You’ve spent hours designing and constructing your own backyard oasis – now it’s time to make sure that it has all the right equipment! A pond definitely needs a pump, and nowadays solar powered pond pumps are in demand.

Solar powered pond pumps are one of the most excellent utilities you could have in your pond. With smart positioning and careful maintenance, you’ll have an eco-friendly power supply and save a lot of cash at the end of the month.

In today’s post, I have some of the best solar pond pumps that would definitely be beneficial for your pond system. Have a look…

Top 8 Best Solar Pond Pumps Reviews

Solar powered pond pumps are a great way to keep your pond water clear and healthy. They work by pumping water from the bottom of the pond and then filtering it through an above-ground filter system, which usually contains activated carbon filters, UV sterilizers, and biological filters.

Solar pond pumps are like regular pond pumps but they run with the help of solar power.

With so many different options available on the market now, choosing one can be difficult. That’s where I come in! I reviewed 10 awesome solar powered pond pumps below also included a buyer’s guide that includes all you need to know about picking out a solar powered pond pump for your home garden or backyard oasis!

1. MNP SP50 50W Twin Panel Submersible Pond Pump Kit

MNP SP50 50W Twin Panel Submersible Pond Pump Kit

This submersible pond pump kit comes with two 50W solar panels( 25Wx2), a 16 feet plastic hose, and a 16 feet electrical cable. The system is powered by a brushless solar pond pump, which is really a game-changer for solar powered pond pumps.

Thanks to the electrical cable that can be extended to different lengths of 16 or 32 feet, you can conceal the panels and position them in a place where they get the most sunlight.  You don’t need to buy extra cable or do any extra work and it should be up and running immediately on a bright sunny day.


When both panels are in full sunlight, the MNP SP50 pump can move over 800 gallons per hour. However, the pump weighs over 5 pounds on its own and needs some space (containers with a capacity of at least 100 gallons) to operate well. So naturally, it’s too powerful for most small ponds or garden fountains.

It has a special feature called “dry run protection” that’ll save some water for your fish should there be any leak and will turn the pump off. Also, the locked rotor protection feature protects it from failing due to debris clogging the rotor. Maintenance would be a snap with this.

Keep in mind though this submersible solar pond pump doesn’t store power when it’s dark or cloudy and requires direct sunlight all time to work efficiently. It does have a battery backup option but they aren’t very reliable.

  • Dry run protection saves water
  • Have protection for locked rotor
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Doesn’t function well for smaller ponds
  • Requires constant sunlight

 2. Sunnydaze Outdoor Solar Pump – Best Solar Pond Pump With Battery Backup

Sunnydaze Outdoor Solar Pump and Panel Fountain Kit with Battery Pack and LED Light

Sunnydaze outdoor pump is a great choice for most small ponds and fountains that require water flow. This kit has everything you’ll need to build a DIY outdoor fountain, including a solar-powered panel, battery pack, a submersible pump, LED light, two 16 ft. cables, four 3-inch extension tubes, and two different fountain spray heads.

At a rate of 132 gallons per hour, the solar powered fountain pump sprays water up to 56 inches high. It’s fairly simple to use. Place the panel in direct sunlight, connect the cord from the panel, the pump cable, and the LED light cable to the battery box and you’re all set up!

It’s pretty great but one disadvantage is that, unlike the MNP SP50 Pump Kit, it lacks dry-out protection, which could cause the pump to burn out.

During the day when the power button is on, the pump will run on solar power and store energy in the battery pack. It will run as long as the sun hits the panels directly. It can be, however, scheduled to run on a timer. There’s a timed setting that lets you operate the solar pond pump for 2, 3, or 4 hours and then turn it off for the remainder of the day.

When the sun sets, the battery pack can last up to 4 hours on a single charge. Simply push the Power button on to utilize the battery pack in continuous use mode. The LED light is only active at night and turns on/off automatically.

  • Stores energy in the battery pack
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easily replaceable battery system
  • Scheduled timer with auto turn off
  • Could malfunction for lacking a dry-out protection

3. Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit

Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit

Next up we have another submersible brushless water pump kit by solariver. This efficient magnetic water Pump allows you to transfer large amounts of water without ever having to connect it to the power grid!

