If you are an aquarium lover and own a beautiful fish tank inside your home, chances are you want to adorn it with aesthetic fish & floating plants.

But do you know air stones can serve as an essential part of your aquarium by providing it with enough oxygen as well as beautifying the atmosphere with amazing bubbles? Absolutely yes!

And this guide has been designed for such reason to get you familiarized with the best air stones in the market!

We use aquarium filters to eliminate the wastes & harmful objects out of our fish tank. But, many of us don’t know air stones are also helpful as they accelerate the overall circulation system inside our aquarium by providing enough oxygen for the fish.

In this article we have reviewed 8 of the best aquarium air stones followed by installation and maintenance tips. Let’s take a look at the list first –

8 Best Air Stones To Oxygenate your Aquarium

1. PENN PLAX Aerator – Best Air Stone For Small to Medium fish tank

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Product Features
1,972 Reviews
Product Features
  • This 10 inch aquarium air stone creates a steady flow of bubbles. This also increases the oxygenation of your fish tank.
  • Attaches easily to any air pump with a standard 3/16” airline tubing. Multiple stones can be attached in a series for larger tanks.
  • This aquarium aerator has extended sides to be covered in gravel which holds product to bottom of aquarium. Even with the strong flow of bubbles it will stay secure.
  • Air stone can be positioned anywhere in your fish tank. Blue color blends in with surroundings or it can be hidden under gravel.
  • Air Stone measures 10 inches in length by 2 inches wide and can be used in both  freshwater and saltwater tanks.

If you are planning to beautify your aquarium with some steady bubbles, the PENN PLAX air stone is here for you. Not only that, this aquarium air stone will provide your aquarium with sufficient oxygen that will be essentially helpful for your fish and other water plants.


  • Size: Each piece of air stone is 10/2 inches long which is perfect for all small & mid-size aquariums.
  • Performance: The air stone has the efficiency of generating enough oxygen into your aquarium. Consequently, it helps your fish & other water plants getting enough oxygen supply. You can also place the stone anywhere you want inside the aquarium.
  • Flexibility: The air stone can be easily attached to multiple other ones at the same time. This allows you to scale the area as per your choice. Besides, you can use this air stone in both saltwater and freshwater condition.
  • Unique Features: This aquarium air stone is powered by durable plastic that ensure its longevity. Besides, it doesn’t float away other than staying on the bottom of your fish tank.


  • Highly flexible
  • Oxygenates the water
  • Create steady bubbles
  • Durable plastic body
  • Can be used in Saltwater & freshwater


  • Doesn’t come with an air pump.

2. Aqueon Flex LED Aquarium Bubble Wand

Product Features
141 Reviews
Product Features
  • The Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand is a unique addition to your aquarium's environment
  • Flexible Wand bends around other aquarium décor
  • White LEDs
  • Ideal decorative accent or night light
  • Decorative bubble curtain for your aquarium

The Aqueon Flex is an amazing bubble wand that helps to oxygenate your aquarium & decorate it with beautiful LED lights. If you want to make your aquarium look attractive and gorgeous then Aqueon Flex can be an ideal option for you.


  • Size: The Aqueon Flex comes in 3 different sizes that are 7 inches, 14 inches, and the 20 inches option.
  • Performance: This bubble wand has the ability to create beautiful bubbles across your fish tank. Besides, the LED lights inside the stone create amazing bluish effect across your aquarium.
  • Accessories: The wand comes with an air pump that helps its overall tubing process. You will also get suction cups that will strongly attach the wand with the bottom of your aquarium.
  • Unique Features: The bubble wand also comes in with a multi-color feature that changes its color after a certain period of time & provides your aquarium with an eye-catching LED effect.


  • Three different size options
  • LED light effects
  • Oxygenates the water
  • Create steady bubbles
  • Suction Cups


  • LED life may expire after several months.

