Fountains, ponds, and pools are usually a fantastic addition to any yard or garden. They create an oasis of relaxation that is perfect for winding down during summer. But if you’re not that keen about ponds it’ll start to look bland to you when fall hits.

If you’ve been pondering what to do with your old, stagnant pond, I have a few ideas for you. Considering what will best suit your family, you can build a hot tub, build any kind of water feature in place of the pond, make a pond of koi, etc. you can even make a sandbox where your kids can play.

Let’s get started with what to do with an old pond.

Some ideas regarding what to do with an old pond

A pond is never an old pond if you are innovative. Since you haven’t taken care of your pond or you have bought a house with an abandoned pond, you need to put on some effort to get that attractive look back.

There’s a lot you can do with your old pond depending on how much time and effort you can give and the budget you have for this. And one other thing that comes before everything is if you want a pond in the place of your old pond, or something else. We can break it down to two parts.

One is where you want to keep the pond and do something innovative with the old pond, and the other plan is to build something completely different in the place of your old pond.

I have a lot of ideas about turning an old pond into something magnificent, but first, let’s see what things to avoid…

Things to consider and stay away from while renovating your old pond

Though the process of renovating or restoring might be a bit stressful, the outcome is well overwhelming for you when you finish the whole process. But a few things should always be kept in your consideration to make sure that you get the exact new look that you are hoping for.

First figure out a few basic information regarding the pond, like if the pond has a stable ground underneath or if there’s any pipe that might come in the way during your restoring process. And also consider if there’s any important object such as gas lines which you want to keep in some other place.


Depending on your plan about what you want to do with your old pond, you should start the process. Say you want to increase the overall area of your old pond, you should be careful about cutting the banks at the ratio of 3:1 slope. Because vertical cuts might not be a great idea against the heavy wave force of water and cause loose slits.

If you want to do something else with your pond, then the first thing to do is fill up the pond. And even before that you need to make sure the ground underneath the pond is stable. And if you want to decorate it in a new way make sure you are not causing any destruction to the pipes or lines under the ground.

Once you are done expanding or filling up the old pond according to how you desire, you can start the procedure of completing the project as you like.

There are different things you can do depending on whether you want to keep the pond or do something else in the place of the old pond. Let’s look at some of the best ideas regarding what you can do with your old pond.

What To Do With An Old Pond

1. Turn your old pond into a hot tub or Jacuzzi

A great option is to make a hot tub out of your old pond. Because a hot tub or Jacuzzi requires very little place and maintenance, so easily you can make it or get it made from any professional. You don’t even need all of the space of your pond, you can even make a hot tub in the selected area of the pond.

The process is easy but a bit lengthy and expensive as we know having a hot tub in your own house is a luxury. So spending a few bucks on it is worth it because at the end of the day, you will have this place to relax instead of an old pond.

Building a hot tub will require you to drain the water out of the pond first. Then increase the depth if necessary, install rebar and smooth the surface and edges, and by adding pipes and wiring you will have your hot tub ready.

2. Make it a Koi fish pond

The easiest option you can go for while doing something about your old pond is to make it a koi fish pond. It is the most cost and time effective thing that you can do with your old pond.

Start with building fish caves so the koi fishes can live easily. Especially during the winter season, a few caves at the very bottom of your pond can be a great place for the fishes to survive.

koi fish pond

Many people say a koi fish pond can also be a way of relieving stress because koi fishes are very responsive. They will respond as you walk by the pond to your footsteps and also they will even eat out of your hand. Soon it becomes like a hobby to spend time with the fishes as you feel very relaxed while feeding them and you grow fond of collecting various koi fishes in your pond.

Though building a koi fish pond is easy, it requires a bit of maintenance. Filtration equipment needs to be installed in order to maintain a fresh clean water and overall environment. Depending on how much time and effort you can give or not, you should decide on the size of the koi pond.

3. Old pond can be an alternative for beach

For people who live far away from the sea beaches, to give your children a glimpse of how it feels to be in the beach under the sun, you can use the space of your old pond and turn it into a beach. Your kids would surely enjoy playing there on a sunny day.

To make that happen first you will need to drain all the water out of your pond and fill the empty space with a structured box full of sand so they can play in it. You can even build a separate area as a swimming pool for them, so they get the complete beach experience of having sand and water at the same time.

4. Convert the old pond into a bog garden

If you are living in a place where the climate is mostly wet or humid, you can turn your old pond into a bog garden. This will be the best plan for you since a bog garden will compliment the climate and is a very aesthetically pleasing garden to look at. A bog garden will be a perfect fit since it demands wet soil and where you live is mostly a humid area.

Bog Garden

Don’t forget to keep in mind that a bog garden requires a good drainage system. Apart from that the overall maintenance is very easy.

5. Transform your old pond to a fire pit

Another great option that you can go for is transforming the old pond into a fire pit. Especially if you are living in a cold city, having an outside fire pit where you can hang out with friends and family is a great option.

To get the fire pit ready first and foremost, you need to empty all the water and don’t forget to modify the liner you currently have. If needed you should remove it. Then what you need to do is put some dirt, small rocks and sand and cover it with big rocks. Make sure there’s drainage holes drilled underneath so the rain water does not accumulate.

Recycle Your Old Pond Now!

You can even be more creative and come up with your own ideas regarding what to do with an old pond. As long as you are creative and innovative, an old pond will never be your headache. Rather with proper planning and procedure, you will turn your old pond into something so extraordinary which will be jaw dropping for people.

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