It’s a great choice for large fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls, hydroponics, animal troughs, or any water features where you need to pump water but don’t want to use electricity or simply want to cut down on the energy bills. It is also safe for fish, plants, and any other aquatic life.

You can start it in seconds thanks to its easy plug-and-play design, making it very convenient to use. With the supplied power cord, the 20-watt solar panel is framed in metal, comes with a stake, and can be positioned up to 16 feet away from the solar pond pump.

It also has a removable filter that keeps debris from clogging the rotor and 3 types of fountain attachments.

If you want to position the panel further away from the pump, you can buy a 16` extension cord that is sold separately. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about any other electrical or wiring hassle.

This durable solar pond pump has a life expectancy of 20,000+ hours and gives 6.5 feet of lift in ideal circumstances. You can also adjust the flow rate and don’t have to worry about drying out your container, due to the dry-run protection.

Just like any other solar pump, the panel needs to be placed directly under the sun, and the water flow depends on the amount of sunlight that hits the panel. Unlike Sunnydaze, this one doesn’t have any battery backup option and doesn’t store power. So you can’t run it at night.

  • It has adjustable flow control system and 3 fountain attachments
  • It comes with dry-run protection
  • Durable build quality lasts for years
  • Motor size is smaller compared to its competitors

4. ECO-WORTHY 20W Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit

ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit

The ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Fountain Pump includes a 20-watt solar panel and a submerged flow rate of 360 gallons per hour. This strong and efficient pump can elevate water to a height of 6.9 feet. Its high-quality materials provide a long service life of 20,000 hours or more.

In addition, the pump includes two types of fountain heads. So, you can customize the water spraying pattern.

For comfortable water circulation, this system comes with a plug-and-play operation. You may connect this pump to a battery or the accompanying solar panel using the 12 volt DC power generator. Similarly, it creates enough energy to meet the water demand.

This versatile fountain pump can be used to create a beautiful water display in ponds, gardens, backyards, pools, and even for pond aeration.

You can quickly install the pump in the desired location thanks to the simple installation mechanism. The powerful flow of water makes it easier for you to manage the fountain’s speed, and sufficient sunlight improves efficiency.

This efficient water solution will enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space and you never have to worry about electricity expenses again. Even in a remote location, the off-grid DC solar power system improves the pump’s usability and operations.

Even though it’s battery-powered too, the kit doesn’t come with batteries so you’d have to purchase them separately. And, the pump doesn’t shut off as long as the sun shines, even when the pond runs out of water. This could be a problem since it could damage the system.

  • Easy installation process
  • Pretty Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Keeps running even if there’s no water

5. Sunnydaze Solar Water Pump and Panel Bird Bath Fountain Kit

Sunnydaze Solar Water Pump and Panel Bird Bath Fountain Kit

We’re back with another Sunnydaze product. This solar water pump and panel bird bath fountain kit will help you to create a delightful outdoor fountain experience. It can be a wonderful addition to your birdbath, pond, garden, patio, and pool.

Sunnydaze birdbath fountain kit comes with a 15v DC brushless pump, a 5-watt solar panel, a 16’ cable, 2.5” extension tubes, and fountain tubes. They also provide ground spikes for easy mounting. The 5W panel can be put within 16′ of the pump using the 16’ cable, allowing it to be set in the ideal spot for optimum sunlight.

The pump is pretty powerful. It has a maximum head of 56″ for a 0.5” diameter hose and a flow rate of 132 gallons per hour. It comes with adapters so you may construct your own waterfall or convert an electric pump to a solar one.

You may modify and choose which style is perfect for you with the water fountain pump’s two spray head options.

This one is also pretty easy to install and maintain. In order to get the most out of the pump, you’ll need to place the panel directly under the sun to power a fountain. Make sure no shadow falls over it at any time as it requires constant sunlight to keep running.

Unlike the Sunnydaze outdoor pump and panel fountain kit, this one doesn’t store sunlight and has no battery backup system, so you can’t run it at night or on a really cloudy day.