3. Lee’s 2-Inch Wooden Air Diffuser

Product Features
337 Reviews
Product Features
  • Precisely hand-cut against the grain of the wood to allow maximum output of super fine bubbles
  • Super-fine bubbles provide increased efficiency in saltwater protein skimmers
  • Available in 2-inch and 3-inch sizes
  • Manufactured from an all-natural lime wood

This beautiful air diffuser has the ability to create attractive bubbles across your aquarium. It’s been made from pure Limewood which helps to generate those beautiful bubbles. This essential material makes the diffuser completely versatile for all water conditions. Now, let’s learn about all the features offered by this particular:


  • Size: The air diffuser consists of two different sizes that are 2 inches & 3 inches. They are perfect for aquariums of all sizes.
  • Performance: The limewood inside this air diffuser offers natural micropores that create those attractive bubbles & levels up the efficiency of the protein skimmers.
  • Flexibility: You can use this air diffuser in both freshwater and saltwater condition as it’s been made from pure lime wood.


  • Comes in two sizes
  • Made from lime wood
  • Create Beautiful bubbles
  • Can be used in Saltwater & freshwater


  • No tiny bubbles

4. Aqueon Multi-Color Flexible LED Bubble Wand

Product Features
1,180 Reviews
Product Features
  • Flexible want bends around aquarium décor
  • Decorative bubble curtain for your aquarium
  • A great new addition to the Aqueon LED Bubble Wand line

If you want to adorn your aquarium with a beautiful bubble wand that can provide multiple color changing LED effects periodically inside your aquarium, then Aqueon Multi-Color is the best option for you.


  • Size: The bubble wand comes in two different size options. They are the 14 inches and 21 inches option.
  • Performance: The bubble wand has a color changing option that offers three different colors. Apart from white & blue, the multi-color feature periodically turns the light into a diversified range of colors.
  • Flexibility: Now, the amazing feature is, the bubble wand is actually flexible which allows you to bend the rod in whatever shape you want.
  • Additional Accessories: You’ll get suction cups with the bubble wand that will firmly attach the rod with the bottom of your aquarium.


  • Comes in two size options
  • Color-changing effects
  • Oxygenates the water
  • Create steady bubbles
  • Offers Suction Cups


  • LED life may expire after several months.

5. Pawfly 1.6″ Air Stone Bubble

Product Features
1,259 Reviews
Product Features
  • We choose this best quality air stone that will create an abundant cascade of small to tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of larger bubbles. Can be easily driven by even Nano air pumps, suitable for aquarium, fish tank and circulation system.
  • MODEL: ASD-040. Jetting Volume:2 L/min, suitable for approx. 11.8-23.6 inch fish tank. Recommended Air Pump Power: 2 W - 4 W. Fits for 3/16" / 4 mm inner diameter tubing.
  • Increases oxygen and lowers CO2 levels. Durable & washable. Sturdy and non-toxic material is Safe to your fish.
  • Please soak the air stone in water for about 30 minutes before usage. Remember that any air stone will need to be replaced every few months as they get clogged with dust, bacteria, and algae.
  • Comes with 4PCS air stones. Size: approx. 1.6 x 0.6"/40 x15mm (D x H).

This air stone made by Pawfly can literally make an explosion of small & large bubbles that will cover the whole stone area inside your aquarium & literally turn it into an aesthetic masterpiece within a short time.


  • Size: The air stone discs are about 1.6 inches & you’ll get a total of 4 pieces of air stones with the package.
  • Performance: The air stone is designed not only to provide beautiful bubbles but also, it oxygenates the whole aquarium that will be thoroughly helpful for your living fish & other water plants. Besides, the air stones are made of high-quality mineral material that provides a high-performance generation of bubbles inside your aquarium.
  • Air Pump: The air stone requires a pump for running its operation. You can buy a pump of 2.5w to 5w for efficiently running this stone.
  • Unique Features: This aquarium air stone generates bubbles of different sizes that range from small to large sizes. It creates a powerful circulation system by reducing the co2 levels inside your fish tank.


