In a hurry? As per our experience and research, MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit is the best betta fish tank you can consider. To know about other perfectly fine alternatives keep reading.

Siamese Fighting Fish, also known as Bettas, are those beautiful aquatic beings that are always there to charge up your mood with its color and charisma. You will find them being combatant, you will find them picky as well. Their fussy in nature characteristics makes it quite troubling for you to find a home for them.

When it comes to finding the best betta fish tank, you will have to keep a lot of things in mind starting from their needs to their environment. This is quite a hassling job though.

Belonging to a tropical genre, betta fish require certain things and environment to keep them healthy. And you can ask any of the aquarists owning a Betta fish that how difficult it is for them to keep the little creature happy!

Neither you can keep them with other fish as it will irritate them, nor you can keep them with other siamese fighting fish as well. Call them grumpy or grappler, but this is how they are, love to be lonely.

If you really want to make your Betta fish happy, this list will make it easy for you to decide which betta fish tank you should buy.

Best Betta Fish Tanks

Best Tanks For Betta Fish At A Glance

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Top 10 Best Betta Fish Tanks Reviewed

1. Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit – Overall Best Betta Fish tank

Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit

Looking for a perfect home to gift it to your Betta is quite a knotty job. But Marineland ML90609, being one of the finest Betta tanks, is there to end your hunt. This betta tank comes with almost everything that you will be needing for your little pets.

And you cannot even blame them for being pretty perfect. Starting from its sleek and elegant design to its size, it is a great shelter for your Betta fish.


Besides, it also owns a very unique feature unlike traditional aquariums which is its curved corners. For its smooth corners, it becomes easy for you to clean algae on the surface.

Moreover, the tank is tall and has thick durable glass. Besides, there is a plastic compartment at the back of Marineland to house the filter and pump. This compartment allows for three stages of filtration including biological, mechanical and chemical stages with Rite-Size Z cartridge filter technology.

Additionally, it comes with a cool moonlight and daylight LED setting which enhances the look of the aquarium kits. Being compact in size, it still manages to fit into small spaces with an adequate volume of 5 gallons.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • The tank comes with thick strong glass with 5 gallons volume.
  • The LED comes with a 2-mode operation and 3 position switch.
  • It has an efficient 3-stage filtration system which helps clean the water.
  • The LED light is although a great perk for viewing your Betta fish yet the lighting is a bit dim.
  • The base might feel cheap and is not attached to the betta fish tank.

2. Marina LED Aquarium Kit – Best Betta Fish tank With 10 Gallon Capacity

Marina LED Aquarium Kit 10 gallon

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit comes with almost all the accessories that you look for your Betta fish, and for this you can call it one of the best betta tanks.

However, the Marina aquarium kit includes Marina Slim filter that helps in changing filter cartridges quickly and easily.

Besides, its LED light setting is another main attraction of the tank that enriches the natural daylight effect of the aquarium.

To add more, the Marina LED Aquarium Kit is also kind enough to provide fish food with the tank, quite sure your Betta will be thanking them for it.

Not only that, they will also be grateful for having Water Conditioner in their tank. With this, the tank makes the water safe and Cycle Biological Supplement helps form a hale and hearty environment for them.

Moreover, the Marina LED Aquarium Kit also includes a net for protecting the delicate fins of the Betta fish. Hence, the features definitely prove it one of the best quality betta fish tanks you can have.

  • Comes with Marina Slim filter to change cartridges quickly.
  • The LED light enhances the setting of the betta fish tank.
  • Features Fluval Cycle Biological Supplement to form a hale and hearty environment for them.
  • It has Water Conditioner that makes tap water safe.
  • Comes with Fluval Max food to keep your fish fit.
  • It features Fish net to protect the delicate fins of the fishes.
  • Some found the position of the filter annoying as it is located in the middle of the tank.
  • You might find the filter noisy and vibrating.

3. Fluval Spec v Aquarium Kit

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration

Being an aquarist, everyone wants an aquarium that can keep their fish happy and healthy, and the good news is: Fluval owns that. Fluval Spec V Aquarium kit comes with an easy to assemble nature.

And most importantly, your Siamese Fighting Fish would love to swing around its clean water with its 5 gallon tank when it comes to the size.

