Ambitious pond owners want their pond to look magical, not only at day but at night too. And getting the best pond lights will ensure you can achieve that astonishing radiance.

To produce an exotic look while ensuring a delightful atmosphere, you can use some simple lighting kits and illuminate your lovely outdoor water fixture with their enchanting lighting effects.

With that in mind, I’ve reviewed some awesome looking pond lights that create an unforgettable ambience. Let’s begin.

Best Underwater Pond Lights At A Glance

Finding The Best Pond Lights: Reviews & Comparison

Of course, pond lights are a wonderful addition to any backyard. At night, they create a magical vibe as well as work as a means of security. They’re energy-efficient and don’t overheat the pond too! So, why not give them a try.

Best pond lights

I picked 7 pretty good ones to start with, have a look:


1. Jebao Submersible – Best Underwater LED Pond Light

Jebao Submersible LED Pond Light with Photocell Sensor


I’ll start things off with a bright and jazzy LED light kit from Jebao. With the 4 colorful lenses, you can light up your monotonous pond with radiant blue, green, red, and yellow hues.

I can’t stress enough how rich your pond is going to look with one of these. Don’t underestimate these 2 lbs lights; a single one of them can create an ambient mood- perfect for a special night.

Since this kit is made for ponds and gardens, Jebao made sure that you won’t face any complications while installing this underwater pond lights. Setting this up is a piece of cake.

You can turn the lights at any angle, giving you full freedom of how you want to place them.

There is no need to worry about safety; this LED lighting kit is designed for low voltage so that it won’t cause any harm to you or your fishes. Also, it’s made out of non-toxic plastic material, and you can rest easy knowing your pond will be safe from any kind of contamination.

Whenever you have a light that stopped working, you just have to change that malfunctioned bulb, not the entire setup.

The automatic photocell sensor will activate the lights as soon as it’s dark out there. This is definitely the kind of tech I expect in 2021.


  • 4 colorful lights for a flamboyant color combination
  • Adjustable angles, letting you cover every portion of your pond
  • Photocell sensors light up as soon as the sun sets


  • Lasts only a few months

2. Aquascape 84034 – Best LED Spotlight For Pond

Aquascape 84034 6-Watt Waterproof Submersible LED Spotlight for Pond


Have you ever wished for backyard LED lighting that’d be as good as a Halogen bulb? If the answer is yes, then your wish came true. You can get the output of a 50W halogen light from this LED light from Aquascape. This little fella has a natural warm light color of 3500K. Surprising, isn’t it?

You might be thinking that it might be as energy-hungry as a halogen bulb too, but amazingly this product only demands 6W to operate. My eyes popped out when I saw how energy efficient the kit is.

The die-cast housing is made out of metal and consists of a protective layer of three-part architectural bronze, making it sturdy enough to withstand any harsh weather throughout the year.

But that’s not all, this fixture is also sealed watertight, making it suitable for underwater setups, and there is no need for further cutting. So you’re getting an amazing LED spotlight that you’ll be able to set up in your pond on a durable and robust frame.

You might be wondering this will be hard to put together but in reality the components support quick connect functionality.

This LED light has a shelf life of 40,000 hours; you won’t need to replace them often as you would need with many other bulbs.

With so many convenient features, it’s hard to pass this one.


  • Its output is equivalent to a 50W halogen bulb
  • Strong and durable die-cast frame that can withstand any harsh weather
  • Energy-efficient, only demands 6W of power
  • Quick connect components make it easy to set up


  • You cannot replace the bulbs

3. Lc Smarts Solar Pond Spotlights – Best Solar Pond Light

Solar Pond Spotlights Submersible Pond Lights


Next up, I have an eco-friendly option for your outdoor landscape, pond, and garden. Its amphibious design lets you set it up on the surface and underwater.

Aboveground, you just have to place the light stand in a suitable position- it could be the entrance, parking lot, posts, garden, alley, garage, or playground; basically anywhere. You can even move up to 90 degrees over and under.

The IP68 waterproof function protects the spotlight while it’s submerged. It is also dustproof, so you don’t have to worry about it being clogged. On top of that, this product is made out of non-toxic ABS plastic material. No worries if you want to leave it underwater without any concern.

You can get a 20-hour output by only charging it for 8 hours under direct sunlight. It is good for the environment and you don’t have to worry about bills. Win-win!

