Euthanizing your pet fish is something you don’t want to do. As a fish owner, you must make sure that you are euthanizing your fish in the right way.

All you want is to end the suffering of the fish and give him permanent relief from the prolonged pain that he is bearing.

Using baking soda is one of the best methods to humanely euthanize your pet fish as it is a quick process, less costly and it would be easy on the fish.

So here below I am going to tell you how to euthanize your fish using baking soda.

The easiest way of euthanizing fish using baking soda

Whether you pet your fish in the tank, pond or aquarium there comes a certain time when you need to do the euthanization process. The reason might be many. It might be an infected one or just an old-aged one.

How to Euthanize Fish Using Baking Soda

Here, I will teach you how to euthanize your pet fish with baking soda.

Step 1: Adding 3 tablespoon per gallon water tank

First of all, you need to measure the amount of water in your fish tank. Now calculate how much gallon it holds. And add 3 tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water.

This calculation is very easy. For example: If you have a 30-gallon water tank then you can add, 30 x 3 = 90 tablespoons of baking soda.


You can apply this method in any size fish tank. You should wait a few minutes until the whole baking soda is evenly mixed with the water and dissolved properly.

You can expect that the result will be very quick. And a humane way for your fish’s departure is in process.

Step 2: Monitor the fish gills

When the formula will start working you may notice that your fish will flatter frequently. Don’t be nervous. It is doing it because of lack of breath.

You need to understand that adding baking soda is one thing. Whether it is working or not is a different thing. Don’t be confused. Take it easy.

Don’t take the fish out of the water before fully becoming sure that it has worked. By doing that you will just increase the suffering of your sick fish as it will struggle for air. It would be inhumane to do it. So please try to have patience.

Keep observing your fish until the movement of the gills is completely off. You should also check the body movement of your fish. It might suddenly move if it is not dead by that time.

When you finally see fish gills are not moving fast then you can be assured that the baking soda mixture is working appropriately. From this point, it would not take a long time to euthanize the fish.

Step 3: Wait for the fish to transit on one side

After waiting for a few minutes you will see that the fish is turning into one side by flopping. And also no movement of the body is visible.

The natural process of any dead fish is that it would become fully tilted on one side.

This is the moment you realize that your fish has departed already. And you were successful in euthanizing your fish using baking soda. This process might take a bit longer if the fish is bigger in size.

Step 4: Remove fish from the tank

You might be thinking about what to do with the dead fish, Right?

Now you just need to keep the fish out of the water. It fully depends on you what to do with the fish. There are few options you can do. Just be respectful while saying a final goodbye to your little buddy. I would suggest you bury your little fella in your backyard.

Required Tools

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Calculator
  3. Water Tank
  4. A tablespoon

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Frequently Asked Question

How can you humanely kill a fish with baking soda?

If you want the euthanization through baking soda to humanely then you can simply add some specific amount into the water tank. It will require 15-20 minutes to get the job done. You won’t see any movement of the fish after 20 minutes.

If you exceed the required amount then it will create extra stress on the fish. So follow the guideline properly.

Can baking soda hurt your fish?

Yes, definitely it hurts the fish. But let me remind you when you are going to euthanize a fish you would choose a sick and dying one. What baking soda does when it mixes with the water is that it generates carbon dioxide which suffocates the fish to death. So it may some inhumane to some people but it’s a very quick process and it is easily accessible.

End Thought

All the phases that were mention above are indeed necessary if you want to execute the proper euthanization using baking soda. You may face some problems while applying one step to another, if it happens so just do it a bit patiently.

Have an eagle eye on that the fish is not getting hurt because of any error in the process.

I expect that after reading all these words you will know finally that how to euthanize a fish using baking soda.

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