But, it does get one up on the outdoor fountain kit as it has the Dry-run protection feature, which the latter doesn’t possess.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • It features Dry-run protection
  • Low maintenance demands
  • Suction cups function poorly

6. AEO 10W Submersible Water Pump kit

AEO 10W Submersible Water Pump kit

If you’ve been looking for a pump that’s easy to operate, the AEO Solar Water Pump might be the one for you. There is no need to wire this model; merely put in the connector and you’re ready to go. The 12-24V brushless motor is built to run continuously for more than 20000 hours.

Moreover, You won’t have to worry about it contaminating your pond because it is oil-free, no lubrication is needed for the motor.

This set features a powerful 10W polycrystalline solar panel and three spray patterns that are perfect for fish ponds, aquaponics systems, or hydroponic systems. The maximum lift for this model is about 6 feet.

You can easily maneuver it thanks to the 16-foot connecting wire. The pump can run at any time of the day and night so long they are connected to a power source. It will turn on when it’s exposed to direct sunlight or under hazy clouds.

It can be connected to a backup battery on a cloudy day or when the sun sets, but it’s not very cost-efficient.

The pump needs to be placed underwater before turning it on to avoid damage. As it will stay on as long as it is under the sun, you need to disconnect the pump from the panel or cover the panel when it’s not submerged to avoid overheating and warping of the internal impeller shaft.

Remember, the pump’s performance is determined by the amount of sunlight and the angle at which it touches the panel. A 24V solar panel’s real output will exceed its nominal voltage when sunlight is at its strongest, so it is advised that it should be 18V for safety reasons.

  • Oil-free motor needs no lubrication
  • Simple navigation panel for easy use
  • Suitable for multiple water features
  • Doesn’t switch off automatically

7. ASC Solar Stone Water Pump Kit

ASC Solar Stone Water Pump Kit with Battery and LED Ring Light

The ASC solar stone water pump kit comes with a solar panel, One 6V DC-powered brushless pump, a set of fountain tubes and heads. The kit also contains white LED lights and they are removable.

It is made of resin stone and mounting should not be a problem since it’s free-standing. Thanks to its unique design, the solar panel can be partially disguised as a nice rock to integrate with the landscape of your yard or patio.

This low voltage water pump with filter reuses the same water and under optimal condition, can push the water about 20 inches with a water flow capacity of 180 l/h.

Another interesting feature of this product is, it can create a gently flowing water sound which can be quite soothing. It can be quickly set up wherever you want it without the need for additional wiring hassle.

The photovoltaic powered panel gathers sunlight and powers the pump to work efficiently. It keeps running as long as it’s connected with a power source. The system has a built-in battery with an on and off switch that can run the pump even after dark or on cloudy days, and after sunset, it will activate the automatic led light. When the sun emerges the next morning, it normally takes a bit longer to get going.

It doesn’t, however, have any timer restrictions. So the pump keeps running after sunlight and stops until the battery is low. This could be a problem by causing the motor to overheat and burn out. The extender pieces of this kit are made of flimsy plastic so they can be quite fragile.

  • Hassle-free, quick installation and setup
  • Built-in battery backup helps operate at night
  • Creates soothing sound to create a nice atmosphere
  • No timer restriction like other pumps

8. Natural Current Savior Bottom Feeder Pond Pump and Filter System

Natural Current Water Products Savior Bottom Feeder Pond Pump and Filter System

The savior bottom feeder pond pump and filter system by the natural current are claimed to be one of the greatest pool products in the world. So if you’re looking for a super eco-friendly solar pond pump, this might be the one for you. This solar pump and filtration system can provide you with the ideal answer for your energy requirements.

The Bottom Feeder Pond Pump and Filter System uses only 60 watts of power to pump up to 40,000 gallons per day through three reusable and interchangeable filter cartridges, each of which can last several months before needing to be replaced.

This award-winning product is simple to use and maintain compared to any other products you might have used. It’s completely off-grid and runs entirely on solar power. This pump is not oil-dependent so your water stays clean and non-toxic and it takes pollution out of the air.

With the Savior bottom feeder, you can improve pond water quality, safety, and value while cutting down your expenses and energy consumption. It requires no installation, plumbing, or electrical hookups. You can just let it float around on the water, straight out of the box.