  • Four pieces of air stones
  • Oxygenates the water
  • Create steady bubbles
  • Made from quality mineral
  • Reduces CO2 levels.


  • Doesn’t come with an air pump.

6. JW Pet Company 1-Inch Aircore Sand Air stone

Product Features
127 Reviews
Product Features
  • Unique shape
  • Incredibly porous surface
  • Even air distribution
  • Creates consistent wall of bubbles
  • 1-Inch air stone

The JW pet is a compact 1-inch aquarium air stone that can be positioned in any small aquarium. It has the ability to create a mass number of bubbles across your fish tank. The air stone is uniquely shaped & can be fueled by most of the air pumps out there.


  • Size: The air stone is 1-inches in size & can be placed in difficult or un-noticeable areas inside your aquarium.
  • Performance: The surface of the air stone is completely porous & enables it to generate a mass number of small & large bubbles. Besides, it majorly helps the stone to distribute enough air inside your aquarium & improve the overall circulation system.
  • Flexibility: The size of the air stone makes the ultimate difference. You’ll be able to place it in any small size aquarium or inside any un-noticeable area of your fish tank.
  • Unique Features: This aquarium air stone is uniquely shaped & offers a porous surface.


  • Only 1-inches in size
  • Oxygenates the water
  • Create small & large bubbles
  • Uniquely Shaped
  • Super Porous surface


  • Doesn’t come with an air pump.

7. Pawfly 4-Inch Air Stone Disc Bubble Diffuser

Product Features
1,403 Reviews
Product Features
  • Fine Bubbles: The air stone disc produces lots of dense medium bubbles. A great way to oxygenate your hydroponic growing systems, ponds, aquariums and enliven the aquatic life.
  • Model: ASD100; jetting volume: 12 L / min; recommended air pump power: > 4 W; standard ID airline tubing: 0.16" / 4 mm.
  • Durable Material: Made of mineral material and sintered at a high temperature. Great for aeration in a DWC reservoir. Help keep fish / roots growing healthy.
  • Stable in Water: Measures 4" D x 1" H and weighs 7 ounces. 3 strong suction cups easily fix it in the smooth aquarium, allowing it to lie steadily in the tank.
  • Easy to Use: Soak the stone completely in water for 1 hour before use. Clean it regularly with a brush as they get clogged after weeks or months of usage.

This Pawfly 4-inch air stone is a perfect choice if you own a mid or large size aquarium inside your house. This powerful stone comes with a 1-month refund guarantee & can highly improve the overall circulation system inside your aquarium.


  • Size: The air stone disc is 4-inches in size & can be easily placed into most of the fish tanks.
  • Performance: This powerful air stone can easily generate a mass number of bubbles inside your aquarium & also oxygenate the whole tank to keep your fish healthy.
  • Refund Guarantee: You’ll get one-month refund guarantee from the manufacturer in case of facing any problem issue.
  • Unique Features: This aquarium air stone has a washable feature that allows you to occasionally clean it for consistent performance. Besides, it also offers suction cups that’ll keep the stone strongly attached with the bottom of your aquarium.


  • Best for large aquariums
  • Oxygenates the water
  • Create a mass number of bubbles
  • 1-month refund guarantee
  • Powerful suction cups


  • A bit large for small tanks

8. WINOMO Aquarium Bubble Wall Air Stone Bar

Product Features
898 Reviews
Product Features
  • 🐟Material: durable hard plastic and soft rubber
  • 🐠Perfect for your fish tank or aquarium, and it is the best partner for air pump.
  • 🐬Instantly create a great deal of tiny bubbles that your fish will love.
  • 🦀The tube can be cut with a razor blade to be shorten. Additional bubble walls can be jointed with the enclosed connector
  • 🐡Come with 2 rubber suction cups to produce enormous power to stick to glass surface firmly. Need to use a pin or needle to puncture for as many small holes as needed before using.