To talk about its light setting, this is another thing that might draw your attention. Being durable and bright, the 7,000K LED light allows you to view its brighter performance while you enjoy looking at your bolder Betta fish colors.

The 7000K light is also perfect for growing aquatic plants. So if you looking for a betta tank with plants, this setup is best for you.

Besides, its 3-stage filter work like a conditioner and if asking about its perks!- it’s gonna let your Betta enjoy a clean environment that makes the aquarium the best.

So, if you are looking for a tank to house your Betta fish, that comes with great features starting from the filter, heater to the light source, this will be enough sturdy to impress you, thus making it one of the top rated betta fish tanks you would love to buy.

  • The sleek design is pretty much impressive.
  • The construction is sturdy.
  • Comes with 3-stage filter that works like a conditioner.
  • The filter and pump is quiet and efficient.
  • The LED setting emits brighter light.
  • Heater is not included.
  • The pump placed deep inside makes it difficult to take out.
  • The current from the filter might be quite strong for the fish.

4. Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kits

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

Aquarium with bonus features can make any aquarist happy. So if you are hunting for one then you should definitely have a look at Marineland Contour. Being one of the superior betta fish tanks, this aquarium kit comes with smart features that anyone would love to have one.

To be more precise, its light rail is something that will make you notice it first. The rail resting a little above the tank emits a wonderful beam of light on to the fish and the aquarium itself that makes the whole scenery look quite beautiful.

Whether you set the light for daylight or moonlight, the rail using LED light amplifies the beauty of your Betta.

However, holding up to 3 gallons of water, the tank makes it quite limited in putting fish in the tank. Hence you might not be able to house many Bettas in the tank.

However, talking about the other features, the Marineland comes with 3-step filtration and its flow filter pump is adjustable. You will also find a filter cartridge with the kit.

  • You will be getting a rail light with the aquarium kit that adds beauty to the view.
  • Comes with moonlight and daylight LED setting.
  • Includes 3 stage filtration system and an adjustable flow pump.
  • Comes with a filter cartridge.
  • The pump might not be strong enough to suction debris.
  • Tight rear compartment makes it difficult to clean and setup.

5. EcoQube GreenHouse Hydroponics Growing System

EcoQube Greenhouse Self-Watering Hydroponics Growing System

EcoQube c aquarium can be called another one of the best betta aquarium kits in the market. The best thing about this tank is its automatic self-cleaning system.

Unlike traditional aquariums, this won’t trouble you with its constant filter and water changes since this wonder tank runs by its own mini ecosystem.

All you will be needing is some green onions (because they recommended them) that will work on filtering and purifying the tank like a breeze.

Another great thing about the EcoQube aquarium is its portability nature. So even if your don’t have a permanent place to keep the tank, you can shift it anytime.

And this doesn’t end here, you will find many more privileges from this aquarium kit.

This 2 gallons fish tank includes UV sterilizer to adapt aquaponics so that it can clarify debris and convey nutrient in water. So you can assure yourself that your Betta is in a healthy and  nurturing environment.

Besides, it’s Aquaponics Aquarium Filter, you will get Wireless Remote Control, Sand, Basil Seeds, Magnetic Glass cover, Mountain Stone Decoration, and LED Full Spectrum Hue Lights in the aquarium kit.

  • Runs by its own mini ecosystem, hence doesn’t need filter or water change.
  • Great for its portability.
  • Includes UV sterilizer for adapting aquaponics to clarify debris and convey nutrients.
  • Comes with LED Full Spectrum Hue Lights.
  • Includes Wireless Remote Control, Sand, Basil Seeds, Magnetic Glass cover and Mountain Stone Decoration.
  • It’s better to avoid putting stone if you have Betta as it might shred their tail.
  • The black colored back makes it hard to see the fishes.
  • The pump vibrates strongly that might terrify your poor Betta.

6. Back to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Ever imagined that you can also have a mini garden not under the water but above it as well. Yes, this Water Garden Aquarium from Back to the Roots provides such beauty with its tank.

This 3 gallon tank owns a small garden on top with a closed loop ecosystem most commonly known as Aquaponics methods. It means when your Betta waste fertilizes the plants on top, the plants will filter and clean the water automatically.

