If there’s anything we all can agree on, it is that salt water is the home to some of the most unique and vibrant aquatic lives.

But how does one enjoy the beauty and diversity of the salt water at home? That’s where Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt comes in!

Whether you are at-home hobbyist or a professional, your need for salt water won’t have you travel to the oceans. You could do it right from where you are with the help of Instant Ocean Reef Crystals.

But wait! Is it really as good as they say it is? Will it really be band for your buck? Well, stick around to find out! We represent our Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Review.

instant ocean reef crystals review
Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt

What is the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt?

Before and everything, it is important that you first of all learn what the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt is, and what it does for you?

The Reef Crystals Reef Salt is a concoction and blend of various different types of chemicals to replicate the natural reef waters. This artificial marine salt allows people to keep exotic sea life inside the comfort on their own homes.

But the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt is like the hundreds, if not thousands, of reef salt available in the market today. What makes it so unique from the crowd? Let’s jump into our Instant Ocean Reef Crystals review.

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Review: Features & Benefits


Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt
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Marine salts aren’t just your regular table salt or sodium chloride. There are so many more ingredients and components that go into the salt mix to make your at-home (or office or whatever!) salt water aquarium habitable and safe. Here are the 3 most important components to look for in a marine salt.

  1. Calcium
  2. pH (Alkalinity levels)
  3. Magnesium


Calcium is food and medicine for coral reefs and other invertebrates. They consume it to grow and build their skeletal bodies. And when looking for a proper salt mix, look for something with a calcium concentration of 400 PPM. For your information, every element in the marine salt will be measures in PPM, or parts per million. And no, it doesn’t mean parts per million liters. This basically means 400 out of every million parts of mixed saltwater should be calcium.


And the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt offers you a good 400 PPM, which is the perfect balance from what some of the other renowned salt mix brands offer. It gives you extra calcium to promote growth of large and small polyp stony corals and coralline algae.


The pH factor is more or less more important for keeping the alkalinity in check more than the acidity or anything else. Ideally, your salt mix should make your water more alkaline. This will increase the level of bicarbonate in the water which is great for coral growth. A good marine salt mix should keep the water in a pH range of 8 to 11.

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt gets your water to a pH of 11.


And then comes magnesium, or trace element. This element is the common and abundant ingredient in salt waters and works in combination with calcium to feed the marine life while manipulation the pH of the water. A proper quality marine salt should have a magnesium content of 1250 to 1400 PPM.

The Instant Ocean Reef Crystals gives your marine sanctuary a magnesium feast of about 1350 PPM, allegedly however. We say so because there have been quite a few complaints that the mix goes well over 1600 PPM which is way too much!

Apart from all these, the Instant Ocean Reef Salt uses low levels of organic compounds which prevent the growth of unwanted algae and bacteria in your water. It furthermore has metal detoxifiers which neutralizes any trace of heavy metals, like copper, from the water which your may take from the tap or sink or bath.



The Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt comes in a large bucket that measures 10.5 x 14.8 x 11.5 inches in dimensions and weighs a good 58 pounds. Comes with a handle so it is pretty easy to carry too. Very generous for the price, don’t you reckon?


Speaking of generosity, the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt has enough mix to make you as much as 200 gallons of pristine, salty seawater! Great for mega larger tanks, and should more than last for years and years to come if you have small to medium reef tanks.

Ease of use

One of the best things about the Reef Crystals Reef Salt is that it is very anti-stress. In other words, it blends and dissolves into the water like magic in a matter of seconds. We all know how much people struggle with dissolving marine salts so the easily dissolving and quick-vanishing salt is obviously one less stress to take. Having said that, there have been a few complaints that the mix tends to cloud the water for some time before settling down.

The Instant Ocean Reef Salt also uses a homogeneous formula which is designed to stay true even after a long period of time in the box. This ensures that this marine mix will stay uniform regardless of how long it’s been sitting. And it does all this without ever compromising with its quality and potency and consistency.


  • Large containers; 200 gallons
  • Dissolves easily
  • Homogenous formula
  • Balanced mix of chemicals and elements
  • Includes metal detoxifiers
  • Lasts well; does lose potency or consistency


  • Tends to cloud the water a little
  • Magnesium tends to surpass the ideal parameters

Few Great Alternatives

There are a few great alternatives to Reef Crystals that we like (almost) equally. Let’s take a look –

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Final words

We review and reviewed quite some many marine salts in our quest to find the best. And after all the hard work, we have finally stopped looking after the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt. Although it isn’t the most perfect formula by any means, but it is still by far, one of the best and most proper quality mixes we tried. Try it! We are sure it’s going to do good stuff to your precious seawater sanctuary.

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