A backyard pond certainly looks beautiful. If you have always only thought of having one but do not know how to build a pond in your backyard to perfection then this guide will prove to be immensely helpful.

Just make sure you follow each of the steps carefully and your backyard will then have the most gorgeous looking pond ever.

Start By Planning

This is the most interesting step. You can decide on any pond design and shape so you have the option to experiment, but of course within limits.

Select an area for your pond that you can see from anywhere, even from inside your home.

If your backyard has beautiful trees then you may even consider designing your pond underneath it. This way your pond will enjoy some nice shade and will not get way too heated even during extreme summer months and there will be less chance of algae growing.

However, there is the trouble of falling leaves for which you will require pond netting.

Once you have decided the spot then outline the pond design you have planned using spray paint. Once the outline is ready it is time to go digging.

How To Build A Backyard Pond

Start Digging out Your Pond

Most people do not build a pond because they do not want to get involved in this step, but do you ever get great results without putting in efforts?


Yes, digging out your pond will require a lot of time and hard work and so it will be a good idea if you can get someone to help you here.

Renting a backhoe will be a nice idea, and though it can prove to be a little expensive, it will save you both time and efforts.

You need to start by digging around 12-inch down for your first shelf. If you want you can place a few aquatic plants here, and then continue digging 24-inch down for the rest.

Begin Installing the Equipment You Have

You will be using certain equipment to make sure your pond remains clear and works smoothly and it is time for installing the same. The 2 important types of equipment that every backyard pond should ideally have are –

Place Your Liner

Before you place the liner, you need the underlayment as this will keep your liner protected from any tears from underneath.

Next, place the liner which will help to make sure water stays in the pond and does not come out in your yard.

If you do not place this properly or somehow damage it then it can result in a leak, and then you will have to spend a good amount in fixing it.

Your liner has to be properly attached to the filter and skimmer and thus this can take some of your time.

Some points to keep in mind while placing your liner are –

  • Extend the liner over the edge by a foot
  • Anchor it using rocks
  • Make sure the liner is not too wrinkled

Add Gravel and Rocks to the Bottom of Your Pond

Now you need to place the rocks and you should begin by placing the bigger ones first. Place them on the shelf and also around the edge. This will even help make sure the liner stays in place.

You should make use of normal rocks and not the colorful or decorative ones. When you place them, the smoother side should face the pond.

When you cover the liner with gravel and rocks then you will enjoy many benefits including –

  • It will look aesthetically pleasing
  • It will give a natural look
  • It will keep the liner protected

Another important thing is to seal your pond to prevent any water leakage issues in future. In this article I have discussed some effective ways to seal a pond naturally.

Place Any Additions

You can make your backyard pond look even more beautiful by installing additions. When you install ad-ons it can not only make the pond look more stunning but decrease maintenance as well. Some of the options that you have include –

You can select any and install them during your pond build process.

Install Pump and Fountains

This step is optional. Some people prefer their backyard pond to always stay clear and also for aesthetic reasons they prefer installing a fountain.

If you too prefer clear water you can add a fountain or a pump as this keeps the water moving, or you may even choose to install a skimmer to reduce the maintenance expenses of your pond.

Get a fountain and pump ideal for the size of your pond and following the given instructions install it properly.

Introduce the Fishes

Now that everything is ready you need to see if all is working fine and add some life into your pond.

First, fill the pond with water, and then move the liner to make sure it remains even on both the sides of your pond. With the help of a sharp knife, scissors or box cutter get rid of any excess liner. However, make sure the liner still can stretch under the edging.

Be very careful, and do not cut the liner too short.

Once all this is done, you can start introducing fishes.

  • Place the fishes in a plastic open bag.
  • Place this bag in the pond water but do not immediately allow water to enter the bag.
  • Slowly, allow some water into your plastic bag and let the fishes out.
  • If you are introducing Koi fish to your pond, please be extra cautious about your filter selection

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How To Build A Pond Waterfall

Creating a waterfall is not difficult either, if you want one. It’s a little tricky but you already know the basics. Let’s watch a video guide to understand clearly what you need to do.

Clean the Area Around

Now that your backyard pond is fully ready you need to start cleaning the area around. Remember, no matter how beautifully you have built your pond, if the area around is a mess, your pond also will never look attractive.

You already have spent so many hours into building your pond, why not spend a little more time into cleaning the area nearby to enjoy perfection?

Wrapping Up

Since everything is now in place, your backyard pond is ready just the way you always had wanted. You simply need to sit back and enjoy the view. The pond will not only make your property look more beautiful but every time you sit nearby watching it, it will give you a sense of calm and happiness that nothing else can.

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