Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank For The Budget: Review & Buyers Guide

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Thinking about putting a fish tank at your office? Do you want to have an aquarium for your home? The best-sized aquarium fit for both home and office is a 10 gallon fish tank. A 10 gallon aquarium can be perfect for your office and your home as a decent decorative piece. So, if you want to decide what fish tank is accurate for me in size, it’s decided. Now, the real question will emerge. What is the best 10 gallon fish tank?

In today’s market, you can find hundreds of 10 gallon fish tanks. Before buying one, what you should do is judge one brand according to the features it should have. So, you should read the reviews.

As an aquarium lover myself, I know how hard it is to be satisfied with one fish tank. When you have a 5 gallon tank after few days suddenly you will feel an urge to setup a 20 gallon tank. Few days later you may die for setting up a gold fish tank! There are so many awesome fish species that can be kept, right? Well, been there, done that.

But today we are gonna focus on particularly 10 gallon tanks, specially the popular ones and try to decide which one would be best for you.

Which 10 Gallon Fish Tank Is The Best?

Best 10 Gallon Fish TankTrust me, there nothing more pleasurable than watching your fishes swimming across the tank. And if your tank is big enough for the fishes to swim and small enough to fit everywhere, then you’re golden.

In this article, you will find 5 fish tanks listed after the explanatory part. I have chosen these tanks on the basis of the best available features. You can have millions of features in one product. But not all the features are important and necessary, right?

So, I have listed 5 of the best available fish tanks that weigh 10 gallons. I’m pretty sure it will be very easy for you to decide which one you will buy.

How to Choose the Perfect 10 Gallon Fish Tank

I know how choosy we can be while deciding which fish tank to buy. But if we take too much time to buy a fish tank, it will take much more time to buy fishes from different types. So, I am writing this review in a way that it will save your time, and you’ll be taking these decisions yourself in future.

Build Quality

The first thing to make sure of is the build quality. Fish tanks are usually made of two materials, glass and acrylic. Acrylic is a transparent material almost like glass but cheaper and less durable.

Glass is on the other hand heavier. The price difference is not much. But you’ll be a bit shocked to know that acrylic fish tanks are more expensive. Acrylic is cheap as a material though.

Glass made fish tanks are more preferable because they are more durable than acrylic tanks. Glass tanks don’t get scratched and doesn’t leak.

Temperature Control System

Now, most fish tanks come with a temperature control system. But some of the fish tanks have preset temperatures. Those are not suitable for all kinds of fishes. So, it’s better to buy a fish tank where you can set the temperature of the water.

If you wish not to use the heater, it’s okay to buy just any fish tank with more durability.


The fish tanks now come with filters, which keep the water clean and healthy for the fishes. You don’t want to have a dirty pond like environment in your fish tank right? So, the most important part of a fish tank nowadays is the filter. Because fishes usually die due to the unhealthiness of the water.

So, buying a fish tank with a proper filtration system is priority #1. However you can buy a separate filter for your 10 gallon tank. Now, you can surely understand what you have to look for in a 10 gallon fish tank, right? These are the features that a 10 gallon fish tank should have.

Oh yes, one more thing. Fish tanks have lights. Sometimes, the lighting forces the tank to heat up causing damage to the small fishes and those fishes that can’t bear the heat. So, before buying a fish tank do check if the light causes the water to heat or not. If you want to grow plants in your tank then you need to choose the light carefully.

Now, follow the steps above, and you’ll be able to judge before buying a fish tank any time from now on.

The Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews

1. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Product Features
804 Reviews
Product Features
  • 10 U.S. gallon glass aquarium
  • Includes a Marina Slim S15 clip on filter with quick change filter cartridges
  • Includes everything you need to get your aquatic home started
  • Measures: 20" L x 10" W x 12.5" H

If you start searching for the best fish tanks, the name that appears the most is the Marina LED Aquarium Kit. This one is actually the best available one today. It has all the necessary features that an aquarium should have. If you want to create the best environment for your fish, this is the best option you will have.


  • Build Quality: The Marina LED aquarium kit is built with high-quality glass. So, there’s no chance of scratches every time you clean it. Also, the glass body makes is more durable than almost any other aquariums of its class. The thickness of the glass helps to keep the water as cold as possible with the water heating system.
  • Temperature Control System: This feature is actually a setback, the manufacturers thought that the glass is enough to keep the water condition okay for the fishes. But sometimes, excessive heat due to the sun causes the glass to heat up. Thus damaging the environment for the fishes. So, what you have to do is buy a 50-watt water heating system and install it. Thus you can keep your fishes safe. But, usually, if you have installed the aquarium in a room which is air-conditioned, then you won’t need the heating system.
  • Filtration: Being the most important feature, this kit has maintained it. There’s a biological water system which helps to build and promote good bacteria needed for a healthy water environment. Thus fishes living in this tank can enjoy the best environment to live. This feature is usually left off in other aquariums.
  • Lights: The name has the word LED. That means the fish tank comes with an LED light set up which keeps the aquarium lightened if necessary. The LED light doesn’t create extra heat so it’s safe for the fishes.