And this is not only the reason why we would call it one of the best betta fish habitat, because there are more.

You will also get organic seeds that will help to sprout easily. Besides, the system has a dechlorinator that will purify your supply water and make it safe for the betta.

There is a submersible water pump with natural fertilizer. This will fulfill nutritional requirements for the plants and maintain water circulation.

However, the aquarium kit also includes gravel and growstones to add to the beauty of the tank. So although it is not a complete  aquarium kit, but you will be getting all basics to build a good aquarium for your Betta.

  • Comes with a water garden on top.
  • The seeds that come with the aquarium kit grow really fast.
  • The waste of your fish is used to fertilize the plants on top where the plants work in filtering and cleaning the water.
  • The water pump is easy to clean.
  • It is a bit hard to remove the pump from the tank.
  • It does not come with a heater.

7. Fluval Spec iII Freshwater Aquarium Kit

Fluval SPEC iii Freshwater Aquarium Kit

Fluval has always thought of providing better environment for Betta fishes and with Spec iii, they have proved that as well. It is always there to welcome your little aqua-pets. However, though it happens to look small but it’s features are equally opposite of what its size is.

You will find an overhanging lighting system along with the tank that consists 31 LED lamps for emitting attractive illumination for fish and plants.

Not only that, this 2.6 gallon tank also owns a circulation pump where you will find an adjustable output nozzle. And it’s 3-step filtration system needs no explanation to prove its capacity for keeping the water clean and clear.

Besides, you will also get all the necessary medias be it BioMax bio rings for a thorough filtration, activated carbon or a porous foam block with a handle, you will find them all in the box.

Read our full review of Fluval Spec iii.

  • Its pump and filtration system are completely enclosed and not visible.
  • Filter and pump chambers at the back are hidden from view.
  • The pump does not vibrate.
  • Comes with 31 LED lamps.
  • The filtration keeps your water clean and clear.
  • Modification is needed to keep a betta.
  • Does not come with heater.
  • It might be a bit tough for you to move the tank for the plastic edge on the bottom.

8. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kits

Tetra 29003 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium System

The best betta tank is something that will have all the qualities to impress you and your betta fish. And if you have a look at the tetra crescent acrylic aquarium, you can happen to have that feeling.

Odors and discoloration of water are the most troubling and unpleasant factors of fish tanks, hence you need something to shoo them away so that your Betta can live peacefully. And to talk about this aquarium, it tends to do such job like a snap.

The Tetra uses Ultra activated carbon so that it can remove all the odors and discoloration of water. Besides, it also consists of hidden LED lamps to give your aquarium a beautiful view.

Moreover, its mechanical filter also does a wonderful job when it comes to pulling water from the tank and pushing it through the filter cartridges to clean the waste. If you are searching for the best fish tank for your betta, then you can think of having this one.

  • It uses mechanical filter to clean all the dirt and debris out from the water.
  • Its LED lighting leaves a beautiful view of the aquarium and the Betta inside it.
  • Comes with activated carbon to remove the odors and discoloration.
  • The filter runs with silence amazingly.
  • Includes a clear top lid for stopping evaporation.
  • The filter is a bit larger in size.
  • Does not come with a heater.

9. Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

Tetra Waterfall Globe Kit

Aquarium is something that tends to give a great aesthetic bliss, and when you will be putting your eyes on the Waterfall Globe fish tank, you will find yourself pleased. This 1.8 gallon tank tends to stand out of all the betta fish tanks not just for its looks but for its performance as well.

The first thing that is surely gonna catch your eyes is its unique waterfall feature. It adds a beauty to the whole fish bowl and the current created from the waterfall is fair enough to make your Betta play with it.

Moreover, just like most of the aquariums it is also cartridge based filtration. Besides, the bowl comes with a light where you will find a button to turn it off and on. The bowl tends to give a different view when it gets the light and the waterfall part does enhance the glory.

The bowl also consists of pump driven power filter so that it can help your Betta live a healthy life under the water. So, if you want to get your Betta a good home, this would be one of the best fish tanks to present your Betta.