This 10-inch tube is made of a combination of durable plastic & rubber materials that generates a mass number of bubbles inside your aquarium. Besides, its amazingly porous surface helps the stone to create a powerful circulation system by distributing enough air inside your aquarium.


  • Size: The air stone bar is 10-inches in size & can be easily placed on the center or corner part of your aquarium.
  • Performance: The super porous surface of the air stone helps it to generate a large number of super fine bubbles inside your aquarium. Not-to-mention, it helps the overall circulation system inside your aquarium.
  • Flexibility: You can easily cut the tube into multiple pieces with the help of a razor.
  • Unique Features: This aquarium air stone offers two powerful suction cups that enable you to firmly attach it with the bottom of your aquarium.


  • Oxygenates the water
  • Create mass tiny bubbles
  • Can be cut into pieces
  • Two powerful suction cups


  • Need to clean consistently.

Installing & Maintaining Air Stones Inside Your Aquarium

Now, we’ll talk about some ways that you can use to efficiently position and install air stones inside your aquarium. Besides, there will be some useful tips to help your subsequent maintenance process. Let’s explore them:

Where to Place Air Stones in Aquarium?

Best Aquarium Air StonesThe good news is you can place air stones almost anywhere you want inside your fish tank as they primarily used to decorate your aquarium. Besides, it doesn’t hamper the air diffusion system inside your aquarium. This allows you to have more flexibility over the decoration of your fish tank. However, as air stones use air pumps to operate its function, you should have an appropriate size of airline to make the connection between your pump & air stones.

How to Install an Aquarium Air Stone?

To begin with, you’ll basically need four items before installing an Air Stone:

  1. Air Pump
  2. Non-return Valve
  3. Air Line
  4. Air Stone

Air pump:  Air pumps will be used to supply enough air to the air stone. Consequently, your air stone will diffuse that air across your aquarium in form of fine bubbles. If you’ve gone through the whole list, you may see there are some air stones that do come with a pump. However, you can buy any pump that is relevant according to the size of your aquarium.

Non-return Valve: One of the most important parts of the whole installation process. If you’re going to set the pump on the bottom of your aquarium, this device will be helpful to efficiently prevent any potential syphoning that may occur from your aquarium & also prevent any water from being transport through the air line.

Air Line: The airline is the connection between your pump & air stone. This is the line where the air form your pump will go to air stone which will subsequently come out in the form of beautiful bubbles.

Installation Process: Position the air pump anywhere on the bottom of you tank. After that, place your air stone on your desired spot & attach the airline from the pump to the air stone while inserting a Non-return valve on the middle of that line. Now, you’re ready to go!

How to Clean Aquarium Air Stone?

Cleaning your Air stone is essential after a certain period because they get clogged by dirt & debris over time. Consequently, it reduces their performance which needs to be resolved by cleaning them on a timely basis. Let’s learn about some steps:

  • To clean aquarium air stone simply scrub off the all the dirt & debris by using fresh water. After that, allow the air stones to become dry completely.
  • Take some fresh water and boil your air stones for 10 minutes. Subsequently, allow the air stones to become dry before using.
  • Soak your air stones on 1:3 solution of bleach and freshwater for a whole day. You may expand the time if it’s been highly clogged. Now, remove the air stones from the solution and leave it on a bucket of freshwater. This process will remove all the potential debris to get away from the air stones.
  • You can also soak it on hydrogen peroxide for 12 hours. After that pump air through the aquarium air stone until it gets dry completely.

Final Words

We believe our guide has been helpful for you to get useful & comprehensive knowledge about some of the best air stones that are currently available on the market. Besides, we’ve also shown you the amazing benefits & features that an air stone can bring into your beautiful aquarium. Stay tuned with us for more info-guides like this.


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