  • Biological Supplement for better fish environment
  • LED lights that don’t create unnecessary heat
  • Better build quality
  • Biological water filtration system promotes healthy bacteria growth


  • No heating system

2. Aqueon 10 Gal LED Aquarium Kit

Product Features
1,087 Reviews
Product Features
  • Low profile full hood contains vibrant cool white LED lighting to bring your aquatic environment to life
  • QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter has a red LED light that flashes to indicate when it’s time to change the cartridge – no more guessing!
  • Preset heater will keep your aquarium temperature at a constant 78 degrees, appropriate for most tropical fish
  • Complete setup guide included
  • Complete aquarium kit includes: 10 gallon glass aquarium, low profile LED full hood, QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter with medium cartridge, 50W preset heater, premium fish food, water conditioner, fish net, stick-on thermometer

If this is your first fish tank, Aqueon should be your first choice. As a first-timer, you may not know about all the necessary features required for a fish tank. Aqueon can solve that problem. You see, this kit is called the starter kit because it has all the necessary things you need to set up a 10-gallon aquarium.


  • Build Quality: The tank is made of clear thick glass and structure walls are sealed with epoxy resin. It gives the tank a long time of durability and you can enjoy this fish tank for many upcoming years easily. Also, the glass is scratch proof and very clear. So, a clear aquarium vibe for a long time.
  • Temperature Control System: It has a pre-installed 50-watt water heater with a thermometer. The best part about this heating system is that you don’t have to set your necessary water heating temperature as its pre-set and you can monitor it by the use of the adjusted thermometer. So, it’s a viable heating system. This 50-watt heating system is suggested to be installed on the Marina LED.
  • Filtration: It has a quiet flow 10 LED Pro power filter with a medium cartridge. This filtration system is actually almost as good as the biological supplement. The best part about this filter is that its noise free. Unlike other filters, it does not make any sound and thus the fishes don’t get afraid. There’s an LED light indicator which indicates when the filter s clogged and you need to change it. Thus making the filtration system one of the most viable ones in all fish tanks.
  • Lights: Comes with non-heating LED lights for fishes. Keeping them safe from unwanted heating.


  • One of the best filtration system
  • Non-heating LED lights
  • Better build quality with clear glass
  • Scratch free glass body
  • Good value for the price


  • The preset temperature is not good for all fishes, especially baby fishes.

3. Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

Save $12.79
Product Features
406 Reviews
Product Features
  • This aquarium has a unique bent glass design that is frameless and seamless in front for unobstructed viewing on all sides including top
  • Aquarium tank kit includes a 10 gallon bent glass fish tank, cascade internal filter, LED light, mat, and hinge style plastic lid
  • Made with the highest quality glass for durability and clarity, and utilizes 3 piece construction with seamless rounded front corners
  • This 10 gallon fish tank measures 12 ⅝ inches high by 11 3/4 inches wide and 17 ¾ inches long. Aquarium is suitable for a wide variety of fish

If you want to buy a fish tank that is as unique as yourself, then the Penn Plax curved corner glass aquarium is the best choice for you. Having the most uncommon curved corner design, it is absolutely eye soothing. We buy aquariums mostly to enjoy ourselves and to show people our love for fishes. So, if you want to show off your aquarium, this is the one you should get for yourself.


  • Build Quality: The best feature of this fish tank is the build quality. It’s built with curved glass. Just like any curved smart phone which has a better look than a regular smartphone, it has the same feel. It looks almost 10 times better than the usual aquarium. The design is modern and it has a futuristic appeal. Due to the curved edges, it has been made with high-quality glass to make sure it’s durable.
  • Temperature Control System: It doesn’t have any temperature control system. The glass keeps the water quite cool. Also, you can set up a 50-watt heating system.
  • Filtration: The Penn Plax cascade 300 internal filter with the cartridge is what the fish tank offers for filtration. The best part about this filter is that it has a higher filtration capacity than other fish tanks. So, you won’t have to worry about the clogging and changing of the filter for a long time. Also, it ensures the longest time of healthiness and cleanliness for your fishes.
  • Lights: It has an appealing over the top LED light. But the setback here is that the LED does not shut off unless it is unplugged from the socket. That means it doesn’t have a switch. You could always create alternative wiring for the LED light.


