When it comes to aquariums, there are a lot of options to choose from. Sometimes the choices might become too muddling, and it is at that moment you have to decide which size of an aquarium you should buy.

Reef or marine tank aquariums can be costly to install and tough to maintain. However, nano reef tanks are inexpensive aquariums in which you can keep your favorite corals and fish.

Since the last decade, nano marine tanks have become popular. The best ones are pretty affordable, and you don’t need over the top components to maintain them.

Nano marine aquarium keepers know how relaxing it is to sit back and watch the corals and fish of various shapes and sizes. If you plan on buying a nano reef tank, there are some things that you should be aware of.

When you keep corals and fish in the tank, you’ll generally need to buy LED lights, a filter, a wavemaker, and a protein skimmer. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared beforehand.

However, all these considerations come later after you purchase an aquarium. Thus, in this Fluval Evo 5 review, we will be discussing a quality nano reef tank, its different features, pros, and cons. Based on the article, you can decide if this product suits your needs.

Fluval Evo V Marine Aquarium Kit
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Things to Consider Before Buying

Other than being economical, nano marine tanks can fit into small areas. You don’t need to clear an ample space to set it up. They are also flexible, so you can move them around to change your aquatic setting.

However, being small also has its disadvantages. You can’t grow or keep as many fishes or corals as you want. For instance, you can’t keep large and aggressive fish in your tank.

The small aquariums are also known to accumulate toxins and debris faster than large tanks. You also have to maintain the fluctuating temperatures of your tank.

·      Not Suitable for SPS Corals


The corals are divided into two categories, Large Polyp Stony and Small Polyp Stony. If you are a fan of Small Polyp Stony Corals, also known as SPS, then this product is not for you.

It has been observed that the SPS needs more care and attention than the LPS. This is because SPS is less tolerant of low water quality, and they also require high flow and light.

Furthermore, they also tend to overgrow, and they need a consistent supply of minerals like magnesium, calcium, and alkalinity. Therefore, they can’t survive in this Fluval Evo reef tank.

The output of LED given to this tank, as well as its water flow, will be insufficient to grow SPS. If, however, you still want a reef tank that can develop and maintain SPS, then you should opt for the Coralife Fish Tank.

It is a little bit larger than the Fluval Evo, and this helps to maintain the stability of the water parameters. So, you can successfully grow SPS corals in this aquarium.

Presenting The Fluval Evo 5 Marine Aquarium

The 5-gallon nano marine aquarium is known for its affordable price and high efficiency. Its compact size will allow you to fit it anywhere, either a countertop or a desk. You can easily carry the tank by yourself.

The aquarium features 11,000K radiant LED lights. This is more than enough to keep your nano reef tank alight night and day. The LEDs consist of bright blue lights that are perfect and effective for reef corals.

Moreover, the tank has primarily been constructed for saltwater, making it suitable for the marine reef. It has a stylish honeycomb structure, with three transparent angles and also a visible top.

This will allow you to have a brilliant view of the aquarium with its different fishes and corals swimming around. Aside from using the transparent cover top for maintenance and feeding, it lets the light from the LED illuminate the tank.

However, the product dominating the market right now is the Red Sea Max Aquarium. It has a unique up-scale design. The aquarium features HD lighting with the help of Wi-Fi. So you can control the light even if you are not around.


  • The compact design makes it ideal for small spaces
  • The actinic blue light produced from 11,000K LEDs
  • A modern and aesthetic honeycomb structure
  • Three-stage filtration system


  • Only able to hold few fishes and corals
  • Not suitable for anything except saltwater
  • Unsuitable for SPS corals
  • The filter might be a little noisy

Fluval Evo 5 Review: Features and Benefits

Let us have a look at the primary advantages of this product.

Fluval Evo 5 Review
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·      Honeycomb Design

The attractive feature of this product lies in its exquisite design. Its three-sided cuboid structure gives it the honeycomb shape. The three sides of the tank are transparent, even the top cover.

So anyone can see the inside of the tank from all three angles. The two covered sides hold the essential filtration components for the tank. It is also pretty easy to clean the aquarium,

The nano tank includes a casing, which makes it easier to view the corals and marine life.

·      Three Stage Filtration System

The three stages of filtration are biological, chemical, and mechanical media. This powerful system keeps the tank clean and healthy at all times and helps prevent diseases and illnesses of marine life.

Furthermore, the biological, chemical, and mechanical filter will effectively remove bacteria, chemicals, and debris from the marine tank. Unlike other aquariums, you don’t have to purchase the screen and light separately.

The filter system will not mar the beautiful design of the tank because it will always remain hidden in the honeycomb structure. Furthermore, the system is said to become silent after a few days. So you won’t be disturbed by any noise from the filter.

Alternates You May Consider

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Wrapping Up

From our Fluval Evo V review, you should understand by now that is is a trendy aquarium. It is known for its powerful and highly efficient filtration mechanism. You need a proper filter system if you want to keep corals, fishes, and a variety of aquatic plants in your tank.

The LED light is also beneficial for your marine tank. Other than that, it has two different settings of sunrise and nighttime for the aquarium. At such an affordable price, this is an excellent nano marine tank.

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