  • The waterfall makes a serene sound and your Betta would love to play with it.
  • Comes with lighting system where you will find a button to turn it on and off.
  • Includes pump driven power filter.
  • Features cartridge based filtration.
  • The glass might seem a bit thin.
  • Not all the Betta could cope up with the current created by the waterfall.
  • It is circular aquarium which is not advisable to keep fish.
  • The water volume is not perfect with the minimum requirement of a betta fish.

10. Koller Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit

Koller Products AquaView 6-Gallon 360 Aquarium with LED Lighting

If you are still looking for more tank options for your betta fish, then this is another one you can add for your Betta. The Aquaview 360 is a 6 gallon fish tank that comes with 7 alluring color options with LED setting to illuminate your Betta. Be it daylight white, red, purple, aqua, amber, green or blue, you can pick the colors to enrich the view.

Moreover, the aquarium also has internal power filter that will do the job of cleaning and purifying the water at a flow rate of 45-gallon per hour. With this, the filter cartridge can effectively remove pollutants from the water since the life of Betta matters!

The fun part is, many of the aquarists might consider the tank being made of glass but nope! It’s actually made of impact-resistant plastic but it still does not lessen the quality of the tank. Hence, the features of the tank definitely shows how best the fish tank can be for your Betta if you want a home for it.

  • You can have 7 color choices for LED setting to illuminate your fishes.
  • The filter does the job of cleaning and purifying the water amazingly.
  • Although made of plastic, yet the quality of the material is worth praising.
  • The shape is sophisticated with sturdy construction.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The flow of the water at the top is a bit strong for a betta.
  • The pump might make an annoying sound.
  • The light looks a bit dim.
  • Though the water volume is sufficient for Betta but it is not advised to keep fish in a circular aquarium

Best Betta Fish Tank Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

Tank Size and Dimensions

The first thing that comes to your mind while choosing a betta fish tank is it’s size. The minimum requirement for a betta fish is 2.5 Gallons but it is always recommended to go for at least 5 Gallons or more. Such sized tank will also give your Betta a room to move. Not only that, it will also prevent contamination keeping your fish healthy.

One thing should be kept in mind that Bettas (specially male one) don’t like other fishes or even other bettas. Only time they will tolerate another female betta is the time of mating.

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Filtration is definitely the second thing that comes in the list when you are planning to get your Betta a fish tank. Betta though comes from still waters, yet you will be needing the aquarium kit that consists of a filter. Because this is what helps your fish to be stress free via cleaning the water and maintaining the tank. Hence, you need a filter that does not only keep the tank clean but also facilitates beneficial bacteria colony to establish nitrogen cycle in the tank.

LED Lighting

It is no doubt that Betta fishes carry a different charm. And if you have LED setting with the tank, it will add glory to the aquarium. The lights don’t only illuminate the underwater scenery but also make your Betta look bolder and prettier.

Not only that, Betta requires a pattern of day and night lighting. So, it’s better you look for the one that comes with a day and moonlighting to ensure that your Betta stays hale and hearty.

Having an LED setup will open the opportunity to add aquatic plants in your aquarium.

How to Setup A Betta Fish Tank?

Assembling a betta fish tank varies according to the type of the aquarium you own. Although you will get a setup guide to construct the aquarium on your own, but if you still don’t get one, this guide will help you out.

However, setting up the aquarium is quite easy since they don’t come bigger in size. So here’s how you can set the tank up.