  • Higher and longer filtration capacity
  • Comes with over the top LED lights
  • Seamless curved design made of durable glass
  • Borderless view


  • No heating system
  • The LED light doesn’t have any switches

4. Fluval FLEX Glass Aquarium

Product Features
1,100 Reviews
Product Features
  • The 9 gallon Fluval Flex Freshwater Kit is one of very few freshwater aquarium kits to incorporate brilliant illumination and multistage filtration with convenient aquarium features and contemporary design. Your aquatic atmosphere will stand out amongst the competition with 36 white and 3 RGB fully adjustable 1900 LUX LEDs shimmering over your fish and plants, while the dimmable 7500K LED lamp promotes plant growth. Choose from 80+ different hues for an endless selection of color blends and special effects options such as cloud cover, storm and full color cycle, all controlled from your included FLEXPad remote control. This is a fully fledged glass tank, and the infrared remote sensor is neatly integrated and easily accessible on the canopy. To achieve superior water quality, a powerful 3-stage filtration is included with oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon), and biological (Biomax) media. The Multi-directional 61 GPH dual outputs allow customized water flow, all hidden nicely in the rear compartment, allowing the focus to remain on your beautifully manicured aquascape. This aquarium features a unique curved front, creating the illusion of a larger aquatic environment and modern look to suit any room in your home or office. The water line of the rear compartment remains hidden with the stylish honeycomb wrap and ensures your entire aquarium looks sleek and clean at all times. For added functionality and user ease, enjoy the freedom of feeding your fish through the convenient feed top cover opening. Comes in a sleek black color.
  • Age Range Description: All Life Stages

The designs of the aquariums are getting awesome by the day. We just came over a seamless curve design. The next on the list has a convexly curved design. The Fluval flex is one of the most innovative looking fish tanks of today. The design of the aquarium is much modernized. Looking at it definitely gives you a very futuristic thought.


  • Build Quality: It’s made with curved glass. The Flex has a lot of things to offer from the design. The design offers a bold yet classy look for your office and it literally is an ornamental piece for home improving the posture. Also, the glass is scratching free so no problem cleaning.
  • Temperature Control System: It doesn’t have any temperature control system. You can set up a 50-watt heating system if necessary for your fish type.
  • Filtration: The back panel filtration system is actually state of the art. It follows a very simple scientific way to keep the water clean and healthy for the fishes. There’s a water pump that flows the water from left to right giving a constant wave-like feel to the fishes. It makes the fish tank as environment-friendly as possible for the fishes.
  • Lights: The 7500k LED lid attached light has a remote to be controlled from distance. You can customize and change color if you want and it is very eye soothing.


  • Build quality is very eye-catching
  • Curved glass body
  • Scratch free glass ensures easy cleaning
  • The filtration system is quite good
  • Remote controlled lighting system


  • No heating system.

5. All Glass Aquariums’ Tank and Eco Hood Combo

Product Features
35 Reviews
Product Features
  • All Glass Aquarium AAG09008 tank & Eco Hood Combo
  • The small aquarium combos are economical starter kits.
  • Each combo includes a quality, black trim
  • All Glass Aquarium AAG09008 tank and Eco Hood Combo
  • The small aquarium combos are economical starter kits

One of the simplest tanks available today is the All Glass Aquarium’s Tank and Eco hood Combo. It made of all glass and has an eco-hood. It has black edges and it’s rectangular in shape. The tank is only suggested because of its build quality


  • Build Quality: It’s rectangular in shape and is built with glass. So, it’s scratch free and you can clean it very easily without hesitation. The glass build gives it better sustainability. Most basic fish tank sets are made with acrylic. Thus they are not as durable as this one.
  • Usability: Maximum fish tank kits nowadays are very complicated to handle because of all the extra features. Most of the time, you will not need those features if you’re a casual fish lover. So, this fish tank kit is actually usable by even the newest aquarium buyers because of its simplicity. You can definitely buy this for your children if you want them to grow up as an aquarium lover like yourself.
  • Size: Most of the 10 gallon fish tanks have a compact size ratio that lies between 16″ or so. But this fish tank has a length of 20″ giving some extra room to the fishes. Despite having the same volume this tank is capable of holding bigger fishes than its competitors. Also, you can have more fishes than usual in the tank. It’s great for starters who want to start with quite a number of fishes.
  • Lights: There are two light bulbs attached in the hood. They are quite efficient and do not harm the temperature of the water. So the lighting is very feasible.


  • All glass build and scratch proof
  • Longer in shape
  • Can hold more fishes than other 10 gallon fish tanks
  • Looks larger than it actually is, giving it a more premium vibe than its price
  • Suitable for children


  • Not suitable for delicate fishes due to the lack of additional required parts

Final Thought

Buying a 10 gallon fish tank can be a tricky job. But if you research the features just like me, it’ll get easier to decide which one you will buy. Because you get to compare the features and the price thus knowing which one is the most feasible option for you to go with.

According to the features, the best 10 gallon aquarium for you to buy is the Aqueon 10 Gal LED Aquarium Kit. It’s the standard kit for starters and even for veteran tank owners. The tank has a nice look and offers the maximum number of features available in its price. The added pro power filter ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for your fishes. You’ll also get a water heater along with a thermometer with the tank. Considering all, this is the best budget friendly 10 gallon tank for any beginner!

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