Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer Review
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Let’s face it; people go into reef keeping because of its aesthetics. Thus, naturally, nobody would like to have their aquarium look like yesterday’s garbage. No matter whether you are professional or hobbyist, it is one of the most important things to consider for fish keepers.

The reason is without proper waste maintenance, you cannot expect to have an optimal marine life condition. So, if you are one of them who has very little time to manage their fish tank, then you are in the right place. You must have thought about filtration media or filter while you were having trouble with your tank.

But, did you think of protein skimmer? If you did so, we have a great deal to discuss with you this time. In this article, we have come up with the Fluval Sea PS1 Protein Skimmer review. This product ensures maximum waste management in aquariums.

This protein skimmer can help you in various ways if you are looking for a device to get rid of organic waste and concerned about improving the clarity of your marine or freshwater tank.

Things to consider before buying

One of the most important tasks before purchasing any product is to go through each of its features and know it well because you might regret it after opening the package.

Therefore, we have enlisted some essential things about this product so that you can check whether it satisfies your requirements or not.

·      Does not fit in aquariums with a plastic frame on top

If an outer casing surrounds your aquarium, whether it is plastic or any other material, this product will not fit in properly.

You cannot adjust or set it up in your aquarium as the upper part of this product will contradict with the frame. So, before you purchase it, make sure that it will adjust with your tank without any conflict.

·      Unclear instruction

The instruction booklet is essential, especially when you are a newbie. But, this protein skimmer does not come with a proper and organized instruction book, so in that case, you need to be a bit creative.


You might find all the information from other sources, but if you think you cannot continue without an instruction book, it is better to go for alternatives.

However, if you are happy with other features, apart from this one, then you can go for it.

You can get enough information via YouTube, Reddit, and for that, you do not have to shy away from an amazing product.

Overall, with this protein skimmer, you can get sufficient benefits to make your tank fresh and healthy.

Fluval Sea PS1 Protein Skimmer

Fluval Sea PS1 Protein Skimmer is uniquely designed so that customers can get maximum satisfaction while using it in their tanks. It comes with a hang on the back feature, which means you can hang it in your aquarium.

The water pump includes a multi-fin turbine impeller, so the air goes inside the impeller and gradually goes toward the skimmer.

It runs without making any sound; therefore, it purifies your water without any disturbance. Besides, it helps eliminate bubbles from the tank.

Moreover, this product ensures low energy consumption, which means you are free from worrying about your electric bills.

If you have an aquarium, which is 45 gallons or less, this is perfect for you. It does work on tanks more that carry more than the designated weight, yet the performance may not be as stellar.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Works silently
  • Consumes low energy that cuts down your electric bills
  • Purifies marine tank and successfully manages waste


  • Produces tiny micro-bubbles while the device is on
  • Unclear instruction manual, which makes understanding a bit difficult

Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer Review: Features & Benefits

·      Easy to install

You may find many products with sophisticated designs. However, the problem is sophisticated design means a lengthy installation procedure, which might annoy you sometimes.

So, this unit offers you a pretty straightforward and effortless installation feature. It comes with hanging tools on the back so that you can easily hang it inside your aquarium.

Furthermore, you can split the device into two parts. You might assume what that is for, and the answer is easy accessibility for cleaning it properly. Therefore, with the quick adjustment feature, you can remove it and clean it whenever you want.

·      Silent operation

Will you be able to tolerate it if your mobile phone made consistent noise when it turned on? Indeed, the answer will be no because it is challenging to work with devices with a buzz.

In that case, this protein skimmer is indeed very helpful as it works all day silently without disturbing the surrounding at all.

·      Low energy consumption

Energy-efficient products are always popular among people, and this one also falls under that criteria. The system consumes very little energy, so it does not affect your electric bill, even if you keep it on for quite a long time.

Therefore, switching to this one from another skimmer can indeed save your money with promised services. It consumes only 4 watts; you can assume how beneficial it is in terms of energy saving.

·      Organic removal capacity

In terms of managing waste, this product gives you the maximum outcome. It can efficiently eliminate organic waste and improve your water clarity and quality.

You might use different media to purify the reef water, but sometimes a tiny portion of waste may exist inside the tank. Hence, using this protein skimmer will help to get rid of that additional portion of waste.

Wrapping Up

We all use different types of filtration media and aquarium filters to make our marine tank better. So, like all other things, a protein skimmer is another crucial aquarium kit, that you must have to provide your plants and fish a healthy life.

Therefore, we discussed a great product, which is reasonable as well as provides you several features for your assistance. It offers easy installation, speed, energy-efficiency, and zero noise features.

We hope our Fluval Sea PS1 Protein Skimmer review is informative enough to help you decide.

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