There are 6 LED bulbs inside a spotlight, and guess what, you get 3 of those. This is enough to engulf your entire pond with a warm white color at night.

If you’re worried about what you will do on cloudy days, then relax as this product also comes with an 1800 mAh Lithium-ion battery, giving you peace of mind.


  • Being solar operated, there is no need for a power source
  • With 8 hours of charging under direct sunlight, you can use this for 20 hours
  • It also has battery backup if sunlight is lacking
  • You can adjust the lights up to 90 degrees


  • These might not last for long

4. DOCEAN Light – Best Submersible Pond Light With Remote

DOCEAN Submersible Multi-Color Remote Controlled Pond Light


Transform your monotonous pond into a polychromatic celebration with this brilliant lighting kit.

You’ll get a pack of 2 color upgradable spotlights, each having 36 LED lights inside them.

This is probably the most flexible product in this article in terms of installations. There are 4 suction cups that let you place it on any surface as long as it is smooth. You can move it 180 degrees horizontally and vertically.

The suction cups are strong, they won’t fall off easily. Often you can’t get creative with pond lights since the cable isn’t too long, but here you get a 20 feet power cord which gives you extra flexibility.

There is no risk of UV or IR radiation, and the outer casing of the lights are built with non-toxic ABS plastic, so the entire thing is totally safe for the environment. To further improve an existing great product, DOCEAN also included IP68 waterproofing, ensuring the integrity and long life of the lights.

You’ll also get an RF controller that you can upgrade to IR anytime you wish. Its signal can penetrate most objects as long as it is under a 15m distance. The remote has 16 color options with 10 brightness levels with various speeds. That’s not all, you get 4 different modes to display all these different settings for maximum customization.


  • 36 LED bulbs on each spotlight, lighting up your entire backyard
  • Maximum customization with 16 colors, 4 modes, and various speed and lighting options
  • UV and IR resistant lights keeping you and your surroundings safe
  • Place them anywhere at any angle, you have full freedom


  • IR controls get rusty after a few months

5. Alpine 50-watt – Best Pond Light Kit

Alpine 50W Pond Light Clear Lense 33ft Cable


Presenting the Alpine pond lighting that offers quality and performance at a reasonable price tag. This stunning light comes with 50 watts to illuminate your pond and its surroundings.

Despite being a 50-watt bright light, this guy runs at a low voltage. So, it would be an energy-efficient option. Also, your electricity bill won’t increase unexpectedly. To ensure a flawless electric supply, this lighting fixture is equipped with a high-quality transformer.

Additionally, this 6 X 6 inches light has a compact shape. As a result, you can easily fit it in any crevices and corners of the pond. The 33 feet long waterproof power cord makes the light placement further simple. Also, you can place this submersible light on the edge of the pond as an Up-lighting light fixture.

Plus, Alpine has crafted this 4-inch tall pond lighting with heavy-duty metal. Plus, its plastic stake and base plate are well-built too. You can also put your trust in its robust lens.

What’s even better, you won’t face any issue installing this light fixture in your pond. The easy setup takes around 15 minutes.


  • Long cable for placing the light properly
  • Low voltage lighting consumes less electricity
  • 50 watts produce high brightness


  • It becomes extremely hot after 8-12 hours.

6. SHOYO – Best Solar Powered Underwater Pond Light

Solar Landscape Spot Light Underwater Pond Light LED RGB Colored IP68 Waterproof Pond Light


If you don’t have the privilege to set up a corded pond light and don’t want to use battery-powered lights, you can install a Solar pond lighting fixture. And, this amazing pond lights from SHOYO will surely tick all of your expectations.

Because of being solar-powered, you don’t need to worry about its electricity. It will gain adequate power from the sun during day time and automatically lit up when light is absent. Yes, it is equipped with a high-quality light sensor to change its state accordingly.

In addition to that, Its solar panel is built with first-class materials to provide a long-lasting performance without any power input or output issues. These robust LED lights are color-changing and offer four exciting modes. Also, you can easily control the lights using the supplied remote control.

However, to provide more comfort in lights arrangement, the manufacturer has provided an 8.8 ft long line between the solar panel and the first light. The solar panel is rainproof, and also the lights are waterproof (IP68 rating). So, you can use them as submersible lights.

Moreover, the lights come with suction cups to allow you to attach the lights to any smooth surface. Don’t worry; you can remove suction cups if you don’t want to use them.


