Having proper lighting is very important when it comes to reefing or aquascaping because it increases the beauty of the aquatic life in the aquarium as well as support the lives to flourish.

Of all the accessories needed for the tank, choosing the best lighting is necessary because it also has a significant effect, either positively or negatively, on the health of the occupants.

So, if you want to promote the growth of the corals and fishes, then the light we will ramble about today is one of the finest choices that you can go for.

In this Giesemann VERVvE review, we will be focusing on the features and benefits of this product so that you can decide for yourself if it is the best for you.

Giesemann VERVvE Review
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Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are unable to place your aquarium where it can get a sufficient amount of natural light, then this can lead to stunted growth of the plants or corals and fishes.

For this reason, having an aquarium light such as the Giesemann VERVvE Plus LED set up on top of the tank becomes necessary.

Need to Purchase a Mount

The purpose of an aquarium light is to aid the growth of the living organisms in the tank. The plus model, however, does not come with any mount or support. So, you need to purchase them separately.

There are different types of suspensions available in the market. Therefore, you can purchase them accordingly, depending on how you want to install the light.

Presenting The Giesemann VERVvE Aquarium Light


The Giesemann VERVvE (check from the manufacturer site) is by far the sleekest and fashionable LED light unit in the market. It has a nice lightweight body frame that is made out of magnesium and aluminum alloy.

The surface of the frame is powder-coated with iridium; this prevents it from oxidation. It has a full range spectrum of 56 LEDs such as cool white, blue, violet, warm white, deep red. It also has two semi LEDs with ultraviolet light.

It has Bluetooth functions incorporated into the system and can be controlled using any smart devices. Also, it has a splash-shield that is made out of glass. This neat feature allows this product to fend off any water damage whatsoever.

The device is pre-programmed with features that mimic different phases of the day, including sun shifts and lunar cycles. In addition, it has a built-in fan that regulates the temperature. The ventilation controls the temperature and handles overheating issues, which is common in aquarium lights.


  • Magnesium and aluminum alloy body frame with powder-coated iridium
  • 56 LED lights with full-spectrum and intensity
  • In-built Bluetooth function compatible with smart devices
  • Has a temperature regulator preventing the nuisance of overheating


  • Does not contain a suspension mount
  • Should not be used on fishes that are accustomed to other light sources

Giesemann VERVvE Review: Features and Benefits

Temperature Management Unit

To keep the fixture at a stable and constant temperature, VERVvE Plus has a powerful fan, a heat sink surface, and an efficient temperature management system.

The fan does not require any prior setting adjustment. It automatically switches on when the device begins to heat up. The speed of the fan simultaneously adjusts itself depending on the heat of the fixture.

Hence, every LED light-owners nightmare of waking up to a mini-explosion or fire is adeptly taken care of.

Internal Protection System

This feature is an extension of the temperature management system. The device has an additional internal protection system.

In the case of overheating, it immediately dims the lights of the unit and the LED clusters until it cools down to its ideal temperature. If the temperature reaches extreme levels, then the unit shuts down at once.

Programming System

The functioning of this model is very similar to that of the VERVvE one. For programming the settings, there is a jog-dial besides the display screen, both are located on the side.

The jog-dial is very simple and easy to operate. To browse the menu, all you need to do is push the dial right and left to go through different features and press – to confirm the selection.

Setting Points/ Day Cycles

With this feature, you can customize the color of the light, their duration, and intensities. You can set each of the six color channels, namely, deep blue, lagoon blue, cool white, UV, deep red, and royal blue, separately.

You can set up to 144 switch points, with each point lasting for 10 minutes during the day.


This device can also simulate different weather patterns, such as lightning, thunderstorms, etc. You can also time the intervals after which the lightning shall occur.

It also has cloud simulation. In this, you can set the number and intensity of the clouds by adjusting the brightness of the lights.

Lunar Cycles

Similar to day cycles, the product also features lunar patterns. Each lunar cycle consists of 28 days, of which the 14th day is the full moon. Again, these values can be set by adjusting the brightness, thus mimicking the intensity of the moon.

Control mechanism

If you have a large aquarium, then you might need to install multiple lights to provide full coverage. In this case, you can put the plus model in master mode, and the one model can be put in slave mode.

Each ‘master’ has a unique code by which the ‘slave’ models can be paired and controlled. This way, you can easily set up a network of multiple fixtures.

Connecting via Bluetooth

Of all the models of VERVvE, the ‘plus’ is the only model that you can control using your computer or smartphone through Bluetooth.

To connect to the devices, all you have to do is download the mobile app from the official website directly. The app is compatible with iOS, computer or tablet, windows, or any android devices.

Final Thoughts

The Giesemann VERVvE plus is a reliable and easy to use gadget that can help flourish your beautiful aquarium. It can be controlled by any smartphone device that has a Bluetooth connection.

The gadget has an efficient temperature management system. Also, to further counteract any extreme overheating scenarios, it has an internal protection system where the device automatically switches off or dims down.

The Giesemann VerVve review aims to provide deep insight into the product. Therefore, we covered all the bases here, and you can feel free to purchase if it fits your tank’s requirements.

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