The isolated nature of aquariums means that the buildup of a variety of harmful elements is unavoidable. Besides, the processing capacity of the ecosystem of a fish tank certainly can’t compare with that of a sea or a lake. That’s when aquarium water treatment and relevant products come in handy.

If you are running a freshwater ecosystem the most common practice is using directly the tap water. But tap water varies from place to place. For example, Chlorine is frequently used to treat supply water which is very harmful for fishes. You may a find a wide range of PH from the supply water considering the source and treatment method of that water.

Let’s see some important water parameters for aquarium and their their available treatment possibility.

Ammonia Removers

New aquariums go through a process known as the Aquarium Cycle, during which biological colonies eliminating harmful toxins begin to develop inside the aquarium filter. However, your fish will be in danger until those colonies are fully grown.

Excess of ammonia should be treated as soon as possible as it can result in damage to the health of your fish or even their death. One way to control the level of ammonia in your aquarium is using ammonia binders, which are useful when you need to quickly reduce dangerous concentrations of ammonia. There are a lot of ammonia treatment products out there for different purposes, so make sure to monitor the ammonia levels in your tank to know which one to choose. We recommend Seachem Prime a ammonia remover.

Aquarium Water Treatment

Aquarium Salt

Small quantities of aquarium salt can benefit freshwater aquariums. On the other hand, newly set up aquariums going through increased levels of nitrite can be treated with salt, which can help you avoid nitrite poisoning. But in general, salt also helps with treating minor skin irritations and facilitates respiratory functions of fish.

However, you should not use salt if you have species of fish or plants that are intolerant to salt. Before using salt, make sure that it won’t be harmful to the inhabitants of your aquarium. It is not advised to use salt in a planted tank.

Biological Aid Products

Maintaining steady levels of beneficial bacteria in your aquarium is crucial for its overall health. A number of available products can help you with stimulating bacterial colony growth. However, bacteria colonies do not grow instantly, so you should keep an eye out for the concentration of ammonia and nitrates until the bacteria are fully developed. For biological filter media, Seachem Matrix could be a great weapon in your filtration arsenal.

pH Modifications


Each species of fish and plants require certain pH conditions, so ensuring the right level of pH is crucial. The best and most convenient way to do so is to use source water with the required pH level. However, that is not always possible.

pH modification products can greatly help you with changing the pH level in the aquarium water. But you should keep in mind that the kind of water you use will determine the efficiency of those products. For example, if you use products to lower the pH levels in water with high buffering capacity, the pH will shortly rise back up, and vice versa. Regardless of your goals with pH levels, make sure you use the appropriate water.

If your supply water doen’t come with the desired level of pH but the difference is not significant, it is better to not use any pH buffers or conditioners. Because steady pH level is much better than fluctuating pH. In the struggle of finding the perfect pH you may stress your fishes severely!

Phosphate Removing Products

Regardless of how well you maintain your aquarium water, phosphates (PO4) will be present in it. Fish waste, uneaten food, the absence of live plants, and other factors contribute to the increase of phosphate levels in water. In its turn, high concentrations of phosphate facilitate algae growth, which can harm your fish and plants and spoils the looks of the aquarium, though moderate amounts of algae are necessary. Phosphate levels should ideally be kept below 0.05 pmm, which can be done with the help of phosphate removers. We recommend Seachem PhosGuard.

Tap Water Conditioning Products

Treating water is necessary and beneficial regardless of its source. With tap water, its treatment becomes more important. Heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramine can be problematic, but they can be neutralized by water conditioners.

Most of the available water conditioners contain a slime agent to maintain the slime coat of the fish. This is crucial when your fishes are stressed. Each time you change water in the aquarium, you stress the fish, so the slime agent will surely be helpful in maintaining their health. We recommend Seachem Prime Water Conditioner for this.

Water Clarifying Products

Over time, aquarium water may become more or less clogged with fine particles of dirt, sand, algae, and other debris. Those particles are so fine that they cannot be filtered by the mechanical filter media. Products called Flocculants or water Clarifiers cause the particles to merge together into bigger elements that can be easily filtered out. Although most Flocculants are safe for fish tanks, you should carefully read their instructions to ensure their proper use.

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