  • Durable lights offer long-lasting service
  • Waterproof feature for multipurpose use
  • Heavy-duty and rainproof solar panel for continuous electricity


  • The remote control is not that good

7. ETINAS 10W RGB LED Pond Light



Are you looking for a multipurpose lighting fixture? Well, look no further. This world-class pond light can be used in fountains, pools, ponds, parks, rockeries, and decorating other water fixtures to illuminate and beautify them.

This excellent product offers an IP68 waterproof rating. That means, besides uplighting, you can use it as a submersible light or downlighting. Moreover, this 12V RGB Light is made with a top-notch optical lens. It can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. The arc-shaped tempered glass provides better protection to the lens.

To make the light further water-resistant, it has a rubber ring sealing at its neck. This 10W light has 700-900LM and provides an everlasting 25000H to 50000H service life.

You will also get convenient RF remote control with the lighting fixture having a 2-meter working range. This remote has 24 keys, whereas 12 keys are used to get static lighting effects, and 4 keys are for getting dynamic effects such as flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

On the other hand, 8 keys are given to perform on/off, brightness adjusting (2 keys), and flashing mode selection (4 keys). Therefore, you can easily create a lighting paradise near or inside your pond. Cool, isn’t it?


  • High-quality optical lens gives bright light
  • Remote control system ensures smooth control
  • Generate multiple colors for various application


  • The transformer is not waterproof or moisture resistant.

Types of Pond Lighting System

Different kinds of pond lighting fixtures seem different in a backyard pond. There are mainly three types of pond lights popularly used by pond owners. They are- Uplighting, Downlighting, and Submersible pond lights. Let’s see what each of them offers and how to utilize them properly.

1. Downlighting

To make stunning reflections and mimicking mother nature, the majority of the pond owners opt for this lighting fixture. This fantastic light creates a natural environment for fish and plants. Moreover, you can add these lights to illuminate any small area of a pond.

Downlighting pond lights are a more budget-friendly option and offer long-lasting performance. And, these types of lights are super simple to install. The great thing about this lighting fixture is that it can be placed both inside and outside part of your pond.

In most cases, pond owner places these lights in tree branches or canopy near the pond to create natural shadow effects and shadowing effects.

2. Uplighting

These kinds of lights create gorgeous lighting effects near the pond’s edge. The best thing about these lights is that you can point them in any direction. In most cases, these lights are headed towards trees and structures that are situated close to the pond.

Moreover, you can also aim to light the surface where your ponds waterfall hits with uplighting fixtures. It will create a fantastic atmosphere around the pond. These types of ponds are also called bullet lights. Most of the time, these lights are attached to the ground near the pond.

3. Submersible lighting

This kind of lighting fixture is placed underwater to provide a spectacular effect on your pond water. It will make the water sparkle, and your fish will enjoy swimming near the colorful rays of lighting.

You can easily place submersible lights in corners and crevices of your pond’s bottom. However, you have to keep your pond water crystal clear to get the most out of these lights. Moreover, these lights come with diverse colors, size, and shape to meet your requirements.

Submersible lighting fixture work better in shallow areas of the pond. Also, you can place them under a fountain to enjoy a colorful water display. However, these lights require more maintenance compared to other options.

LED Lights vs Halogen Lights – Which is Better?

Ever since the emergence of LED, there has been a hot topic town- Is LED better than Halogen? The short answer is- YES. Here is why:

  1. LED bulbs use 85% less power, so they are more energy-efficient.
  2. A 7.5W LED light can give the same output as a 50W Halogen one.
  3. LED lights can last 10 times longer than a Halogen light, with a shelf life of 50,000 hours.
  4. LED turns most of its energy into light and approximately 10% only into heat, whereas a Halogen light converts the lion’s share into heat; this is why LED bulbs are cooler.
  5. A 100W Halogen bulb produces 1900 lumen which is out shadowed by the 11,500 lumen output of a 100W LED bulb.
  6. Halogen lights emit infrared rays that cause fabric and artwork problems; no such thing occurs with LED.
  7. You need gloves to handle a Halogen bulb as they are sensitive to skin oil; handling LED is much easier.
  8. Halogen bulbs get super hot after extended periods of use; if you have too many halogen bulbs in a room, then you might need air conditioning; this kind of inconvenience doesn’t happen with LED.
  9. Halogen bulbs are fragile and LED bulbs are shatterproof.
  10.  Halogen bulbs are susceptible to fire hazards, this is highly unlikely with LED.