Depending on the volume of the pool, it can operate equally well in a pop-up pool, above-ground pool, or in-ground pool.

Since the speed of the filter pump is correlated with how much sun it’s getting at a given time, the pump may run slower when the sky is cloudy or if it’s placed in a shady place.

  • Eco-friendly pump
  • Requires no installation to use
  • Less dependent on oil
  • Energy-efficient, doesn’t require much electricity
  • Needs constant exposure to sunlight
Best Solar Pond Pumps Reviews

Solar pond pump buying guide

There are many different things that you need to take into consideration when purchasing a solar pond pump for your personal needs. I’ve listed some key points in order to help you make an informed decision.

Here are some thoroughly researched factors that should be kept in mind before and while buying a solar pond pump:

Quick and easy setup

A good solar pond pump should be easy to install, easy to remove, and can be done without professional help.

You might feel like shifting the location of your pond and what you don’t want then is a huge, heavy pond pump that needs a portable platform to be shifted. In that case, choosing a lightweight and compact pump is the right decision.

So, choose a lightweight, easy to install and remove solar pond pump if you are a pond shifter.

Pump size

Pumps can be of different sizes. Choose the one that suits your pond perfectly. Naturally, a big pond wants a big pump while a small one can be sufficient for a smaller pond.

Non-toxicity to aquatic life

Your pond will most likely be home to aquatic life, like plants, fish, shrimps, etc. This is why you need to make sure the materials of the pump are not harmful, toxic, or life-threatening for the lives underwater. Try to look for pumps that use non-toxic pre-filters and have an oil-free design.

Solar panels

Solar panels are the most important part of a solar pond pump mechanism.

A single solar panel can produce about 0.5 volts. So, if you want to get 12 volts, then you’ll need a panel that has 36 cells connected together and that produce 17 volts at peak output.

That means you need to make sure that the volt of the solar panel is greater than the voltage of the pump.

Solar Panels

Another thing that you need to consider before buying a solar panel is the frame material. You should avoid the ones that are cheaply made with cardboard backing or plastic frames. In this case, a solar panel with a high-quality aluminum frame will be the best catch.

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Flow rate efficiency

Flow rate is a crucial factor that you must consider before buying a solar pond pump. Flow rate means how many gallons of water the pump can move in 1 hour under ideal conditions.

Having more flow rate means the pump provides better efficiency. Definitely, this requirement will vary according to the pond size. So, check the flow rate that the pump offers before making the buy. Have a look at the manufacturer’s advice too if you need it.


Not all pumps are made in the same way. Some are more durable and strongly built than others. You definitely would not want to buy something that is not durable enough.

A good-quality solar pond pump can last up to 20-25 years!

Select the ones that are made of high-quality elements because high quality will ensure the product’s longevity and better performance.

Battery backup

Problems with solar-powered devices are that they are rendered useless if there is no sunlight, to begin with. The only way to bypass this handicap is to get one that has battery backups.

If you want to run your solar pond pump at night time alongside day, you’ll need the one that comes with battery backups.

The built-in battery would store the extra electricity so that the pump can make use of it when the sun is not visible anymore or when it is cloudy.

A good quality battery can pump up to 3-5 hours. Most solar pumps don’t come with batteries but you can always buy one separately. It is always a great idea to have a backup plan, isn’t it?

Frequently asked questions

Does a solar pond pump work in cloudy weather?

A solar panel uses light to produce power. So, its overall function depends on how bright and sunny the day is. It can function on cloudy days but is not as strong as it does on sunny days. Its performance will definitely fluctuate but will make do.

Do solar pond pumps work in winter?

Of course, they do. But the operation may be affected because of cold weather. The pump may take longer to produce enough power to operate.

Do solar Pond pumps work at night?

The ones that have battery backups work at night. Most solar pond pump kits do not include batteries. You will need to purchase the one that comes with battery backup if you want your solar pump to work at night.

Parting words

If you care about the environment and want to be a little kind in your pocket, then solar pond pumps can be a lifetime investment for you. This will not only save you bills but help you keep the surroundings toxic-free!

Hope this review article helps you in finding the best solar pond pump that meets your needs!

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