Snails are the most common dwellers in a freshwater aquarium. They play a vital part in retaining aquariums. Choosing the right snail for your aquarium needs a lot of research and time. The majority of snails are scavengers that feast on algae, dead plant remains, and other remnants, making snails an excellent alternative to help you maintain the aquarium.

As snails live on decayed substances, they are best for cleaning your fish tank or pond.

In this piece, you will find five popular freshwater snails that are ideal for maintaining your fish pond.

Types of Freshwater Aquarium Snails

Ampullariidae (the apple snail)

apple snail
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This snail is commonly known as the apple snail. They are subtropical and dark tropical clams that are easily spotted by the below-mentioned features.

  • These snails are eñdowed with a special tube-like organ that helps them to inhale and exhale while underwater.
  • They have eyes on either side of the mouth and also have huge tentacles.
  • These clams have a round globe like a shell that works as a protective shield.
  • They lay eggs on the surface of the water

The apple snail has an average life span of two to three years and can grow up to 6 inches in diameters, such a huge snail is rare to find. They have black and yellow skin tones and need 2.5 gallons of water to survive. The temperature of the water should not exceed 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Apple snails eat a lot and grow according to food habits. So, overcrowding can be a problem if you are overfeeding the snails. However, you can prevent overcrowding by keeping the water temperature around 70 to 75 degrees.

The nerite snail

Nerite Snail
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The biological name of the nerite snail is neritina natalensis. They are similar to apple snails because of their various types. The most common nerite snails are the tiger, the zebra, and the black racer. They are peaceful creatures that are 1 inch long and live for one to two years.

These snails cannot reproduce in freshwater and need 2.5 gallons of water per snail. They need 7 to 8 PH levels and 75 to 81-degree Fahrenheit to survive. Nerite snails like to dwell in shadows, so place natural rocks, wood, and other objects.

However, they don’t dine on tank plants but rely on different types of algae and fish pellets..

The trumpet snails

Trumpet Snail
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Malaysian trumpets are among the favourite aquatic creatures, they are also widely popular as red-rimmed Melania. These clams are hermaphrodite, hence grow faster. This is a minor drawback as the population can be controlled by averting overfeeding and cleaning the gravel.

It is a 1 inch long, cone-shaped structure with columns of dark tone and light greyish body. Trumpet snails prefer to dine on algae, fish pellets, dead plants, and dead fish. These snails require a gallon of water and the temperature should remain between 64.5 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The PH level of water is very important for snails habitat, 7-8 PH serves best for trumpet snails.

Incorporate sand or moss into your freshwater aquarium for burrowing. It will help to keep the aquarium oxygenated.

Golden mystery snails

Golden Mystery Snails
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Golden mystery snails have a bright pigmented body that makes it ideal with bright colored corals and fish. They are peace-loving creatures and are safe for fellow dwellers. This abalone survives on organic wastes and leftover fish foods.

The uniqueness lies in its size, these snails thrive to be some of the biggest aquarium snails. So, if you are looking to add snails to your fish tank golden mystery snails are a great option.

Ivory White Mystery Snail

Ivory Mystery Snail
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This aquatic creature is the perfect blend of ivory and white with a glossy effect. If your aquarium is professionally designed, ivory white mystery snails are the best fit.

These snails happen to grow enormously so they are best for small and medium-size fish. Large fish tend to get violent around large snails, so go for smaller ones. They are different from other snails in terms of food habits. These snails love to eat blanched veggies, cucumber, zucchini, and kale apart from leftover fish food.

These snails are recommended to balance uneven colors in the aquarium. Ivory White Mystery is a perfect addition as it is ideal for cleaning the tank and is also visually pleasing.


No matter which snail you choose, all freshwater aquariums must-have metals such as copper filtered from the water and an extra amount of calcium added to the water. The aquarium needs to have a lid for snail culture.

Freshwater snails are ideal for aquariums as they feed on organic waste and are also aesthetically pleasing.

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