If there’s anything a Halogen bulb has the edge over LED, it’s the cost. LEDs cost more if we only consider upfront expenses. However, even that advantage is lost if we factor in LED’s long lifespan and low energy consumption.

You can see a clear winner; LED lights are better than Halogen.

How to Install Pond Lights

Finding the best pond lights for your pond is just the start. Your next step will be to install it properly and make your backyard shine! It is a simple DIY project. All you need is a carefully planned set of activities, and I’ll help you with that:

Step 1: Secure the area

Your first task would be to make the surroundings of your pond safe. Water and electricity don’t play nice together, so it’s up to you to make it work. You’re asking for trouble if your submersible pond lights aren’t waterproof; even a tiny drop could lead you to dire consequences.

Your equipment also has to be weatherproof otherwise, harsh climate could tamper with it and malfunction the entire system. Worst case scenario is you getting electrocuted from such a faulty setup.

The final piece of the puzzle you’ll need is GFCI [ground fault circuit interrupter]; it is a kind of circuit breaker that will automatically shut down the entire system if there is any abnormality in power distribution.

Tip: While the cables that connect to a lighting kit are waterproof, make sure the ones that would be linked to the adapter are always dry.

Step 2: Installation procedure

After securing the perimeter, you can proceed with the setup. The best way to install pond lighting is when your pond is empty. Like when you’re on the building phase of the pond or during an annual cleaning session.

Place the lights at the bottom of your pond, facing upwards. I’ll share a trick on where to place pond lights – put them at an angle away from the common visiting spots. This way the spectators won’t be affected by the light, and you can direct them towards a special attraction [let’s say a fountain].

Once you’re done placing them, try to fix them tightly so that they don’t move or fall off. Most kits nowadays come with weighted bases to keep them steady.

Next up, you have to connect the lights to a 12V transformer. Place it near the GFCI outlet. I’ll suggest only using 80-90% of the transformer’s potential.

Connect the plug to the transformer and secure it tightly so no water can get in. You’re almost done! All that is left is to hide the cables with natural or decorative rocks to interfere with your aesthetics.

And that’s it! We’ve reached the finish point.

Note: In case of solar panels, you just have to connect the lights with the solar panel. Be sure to keep the solar panel at a dry and sunny place.

Common pond lighting mistakes

A fully equipped and shining pond light brings a charming vibe to the pond water at night. However, there are a few common but silly mistakes that could hamper your pond’s overall beauty and provide you an awful pond lighting experience. Without further delay, let’s have a look at some of these careless errors.

1. Lack of planning

Without proper planning, your expensive lights may look unappealing. Before adding lights to your pond, you need to determine what kind of lights you want. It would help if you also decide how many lights you want.

You have to make the entire planning keeping the size, shape, and positioning of the pond. For example, if you buy a solar-powered lighting fixture and your pond is located in a shaded area, then your lights won’t function properly.

2. Improper placement

Light placement is the secret recipe that enhances the beauty of a pond significantly.  On the other hand, improper light placement may make the pond look sarcastic. Sometimes wrong light placements may create impediments for fish and other pond inhabitants. For instance- if you place medium-range submersible lights in a deep area of a pond, they won’t be able to illuminate the pond surface properly.

3. Buying cheap fixture

This is another silly but unforgivable mistake that most of us commit regarding buying anything. We go for the cheapest option available and suffer in the long run. So, you can’t repeat the same mistake here. Yes, many pond lights are sold at a reasonable price; never buy cheap ones.

4. Placing transformer far

If you have wire-connected pond lights, always ensure that its incorporating transformer is located near the pond. Positioning the transformer away from the pond will interrupt the smooth current flow, which is harmful to pond lights.

5. Lack of maintenance

Both the pond and pond lighting maintenance is necessary, but many people don’t take this seriously. As a result, they get poor performance from high-profile lights. Also, algae and pond dirt cause damage to the lense of the submersible lights.

6. Excessive lightings

Lighting makes a pond beautiful, but unnecessary lighting is not good. It increases your electricity bills and provides an unnatural look. Many people make this mistake without pondering much about its negative effects.

