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In this article we will present the Seachem Marine Buffer review. It is a pH controller that mostly increases and maintains the level of pH in reef tanks.

The standard pH level in water is one of the significant aspects of reef tanks, and if you are an aquarium hobbyist, it would be something you need to think of right now.

There are many reasons why we always fail to maintain a constant pH in our tank. Some of the reasons might be carbon dioxide surrounding, polluted water, low alkalinity as well as fish poop (sigh).

All of these factors continuously disrupt the level of pH and, indeed, results in sudden fish loss or sometimes harm corals. Besides, even if you keep changing water within a few days, it is challenging to keep the pH level constant for an extended period.

To make this happen, you may find a lot of products from different brands, but the fact is trying a new thing is always a risk, especially when it comes to marine lives.

So, if you are worried about the natural ionic balance of the reef aquarium, then its time you let go off it.

Things to consider before buying

You cannot add a substance in your aquarium without knowing it well, and there are certain things in every product, which makes them suitable for different purposes.

Therefore, if you are purchasing this pH controller from Seachem, we believe it is better to go through some important factors regarding the safety of your marine tank.

So, let us see how you can get the best out of this product.

·      Follow adequate dosing measure

Dosing correctly from time to time is something you cannot ignore. You can never achieve the expected result if you lack appropriate dosing management.


This product says that overdosing does not raise the level of pH unexpectedly. But, this turned out to be wrong in the case of many users.

Some marine tank professionals added that this product is quite safe and suitable for the reef aquarium, but it is always better to be one step ahead in terms of safety.

Seachem Reef Buffer dosing table

The reason is overdosing might cause a dangerous level of pH, which might harm, and worse, kill your corals and fish. However, reaching a hazardous level does not mean it increases, but it shifts abruptly, which can be harmful.

Therefore, we recommend that you should not skip the dosing instructions to get a beautiful and healthy marine aquarium.

Do not mix any other supplement with this one, for example, calcium, magnesium, and strontium.

Presenting The Seachem Marine Buffer

Looking for an easy solution for controlling pH in your reef tank? Take a glance into Seachem Marine Buffer. This product especially comes with raising pH formula that makes sure there is no disruption in water.

The preferred pH level for various fishes is not always the same, but the standard level in reef aquariums is considered from 7.8 to 8.5. Apart from this range, the ideal value is 8.3 because it is similar to natural seawater.

With that said, this product offers you a standard pH level of 8.3, and more importantly, it does not exceed the intended level.

The question that you might have is how this product does it so quickly, even though there are massive shifts among ions carbonate, bicarbonate, and borate.

These three ions drive water into different pH, but this product’s blending helps to encourage all of them to keep a level of 8.3 or closer. Due to this, you can get a stable pH in your tank.

Mostly it contains sodium, strontium, magnesium, calcium, and salt of carbonate, bicarbonate, borate, and chloride.


  • Maintains the pH level 8.3 in reef tanks
  • Does not exceed the level of pH more than 8.3
  • It does not disturb the alkalinity of water
  • No disruption in natural ionic balance


  • It takes more than 15 minutes to dissolve in water
  • Makes water a bit cloudy

Seachem Marine Buffer Review: Features & Benefits

·      Maintains pH level

Maintaining a pH level is always the real struggle for every marine aquarium keeper. It gets disrupted for several reasons, and monitoring all of them is challenging. Failing to balance it makes it difficult for fishes to survive in water.

So, this product brings an excellent solution for effortless management of pH in your reef tank. It tries to settle the level near to 8.3, which is the ideal point of natural saltwater.

It creates a great combination between ions and their pH level so that it can stay stable on one point. Besides, blending this in water also helps to keep the alkalinity balanced.

Therefore, your fishes can roam around actively without any breathing issues. And, do not worry about the cycle of natural ions, it will remain the same as it was before.

·      Overdosing does not raise pH

Overdosing is always a problem, and it might happen unconsciously. This product is very convenient for many users because it does not increase the pH above 8.3.

So, it ensures the safe even if you overdose it by mistake.

However, this consistency that we mentioned is a one-time thing. You can overdose once or maybe twice and get away with it. If you keep ignoring the dosing instruction and overuse the solution, it can have a detrimental effect on the overall water quality of your tank.

·      Budget-friendly

This product is less expensive compared to any other product in the market. Besides, it offers great volume, so with this 250gm container, you can use it in 1000 gallons of water.

Final Thoughts

Are you struggling to stabilize the pH level in your reef tank, or perhaps looking for something great but budget-friendly? Then this product can help you out.

Well, if you have gone through the Seachem Marine Buffer review, we hope you can understand how important it is to keep a balanced pH in water. By now, it should be clear to you whether this product works for you or not.

So, before it’s too late, grab one of them because we believe it can improve your marine tank enormously.

We wish you a happy shopping!!

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