  • Spot pickup: At first, you will need to choose an ideal spot where you will want to assemble the tank. No matter where you keep it, it’s better you place the tank a bit away from sunlight. Not only that, you should also keep it a few inches away from the wall so that you can have some space to accommodate heater and filter.
  • Water filter installation: Then you will need to install the water filter at the back of the tank. Many of the Betta tanks feature factory cut out so that it can fit the filter in, so it’s going to take a couple of minutes for filter installation.
  • Placement of Gravel rocks: After that, you will need to rinse the gravel rocks without using soap. It will help in removing the dirt that is stuck in the rocks. With the use of a scooper, drop small gravel rocks on the bottom. Cover at least 3-inch of gravel rocks starting from the edge.
  • Positioning of the plate: Then put a large plate on the top of the gravel and fill the aquarium with water till it is 1/3rd filled with it. Afterwards, slide the plate underneath the water gently to avoid displacement.
  • Planting arrangement: Then comes the job of adding the plant. While you are placing the plant, make sure the roots reach inside the substrate. A commercial substrate will give you the flexibility to plant almost all types of aquatic plants. However you can choose freshwater aquarium sands if that is visually more pleasing to you. Arrange the plants in such so that they look natural. Moreover, ensure that you leave a lot of space between the plants so that your Betta can swing around.
  • Run the Filter: After filling the tank, turn the filter on. It will create a gentle circulating motion in the water.
  • Water Heater Installation: Then you will need to attach the heater in the tank. Put it near the opening of the water filter so that it can provide proper circulation and heating.
  • Have some neutralizer: After that, pour neutralizer in the tank for removing the chlorine particles from the tap water. But if you are using distilled water you can avoid adding neutralizer.
  • Release your Bettas: After all the steps, set the bagged betta in aquarium for an hour. Afterwards, you can welcome your Betta to the new home so that it can enjoy swimming around it freely.
  • Tank Mates For your Betta: You should be very cautious about choosing tank mates for your betta fish. In fact it is advised to keep the betta alone if it is a male one. But you can keep snails, plants, corydoras etc.

Let’s watch a video to summarize the steps of Betta Fish Tank setup –

Suitable Temperature

Betta fish tank, usually most of them, come with almost all the aquarium kits that you will need to create a home for your Betta. But the majority of them do not include a heater. If you live in a warmer area, it will not be a problem. But if you live in such a place that has temperature changes in winter, the concern starts right from there.

Bettas are basically tropical fish so they require warm water. Thus, the temperature in their aquarium shouldn’t drop below 74F. Albeit, the ideal temperature starts ranging from 75F to 82F. So if you live in places having winter around then you will definitely need a heater because it will keep your Betta happy and healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal temperature for Betta fishes to live a healthy life in the tank?

The ideal temperature ranges from 75F to 82F (which is about 23.88 degree Celsius to 27.77 degree Celsius). As Betta fishes are tropical fish, you should always ensure that the temperature does not drop below 74F. If you live in warmer places, you can avoid having heater, or else you will certainly need one if the region has winter seasons.

Can Betta fish live in small tanks or bowls?

No, Bettas need bigger room to swing around the tank, so they cannot live in smaller tanks or bowls. You will require an aquarium that is able to support their needs. A tank with a minimum of 2.5 gallon volume and a maximum of 5 gallon volume water or more will work the best for Betta fishes. The bigger the home is, the happier and healthier your Betta will be.

How often should you clean the tank?

It depends on what size do you have and if you own a filter or not. If you have a tank with 2.5-gallon volume with no filter, you should clean the tank removing the whole water for about three to four times a week. If there is a filter, then you can clean it once a week removing 25% to 30% of water and vacuuming the gravel. Moreover, you should also clean the filter once after every month using aquarium water. If you follow general rule, water change after every week will still work for you.

What should I feed my Betta?

Betta is a carnivorous fish and loves protein rich foods. You should feed your betta Frozen or Live Blood-worms, Daphnia, Mosquito Larva and Brine Shrimps. Checkout our article about best betta fish food for more details about it.

We have put together an extensive guide on how to take care of your betta. You may check it out.

What Type of Tank is Best For Betta Fish?

A rectangular tank is perfect for betta. Don’t go for a spherical or cylindrical tank as it stresses out the fish. Also make sure there is shade and hiding spot for your betta fish.

Should I get 1 or 2 Betta Fish?

Betta fish are highly territorial and you should never keep 2 male betta together. Introducing a female betta is also discouraged except the mating time.

Do Bettas Need a Bubbler?

Air pump or bubbler is not required for a betta fish. They have special labyrinth organ that helps them to breathe air at the water surface. Also using a good filtration system will keep the water oxygenated anyway.

Final Words

If you are an aquarist and love your Betta, looking for a perfect home would be the best gift to give it to your fish. And if the home you decide to buy manages to keep your Betta happy, it will keep you pleased as well.

Since we have enlisted the best betta aquariums that are getting all the love from other aquarists and their Betta, we are quite sure that it will get to impress you as well.

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