7. Not properly burying cable

Many pond owners forget to hide them while installing pond lights but exposed electrical wires and cables are extremely dangerous. Therefore, your pond light’s wires and cable should be buried properly to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Things to Consider when Buying Submersible Pond Lights

Here are a few things that you should check carefully before buying your pond lights. Use the following section as a buying guide to get the best pond lights for your lovely pond.

Will they be bright enough?

This is an important criterion to judge submersible pond lights. The beauty of your backyard pond increases exponentially with the brightness of the lights. However, brighter light requires more electricity. If you own a medium-sized or small pond, then light having one watt+ LED light would work fine.

However, for deeper and bigger ponds, you should go for at least 3 to 6 watts+ lights. Also, make sure that your pond is clean enough, as algae and filthy water will hinder the light’s glare.

Does it support multiple colors?

Colorful lights will create a dreamy environment surrounding your pond. It will make the pond seem much prettier and attractive. On the other hand, only one-color light will bring a monotonous vibe into the pond’s appearance. So, while purchasing your pond’s light, don’t forget to get multiple colors supporting lights even if it costs slightly higher.

Also, if you want any of your favorite colors to shine your ponds, then carefully check whether the lights you are buying support this color or not. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

How Easy is the Pond Lights to Install?

Pond lights with complex installation processes may lead to fatal errors. As you have to connect electricity to the lights, any wrong step may cause damage to the lights or even injure your body parts. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get a pond lighting with a simple installation process.

Battery-operated or solar powered lights are super easy to install as you don’t have to take the hassle of connecting the cable to any transformer and so.

Pond Light Placement and Mounting

Not every pond has the same shape, and a set of pond lights’ performance hugely depends on its mounting style and placement. As a result, you have to buy light keeping your pond’s size and shape in mind.

Cable-connected lights should be placed near its transformer or vice versa. It will reduce the frequent voltage dropping issue. However, if you want to buy a solar power pond light set, it should be placed in an area where the lights get adequate sunlight.

You should also check whether the lights have easy mounting features. Lights’ size and types also play a significant role in pond lights placement and mounting. Remember, poor mounting and placement can reduce the effectiveness of a top-notch lighting fixture.

How will your Pond Lights be powered?

If you know how to connect a cable-powered pond light and you can easily arrange electricity from a nearby source, then pond lights with power cord will be good for you. It will ensure that the lights get a stable electricity supply and no malfunctioning occurs.

On the flip side of the coin, you should buy battery powered or lights that use solar power if your pond is located in a remote area where it is tough and expensive to bring electrical power cord connections to the pond lights.

Safety First!

While selecting a lighting fixture for your pond, make sure that the lights and their components don’t contain any harmful chemical substance. Otherwise, these chemicals may kill or damage the plants and livestock of the pond. Also, the corded lights’ electrical cable should be made of high-quality material to avoid any accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are pond lights fish safe?

Yes. Pond lights are made out of non-toxic plastic, and they only emit 10% of energy as heat; this solves 2 major risks to fish.

How will your Pond Lights be powered?

There are a few ways to power pond lights. You can use a wired connection with a transformer, solar panels, or battery packs as a power source.

Pond lights monthly running costs?

Let’s do some maths. If you have a 6W LED bulb and run it 10 hours a day then:

Daily usage= 6*10/1000=0.06 kWh
Monthly usage= 0.06*30= 1.8kWh

If the national average cost is $0.10 per kWh then monthly running cost is= 1.8*0.1= 0.18 per month from a single LED bulb.

Why Choose Underwater Pond Lights?

Underwater pond lights directly illuminate below the water surface. With proper placement, some colorful lenses and creativity, you can create a magical atmosphere.

Are Solar Pond Lights any Good?

If you get a decent amount of sunlight, then you should definitely go for it. You’ll save a lot of money this way. Many solar devices have built-in battery packs too!

Should pond lights be turned off at night?

Turning off pond lights from time to time is a good idea. It ensures proper rest for your aquatic buddies. Like humans, fish also have a natural cycle so try to maintain a regular pattern with the pond lights to mimic the natural cycle. So you should turn off the pond lights at night.

Editor’s verdict

As you can see, I picked quite a few impressive pond lights to decorate your pond with dazzling radiance and elegance.

Out of all them, my pick for the best pond lights would be the ETINAS RGB pond lights. SHOYO’s solar paneled lighting was amazing too, it wasn’t easy to pick a favorite between the two.

But that’s only my input. Pick whichever you like and explore your inner artist!

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