Though you already might know, let me remind you that a high-quality light is of utmost importance for your aquarium animals and plants as they get energy from a proper lighting system.

The Kessil A500X is an awesome light for deep tanks where you want to keep corals, specially the SPS ones. Kessil A500X is the latest addition in Kessil’s arsenal. It is extremely powerful compared to the other spotlights available in the market.

I would say Kessil A500X has shifted the level of light-emitting diodes generating abundant numbers of photons from a little point source into a new level. So in this article, we will talk about this light in detail.

Presenting you the Kessil A500X

Kessil A500X generates an outstanding level of lighting performance and is extremely user-friendly for Small-Polyps Scleractinian dominated tanks.

Starting from the technical side, the looks and the top-notch features will make you happy for sure. It is a 185 watts light that weighs only 1.72lb.

One of the best LED Reef lights that will be providing a necessary amount of light for your coral reefs and their perfect growth. The seamless color of the spectrum and shimmer effect everything is so up to the mark that it reaches another level of its own.

Kessil A500X Review

You should thank the Kessil Dense matrix LED arrays for this amazing and mind-blowing lighting output.

Kessil A500X Review: Features & Benefits

To make things easy and understandable for you I have gathered and listed all the features with their detailed explanation in the following section. I hope this will assist you to make the best decision.

Tuna Blue Color


A near-perfect choice for a coral aquarium. The tuna blue has the capability to generate a dark blue up to a vibrant dazzling natural daylight.

As a manufacturer, Kessil was trying to tune the LED to yield the optimum level of growth and color complex of the residing corals.

Moreover, you can pick any light you would like to enjoy in your aquarium due to the attachment of an adjustable spectrum.

You also have a Kessi Logic which will make sure they properly balanced the spectrum of the spotlight and the overall power production.

Premium Level Lighting

Light Covering Area –  This latest design A500X optics also with its ultra-modern Led system is able to ensure a wider amount of light. It can also remove any kind of shadow.

Spectrum of the LED – This dark oceanic blue spectrum was highly appreciated by the users. Because it proved to actually promote the growth of coral in your tank. And also increase the coloration of your coral.

Taking the help of Kessil Logic, it ensures a compatible power supply and growth of the corals covered by the spectrum which is tunable.

Shimmer – If you compare with a Metal Halide fixture then Kessil shimmer produces and provides effects with a more natural-looking, more aesthetic, and daylight pattern look.

Which is a great addition to your aquarium without any doubt. You will feel like a mini version replica of the bottom ocean in your tank.

Penetration – You will be amazed at the light penetrating range of the Kessil A500X. You will get the latest LED which is Kessil’s own innovation in the technological sector and also patented.

A single unit light chipped with several LEDs generates a strong and highly penetrable light source that has a wider level of coverage.

Reflector that is 110 degrees has the ability to reach 24″ depth below the water surface level in most coral tanks.

If you want the light to penetrate deeper then you can use both reflectors that are 55-degree and 35-degree. Using these two reflectors light can penetrate around four feet deep inside the water surface level easily.

Mixed Color – Varieties of wavelengths are flawlessly mixed inside a unique LED array and release invariable color all over the total coverage range. The Kessil A500X has the outstanding ability to reduce independent color light segregation to a zero level.


Versatile color options – Users will be able to add Red, Purple, and Green as well as with the oceanic Blue light in the reef tank. You can also use Kessil WiFo Dongle for the same job.

Heat controlling system – The latest revolutionary heat controlling system increases the durability of the light.  It also provides excellent efficiency of all LED lights of this unit.

Dense Matrix LED – This newly installed technology emits premium quality light than its competitor.


Wireless – Another level of innovation and technology advancement of the Kessil company provides you the WiFi system which helps and enables you to control this light with the absence of any extra cable or appliance.

You can use the WiFi adapter to connect one-to-one light with any smartphone. For that, you just have to connect the WiFi adapter to plug into the K-Link connector.

Kessil A500X LED Aquarium Light

The ultra smart app is bustling with loads of options that allow you to perform a wide number of things.

You can use it for regular self-regulating planning and also for manual programming to do photoshoots. Furthermore, it allows you to show off your stunning beautiful oceanic reef tank.

Hardware– The controlling system of this light unit is awesome. This spectral controller allows you to create a copy-paste vibe of the sunrise and sunset on your tank.

You don’t need it but if you add it on this unit then it will reveal you the extra options which will provide you a high number of varieties of customizable lighting for your favorite aquarium.

Plus, you can also connect multiple  Led Light of this unit at the same time by using the cable to generate and produce a constant day-cycle among the lights.

According to my view, the only drawback of A500X is its mounting options. It’s basic science that a strong and powerful light requires much flexibility of mounting height over the aquarium to provide the maximum light.

If you want that premium loom then the mounting arm is not fully helpful. Other than that every feature is excellent at this price.

  • High level of power supply and high density of photon volume
  • The extraordinary broader light spread and excellent deep penetration of light
  • Comparative small size
  • Does no become too hot
  • Pretty much lightweight
  • Cover a wider range of the color spectrum
  • Customizable due to the smart communication
  • The app is really good and can be used for controlling the light easily
  • The mounting option is a bit limited
  • Not good for smaller size reef tank

Is the Kessil A500X worth the money?

When it comes to the price the Kessil A500X is definitely not a cheap one but it’s quite reasonable if you consider the service that it provides.

It will help you to keep SPS corals and other types of light-hungry corals in your deeper reef tank aquarium.

In the long run, this light is gonna save you a good amount of bills as it has high efficiency and comparatively less power consumption level.

It would be an excellent addition to the public aquarium. If you want to evaluate it from the performance, it’s more on the side of commercial user-friendly.

However, the features that it has would be a top-notch buy for your hard-earned bucks.

Things to consider before buying Kessil A500X

Whenever you are searching for anything you need to buy the right one for the right task. So here I will tell you what is the most important thing before you are going to buy this Kessil A500X light.

Heating Issue

If any light has a heating issue then the chance remains it won’t last for long. So it’s a must-see thing before buying the light.

Light Intensity

Whenever you want to install new lights for your aquarium you should check the intensity level. Buy light that can generate and illuminate high-intensity light, which will help to grow the macros in your tank.

Wider Coverage Area

A high-quality light should be able to cover a larger portion of your tank. It’s crucial for the growth of your coral reef. You can’t ignore this feature at all.

Deeper wavelength color

Lights loaded with versatile wavelength are the best choice for your corals and macros. Because the light color that can penetrate more will accelerate the growth of both plants and macros.

Flexible options for holding the light

Would you like it after purchasing a light if you can’t fix it at your required place above the reef tank? I don’t think so. So try to buy one which has an easy arm holder system with a light.

Access to the smartphone apps

Just imagine you can set up the light intensity and other options by sitting somewhere else. Isn’t it a cool thing? So before purchasing check whether this option is available or not.

Kessil A500: What’s the Final Verdict?

It would be an outstanding thing for your reef tank. The Kessel A500X will fall into that market-shaker stuff that’s gonna keep the hype for a long time.

People who have their tank packed with SPS Corals will find it quite easy to take care of. Kessil Logic makes the way to keep high-demanding corals in your reef tank.

Undoubtedly, this light is a profitable and worthy investment for the future successful growth of SPS corals in your reef tank.

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