish?

No vodka can’t humanely kill a fish. But if you add a one-step clove mixture before adding vodka then the process will become a humane one. Because the fish will depart without even realizing the pain because of the anesthetic effect.

How do you kill a fish fast?

If you want to choose one of the fastest ways to kill your fish then using raw high concentration vodka would be a great option. This is one of the least time-consuming processes of euthanization of fish.

Can I use vodka to euthanize my fish?

Yes, definitely you can use vodka to euthanize your fish. People in the fish-keeping industry have been using this as an effective method for a long time.

How can you euthanize fish using vodka?

Adding a 10% alcohol solution into the container will be able to kill the fish. It will die instantly as a result of intoxication.

Can you use alcohol for euthanizing fish?

There are different ways you can euthanize your pet fish. It will depend on your time and the number of infected fish. If you have a shortage of time then a fast process like using alcohol would be better for you.

Last Words

Among all the methods of euthanization of fish, this one is the most hardcore and stressful for your fish. Depending on how professional you should take your final decision.

From my part, a little advice would be that if you are a person who just pets a few fishes then you should avoid the direct vodka-adding method. By doing that you are not only being kind to your friend you are also showing a great deal of respect and love for your splashing buddy.

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